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Falling for Love characters ¶ 8 ´ ✯ Falling for Love Books ✴ Author Marie Force – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction Ever since he won an Academy Award for best original screenplay Grant McCarthy's personal and professional lives have fallen apart Worst of all Abby t Sometimes you need a Van GraceSeason for Love Owen LauraLonging for Love Blaine TiffanyWaiting for Love Adam AbbyTime for Love Daisy DavidMeant for Love Jenny AlexChance for Love A Gansett Island Novella Jared LizzieGansett After Dark Owen LauraKisses After Dark Shane KatieLove After Dark Paul HopeCelebration After Dark Big Mac LindaDesire After Dark Slim ErinLight After Dark Mallory uinnVictoria Shannon Episode Kevin Chelsea Episode A Gansett Island Christmas NovellaMine After Dark Riley NikkiYours After Dark Finn ChloeTrouble After Dark Deacon JuliaRescue After Dark Mason Jorda. I wasn't sure about this one as it started out with Grant being in love with someone else but I loved it The story was great and there were so many side stories going on that I was never bored A great read now I really want to read Laura's story and I need everything to work out for Ned

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Sometimes you need a nudge in the right direction Ever since he won an Academy Award for best original screenplay Grant McCarthy's personal and professional lives have fallen apart Worst of all Abby the woman he was supposed to marry is engaged to someone else And with his father recovering from a serious injury Grant is back at home on Gansett Island helping run the family marina He should be focused on winning back the love of his life but he's got a Falling for PDF new distraction to deal with Exasperating annoyingly sexy Stephanie who runs the marina rest. I am definitely a Stephanie fan I felt she was the perfect woman for Grant and he was 'the one' for her So glad he didn't choose Abby I really like Abby and she has a great story coming up I'm venturing a reread today It's been six years since I first read it so I'm sure it will be like reading it for the first time againThis was one of my top favorites in this series The McCarthy's are a wonderful clan and love each other dearlyGrant McCarthy Academy Award Winner for best screenplay a few years back is at a dead standstill He can't write He let the love of his life Abby leave and go back home after ten years together and now she is engaged to another He decides he needs to go home and make amendsGrant is filling in for his brother at their marina on Gansett Island and there he meets Stephanie a young girl with a lot of problems Along comes Tropical Storm Hailey and the town is basically shut downI highly recommend this book I could not put it down and read it in one settingSafetyNo cheatingCelibate coupleNo OWOM dramaHero had GF for ten yearsShe was the only one he had ever been with until the h

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Falling for LoveAurant is working her way under Grant's skin and into his bed And as a major tropical storm cuts off Gansett Island and the two of them from the mainland Grant begins to suspect Stephanie is hiding something big from her past When he finds out what it is what will be important to him Winning Abby back or helping Stephanie to right a terrible wrong and maybe even getting his own life back on track in the process Gansett Island Reading OrderMaid for Love Mac MaddieFool for Love Joe JaneyReady for Love Luke SydneyFalling for Love Grant StephanieHoping for Love E. Another nice easy read from Marie Force and The McCarthy series There was no villain no major conflict just a sweet love story At the end of book 3 Grant McCarthy comes home to Rhode Island because his father was hurt He finds out his long time girlfriend currently on break from each other Abby has moved on and is engaged to another Grant is devastated and shocked he chose his career Academy Award winner screenplay writer over Abby not really worried at the time because he thought they were destined to be together Book 4 Falling for Love starts with Grant waking after his sister's wedding with a bad hangover and in bed with Stephanie an employee of his parents Stephanie has had some bad luck growing up has no close friends no family except a step father who is currently in prison for a crime he didn't commit Stephanie knows Grant used her to try to make Abby jealous but as they get to know each other better Grant starts to uestion if Abby is who he really wants or if it was just young love I did like that Grant walked around with an erection for a lot of the book because he kept getting flash backs to his and Steph's night together There was definite connection between him and Steph and she kept lighting up his world with many sexy memoriesThe book also brought back all of the characters from the previous books and some involving story lines with them as well I know that Marie Force is planning books for this series as there are two brothers left and I will definitely be reading them What is great is that even though you get one main love story there was lots of other love and emotional connections to be explored