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When You Were Here summary ☆ 108 ☆ ❮Epub❯ ➞ When You Were Here ➝ Author Daisy Whitney – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Filled with humor raw emotion a strong voice and a brilliant dog named Sandy Koufax When You Were Here explores the two most powerful forces known to man death and love Daisy Whitney brings her charaFilled with humor raw emotion a strong voice and a brilliant dog named Sandy Koufax When You Were Here explores the two most powerful forces known to man death and love Daisy Whitney brings her characters to life with a deft touch and resonating authenticity Danny's mother lost her five year battle with cancer three weeks before his graduation the one day that she was hanging on to seeNow Danny is left alone with. So glad to see YA authors are branching out and leaving High School cafeterias behind Can't wait to see where Daisy's talent takes us 3May 29thI always feel awkward when I review books which is very unfortunate since that’s what I do but this time I feel especially inadeuate Because this book was beautiful and heartfelt and all I could think about was WHAT KIND OF CANCER DOES ELIZABETH HAVEReally My mind couldn’t stop swimming around all the possibilities and the possible treatments and then I was just like; tea that cures cancer BS Yeah not my classiest moment but sometimes I get carried away because I want everyone to win against cancer and I want to do everything possible and use ever single drug that’s been proven works I couldn’t concentrate I couldn’t stop thinking what they could have done to save Elizabeth I was a mess of feelings but not for the right reasons I thinkBut then when Danny Elizabeth’s son learns about the reason why Holland left him; I stopped breathed in and it was like I saw the story with different eyes a new light was shed over the pages I started to get the real point of the storyThat’s when my heart started breaking because when your mom dies omg I can’t even Danny’s inconsolable I was too; cancer’s an awful thing but when the person you love most in the world has it how are you suppose to function still I am fortunate enough to have my mom with me thank God but I still got Danny’s pain felt it like it was my own and grieved right along with him like it was my lostDespite all the sadness this book brought to my life and believe me it was a lot there were some awesome aspects to it too The most amazing of them all was definitely Japan Now I’ve never been one of those girls obsessed with Japanese stuff before this book I haven’t even considered ever visiting there but I had another thing coming because Japan sounds awesome The Karaoke All the crazy colors The fun merchandise It sounds like I could be one happy gal over there Also I love boy point of views and I personally think Daisy Whitney nailed it I totally believed Danny’s voice he didn’t seem like he was trying too hard at being all macho and ‘I’m a man erase all doubt’ he was teenage boy confused not only because his mom just died or because he is now an orphan or because the big secret Holland kept from him it was everything that rolled into a big ball of destruction that crushed the life out of him The real magic came when we got to see Danny rising from the ashes with the help of a city where dreams come true

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Only his memories When You PDFEPUB or his dog and his heart breaking ex girlfriend for company He doesn't know how to figure out what to do with her estate what to say for his Valedictorian speech let alone how to live or be happy anyWhen he gets a letter from his mom's property manager in Tokyo where she had been going for treatment it shows a side of his mother he never knew So with no other sense of direction D. 45 Heartbreaking aching and yet utterly hopeful Danny's mom who has toughed out five years of cancer wants to make it just long enough to see him graduate valedictorian from high school But before that date comes his mom dies Devastated by the loss as well as the loss of his father a few years before and the loss of his adopted sister who chose to move to China to rediscover her roots Danny is angry broken and confused about what the future could possibly hold There's also another complication Holland She's the girl he'd been in love with forever and the girl who was in every way perfect for him But their relationship ended much too soon and without any resolution Danny was left in the dark when she suddenly disappeared from his life Faced with big decisions about where to go from here Danny chooses to figure out what it is that kept his mom going for so long Why she continued to be hopeful and happy even though her life was near the end To do this Danny decides he's going to fly to the apartment they owned in Tokyo meet the doctor who meant so much to his mother and really think about what he wants out of his lifeAlong the way Danny meets Kana who helped take care of the apartment before his mom died She's uirky she's energetic and she's invested in making sure Danny makes the most of his time in Tokyo It's not at all romantic which is a huge plus in my book but rather it's Danny's opportunity to rediscover the value and importance of friendship Maybe most important was the twist in the story That's Holland's story view spoiler The reason Holland disappeared from Danny's life was that she got pregnant Since Danny had been the only boy she'd been with and their relationship hadn't been going on that long and she had been on the pill it was a reality she hadn't uite wrapped her head around What made it worse was when she went into early labor and when baby Sarah died Danny is the only person not in the loop on this and he learns about his daughter when going through his mom's things in Tokyo His mom had known about the baby but she and Holland both chose not to tell Danny It wasn't a choice out of cruelty but rather it was done to protect him because he had already lost so much in his life And the truth of it was that the entire situation was scary and heartbreaking for everyone involved hide spoiler

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When You Were HereAnny travels to Tokyo to connect with his mother's memory and make sense of her final months which seemed filled with joy than Danny ever knew There among the cherry blossoms temples and crowds and with the help of an almost but definitely not Harajuku girl he begins to see how it may not have been ancient magic or mystical treatment that kept his mother going Perhaps the secret of how to live lies in how she died. 25 stars I read this entire book waiting to feel sadness or joy or grief orsomething It seemed like I was on the brink a few times none of those emotions were ever really stirred I'm afraid I didn't connect with this one on anywhere near the level most people seem to be Short review to come