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Side Runaway Christmas by Elizabeth Bass A glass of wine lounging in pajamas and catching up on movies that's Heidi Bogue's idea of a perfect Christmas Until her thirteen year old niece makes a surprise visit and a snowstorm turns Heidi's café into a community refuge Now one handsome cop is giving Heidi plenty reasons to celebrate Home For Christmas by Rosalind Noonan Jo Truman needs a replacement Santa for her gift sho Like 4 mini Fa la la la Lifetime holiday movies packaged up and sent to my Kindle in book form

BOOK Making Spirits Bright

Making Spirits BrightP's Christmas Eve party She'll do whatever it takes to convince lonely soldier Sam Norwood that he's perfect for the partand that the season for love is always Christmas On Cape Cod by Nan Rossiter Maddie Carlson would do anything for her best friend And helping Asa Coleman babysit a rambunctious puppy Christmas Eve night is her one chance to help the troubled teacher put his past to restand give the sweetest gift of all I was not a fan of this Several times I caught myself saying I must of read this before It's too familiar Then I realized it was the Fern Michaels Formula Some things never change That includes the framework to ALL of her books The writing is really not that good I think she's gotten used to writing the same thing over over again come to depend on the blind loyalty of her dedicated readers I'm thinking they may not get out much Read at your own risk

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FREE EPUB ã MOBI Making Spirits Bright î ´ JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY à ➬ Making Spirits Bright Read ➵ Author Fern Michaels – Secret wishes sweet surprises and gifts straight from the heart Delight in this season's most joyous presents with these four sparklingSecret wishes sweet surprises and gifts straight from the heart Delight in this season's most joyous presents with these four sparkling tales Making Spirits Bright by Fern Michaels Melanie McLaughlin desperately wants to adopt two orphaned siblings and give them a real home for Christmas A just for the holiday marriage to Bryce Landry fits her plan perfectlyuntil unexpected sparks have Melanie dreaming of forever by his Four contemporary Christmas themed novellas Typical of the genre in many ways I found the first by the headliner Fern Michaels to be badly written and to have annoying characters The other three varied in uality but were without exception better than the Michaels in almost every respectNot my favorite in the genre anthologized Christmas novellas by any stretch of the imagination I'm only vaguely interested in reading any of these authors again which is my test for one of these Oh well better luck next Christmas