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Partshours and minSeparated from her son and Hostage to PDF or forced to create a neural implant that will mean the effective enslavement of her psychically gifted race Ashaya Aleine is the perfect Psy cool calm emotionless at least on the surface Inside she's fighting a desperate battle. Hostage to Pleasure was an enjoyable read but there is just something about this series that I can't put my finger on Something that is missing that is keeping this series from being a amazing unforgettable read for me Maybe it's the way the Psy are all pretty much the same flat and sometimes boring persons or maybe it's that the whole way the mating works isn't 100% clear Normally with mate books there is some kind of sign that tells them they are mates In this series they all seem to float around not figure it out til close to the end of the book I don't know but there is just something a bit off for me Still I am enjoying this series

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Hostage to PleasureTo save her son and escape the vicious cold of the PsyNet Yet when escape comes it leads not to safety but to the lethal danger of a sniper's embraceDarkRiver sniper Dorian Christensen lost his sister to a Psy killer Though he lacks the changeling ability to shift into animal form his le. Re reading my favorite series 02092016 Buddy reading my favorite series with the fantastic Choko and Angela over at BBB He hated that he couldn’t control his body around her hated the man he became when with her hated that her presence alone was enough to strip away the veneer of civilization that was all most people ever saw DarkRiver sentinel and sniper Dorian Christensen is honed from steel Being a latent shifter taught him from a very young age to live with the pain of his leopard unable to shift Being different from his packmates just made him that much determined to be deadly to be the best But ever since the death of his beloved sister the rage against the Psy burns with a hunger for vengeance inside one that he thought he was getting under control until he crossed paths with the very cold Psy scientist Ashaya Aleine The intense reaction he and his leopard felt the moment he saw her felt like the worst betrayal and the guilt and anger is slowly consuming him Falling for his enemy was never in his plans but denying what Ashaya and her son means to him is impossible Will loving Ashya be his doom or his saving grace Keenan and Amara Her twin flaws the double edged sword that hung over her every second of every day One mistake just one was all it would take to bring that sword crashing down Ashaya is the perfect silent Psy she has spent years perfecting her emotionless outer shell One that hides her fractures from the Council There is nothing important to her than saving her son Keenan and she will do anything to get him away from the Council who uses him as a bargaining tool against her Even make a deal with a deadly changeling sniper And the time has come to make her final move against the Council one that will definitely put her on their hit list but that should free her son from their clutches and that should save the Psy from being enslaved by their Council What she didn’t expect was the emotions the angry Dorian would make her feel feelings that threated to derail her emotionless shell and that could have disastrous effects because there is a bigger danger to Keenan one that could find him through her “Careful sugar I’m not real nice when I’m pissed”“How would I know the difference You’ve been unpleasant to me every chance you get If that’s the result of a lifetime of emotion” she said deliberately coating each word with frost “then I prefer Silence” I have loved Dorian since the first book where I was so heartbroken for the loss he suffered for the pain that was slowly killing the man he was And I knew that the right woman for him would have to be a very strong one who would be able to heal the wound his sister’s murder inflicted And no one could have been better for him than Ashaya I just loved her and her inner strength how hard she fought to overcome her fears and to save her son No matter how hard Dorian pushed against her boundaries she pushed right back D “I dreamed of running my tongue across your skin” He spoke to release some of the tension to leash the beast before it broke its bonds “Of exploring you in long slow licks”She didn’t break the deeply intimate visual connection “You’re crossing lines again”Hell yeah It was either that or go insane “And your heartbeat just got erratic” The cat smiled pleased Ashaya Aleine wasn’t as immune to him as she liked to pretend “What would happen if I tasted you If I took a bite out of you” No one writes better romance than this author The animosity between Dorian and Ashaya was simply fantastic and once they submitted to their intense chemistry I swooned all the way The sexy times were as scorching as I’ve come to expect from this series and the romance simply wonderful I loved every single moment of these two together and what Ashaya was able to do for Dorian in the end made me love her forever “Would you let the Council kill Ashaya” he askedSomething primal awakened in the depths of those blue gray eyes “Ashaya is mine” Like a child staking a claim “She’s always been mine” Another character that I loved and yes I know it will surprise most was Amara Aleine Yes she’s a sociopath but her redemption was her broken love for her sister which although it could be wrong and obsessive was still beautiful in its own way Kaleb took a small platinum charm from his pocketA single star A markerThe NetMind and DarkMind had both defied him in his search for the owner of the charm but he would succeed Failure simply wasn’t an option Kaleb Krychek the powerful cardinal Psy with his ability to cause madness is still the most fascinating character to me I just can’t figure out whether he is good or bad And the mystery regarding what he keeps searching for intrigues the hell out of me There is no world that I love than the one Nalini Singh created in this series The complexity of the plot the many different pieces that all tie together and the fantastic set of diverse characters amazes me The Psy Council’s struggle for absolute power and the rebels determined to put a stop to Silence continues to grow and now new opposing groups have come to light The PurePsy who can only mean trouble for the rebels the changelings and the humans and the Human Alliance who are determined to stop the Psy from having so much power in this world Then there is the mysterious Ghost an infamous rebel in the PsyNet and it’s driving me crazy not knowing who he is D This is my all time favorite series by my favorite author and the best PNR series EVER No one writes better romantic romance and detailed and captivating worldbuilding than Nalini Singh I cannot recommend this series enough If you have not read it yet you are missing out R E A D I T

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Summary Hostage to Pleasure ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Æ [Read] ➳ Hostage to Pleasure By Nalini Singh – 2 Parts 12 hours and 25 minSeparated from her son and forced to create a neural implant that will mean the effective enslavement of her psychically gifted race Ashaya Aleine is the perfecOpard lives within And that leopard's rage at the brutal loss is a clawing darkness that hungers for vengeance Falling for a Psy has never been on Dorian's agenda But charged with protecting Ashaya and her son he discovers that passion has a way of changing the rules© Nalini Singh P Tant. Wow This series just keeps getting better and better Best book so far loved itAshaya appeared in the last book and I was crazy to find out what happened to her This book is her story what a mother would do to protect her child and a terrible choice she must make regarding her psycho twin sister She's the best developed female character so far I really loved her And wow what a spine she has she's incredibly strong as a person having broken Silence many years ago she had to act emotionless with perfection anything less would mean her and her son's death She managed to run away from the facility they were holding her in what an escape and came across directly to Dorian She couldn't get him out of her mind since that night when they met and it took every effort to remain calm in his pressenceDorian My he's something HOT Loved him too He's really the tortured soul in this one close to the edge driven by a terrible hatred for the Psy and self hatred for not being able to save his baby sister from being tortured and murdered The first time he sees Ashaya he's instantly attracted to her and hates her and himself for it He's convinced she's a total Psy with no feelings to her son only for her own self preservation Still despite all that he tries to seduce her to get her out of his system and soon realises she's not what she seemsThose two together they were amazing very emotional I would say the most emotional couple yet or maybe it's just me don't know but I really felt them even leaked a tear or two at one scene boy was that sad view spoiler when he finally admits to her about his sister's death and that he feels guilty about it hide spoiler