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Giving Up Summary å 104 æ ➳ Giving Up Read ➻ Author Lee Brazil – Brandon Blake has a problem His stressful job as CEO of the family production studio combined with the added stress of his self imposed role of family caretaker has left him with an ulcer His brothers Brandon Blake has a problem His stressful job Eds to learn how to give up the need to control everything The sessions go well enough even if Brandon can barely tear his eyes away from the curve of his therapist's le. The truth or dare series by Lee Brazil should come with a warning label Addictive I am so addictd I hunt the blogs for Lees musings and short stories This series is a heartwarming story of four brothers The Blake Brothers are a closenit family that meet every wendsday night to play cards Each story focus on one of the brothers This one was Brandon the oldest with a controlling persaonality He is in therapy with Arden Blaketo get help with his control issue so he can uit alienatinghis brothers especailly the middle brother Terry and his two lovers He wants to be a big part of their expected babys'life but every time he gets around them he causes Trick to get sick and Dex to get madArden nakes him feel like noone has been able to in a long time Just her voice calms him So needless to say he was very unhappy when on the third visit she told him she could no longer help him in a profssioanl way But does she want to help him in other ways What is her problem I am not gonna tell ya You will have to read the book I promise you wont be sorry Be sure to have to finish it before you startI promise you wont want to put it down This one has moved up to my favorite of the series but it s a close call Enjoy

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Him with an ulcer His brothers are leaving home and making families of their own and Brandon's interference has caused some serious rifts The prescription Therapy He ne. Looking forward to this I was a little worried about where the series would go as all the brothers coming up gay would have made it unbelievable in my opinion I'm don't read a lot of mf but I like your brothers and I hear you wrote this really well so I'm on board to see if it's true

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Giving UpBrandon Blake has a problem His stressful job as CEO of the family production studio combined with the added stress of his self imposed role of family caretaker has left. I have to admit it came as a bit of a surprise when I realized this third book in Lee Brazil's series 'Truth or Dare' wasn't a mm romance but in fact an mf There is absolutely nothing wrong with that I just hadn't expected it And since this is Brandon's story I really needed him to get his comeuppance because Brandon had really pissed me off by his interfering ways in both Mischa and Terry's lives I guess I had pictured him falling completely inadvertently for some leather daddy who would take him to task for his controlling ways Instead Brandon got Dr Arden Grey his psychiatrist big grin Arden fires Brandon as a client after their third session informing him that she's given Brandon all the tools he needs to work on his need to control others Brandon doesn't realize though that Arden has set her sights on him and she's determined to control him in and out of the bedroom It's been twenty three years since Brandon's mom dragged her sixteen year old son to Hollywood movie parties where he witnessed drinking and drugging preceding his mom wrapping their car around a tree and dying in front of him It's no shock that because he couldn't control that situation Brandon became an overbearing micro manager for everything else in his life Now it's eating away at him and the only calmness he finds is when he's with Arden Arden has forged her own life in the last twenty three years ever since her abusive husband fell down the stairs and she waited just a little too long to call 911 She took control of her own life and has built a good one for herself although she's fairly certain that Brandon will fit into it very wellIt was a lot of fun to watch these two control freaks learn to relax with each other and fall in love As much as I had despised Brandon in the first two books he'd made it very clear that he was working on his issues because his family was the most important thing and he never wanted to lose them I thought Arden was the perfect fit for him and now there's just one Blake brother to see happy Looking forward to the next storyNOTE This book was provided by Breathless Press for the purpose of a review