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Remote Control Read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç ➤ [Epub] ➞ Remote Control By Andy McNab ➮ – Tough resourceful ruthless as an SAS trooper Nick Stone was one of the best Now he's back on the streets After a botched mission the Regiment no longer want his services But British IntelligenceEnesis takes him back to the most notorious SAS mission in recent historyRemote Control is the first of Andy McNab's blistering Nick Stone thrillers bestsellers whose landscape is so compellingly close to the truth that they had to be vetted by the Ministry of Defence and could only be published as fictio. Great read on the end of being an enjoyable action thriller It's written smartly without having to sacrifice to become simplistic McNab's an author who will just use a phrase and explain it easily without having a huge lull in the action You can tell that he was somebody who did the deed back in the day and isn't afraid to relay that information through his character Nick StoneMaybe if I read enough of these books I'll be able to have enough know how of tradecraft to get by if I ever needed to Combined with Burn Notice I'd be unstoppable

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Dirtier still On the apparently routine tail of two terrorists he discovers the bodies of an ex SAS officer and his family Soon he's on the run with the lone survivor of the bloodbath a seven year old girl And whilst she can identify the killers only Stone can keep them at bay and solve a mystery whose g. I actually really enjoyed this It's the sort of action story where the protagonist doesn't just go through crap to come out as the saviour Nick Stone goes through crap and then crap and then to top it off even crapI really enjoyed the action and the thought processes behind characters' decisions I also really liked that there were real events sprinkled into the story too There was a description of a fight in this book that made me feel a bit sick but to be honest that made me appreciate the moment all the The only thing that mildly irritated me was that characters were always eating and always eating fast food In seven days I think they ate about 50 times so I'm a little surprised that they weren't the size of whales by the end of the bookOther than that I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be continuing with this series

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Remote ControlTough resourceful ruthless as an SAS trooper Nick Stone was one of the best Now he's back on the streets After a botched mission the Regiment no longer want his services But British Intelligence does as a deniable operator It's the dirtiest job in a very very dirty worldIn Washington DC it's about to get. This was my first experience with Andy McNab’s Nick Stone books and this one was a blast Given that McNab was a former member of the SAS and a highly decorated one I was looking for something good and this than met my expectationsThe novel begins in Gibraltar where Stone and his fellow soldiers are putting a halt to Irish bombings then fast forwards 9 years where Stone’s mission in Washington is suddenly terminated Following this Stone decides to visit his friend Kev and his family Unfortunately when Nick arrives at the house he finds Kev and most of his family brutally murdered only Kev’s daughter Kelly remains alive From here Stone takes Kelly with him as they embark on a chase from unknown assassins and Stone is at a loss as who to trustNick Stone struck me as uite a similar character to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher a bit of loner but a very capable soldier who has some pretty badass scenes Apart from of course Kelly there weren’t any female characters here of note which I hope will change in future novelsThe pace of Remote Control varied throughout sometimes it would be incredibly tense and you just wanted to read on Other times I found it dragged particular with one chapter which was about double the length of all the rest and only really redeemed itself at the end The ending of the novel however was very well done leaving you on the edge of your seat right to the endI am pleased I have added this series to my library and will definitely be continuing with it Remote Control itself will be getting a solid 4 stars from me If you are fond of action thriller books particularly those with a heavy military element then the Nick Stone series is one for you