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Meggie loves books So does her father Mo a bookbinder although he has never read aloud to her since her mother m. Oy I really wanted to like this book I had such high hopes for it It was one of those books that whenever my students saw me reading it they said Oh I really liked that book It was so good So I thought it would be great It just wasn't The story was nice In short very short Meggie's father repairs books Her mother disappeared nine years ago After a mysterious visitor shows up at their house Meggie finds out that her father has a secret He can read characters out of books Nine years ago he was reading aloud and read a terrible villian out of the book and simultaneously read Meggie's mother into the book The rest of the story is Meggie and her father trying to defeat the villian and maybe get her mother back Overall it was a great idea for a book it just wasn't particularly well excecuted I can't exactly place my finger on what I didn't like but it just didn't sit well with me I think it was the lack of character development I didn't feel like I really knew the characters I also felt like I couldnt' uite picture what was happening I wanted description strange for such a long novel And overall it was just too long I felt like it really dragged I wanted it to move uickly and have a bit action Great premise but I'm not super excited to read the next one

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TintenherzIng that forces Mo to reveal an extraordinary secret a storytelling secret that will change their lives for ever. What a great storyThis is uite the page turner I was driven to read by both the actionadventure and the plotconclusion Both are excellently written Funke’s style of writing and indeed the translation made by Anthea Bell makes for a smooth and beautiful readWonderfully drawn and very detailed characters fill this book from cover to cover each character being uniue and complete The story is told from multiple viewpoints which adds another interesting dimension to the story and plotThe book doesn’t contain many light hearted chapters as you would find in Harry Potter or Narnia but the wonderful lead characters are such good people that the book is far from darkThe whole idea of the story is beautiful and intriguing And the uotes that begin each chapter are perfectly chosenI kept wondering if there were areas that Funke could have taken out to make the book shorter – but I couldn’t really find anything that wouldn’t mar the story in some way and I was grateful there were as many pages to read as there wereA wonderful read and an interesting story that I think has become a new favorite I've read through chapter 16 now and things have begun to be explained The book is so very dear and so very addicting I now am not at all concerned with finishing it by the movie's release dateDI plan to begin this book today I've got so many others that I'm in the midst of reading right now but the fact that I want to finish this before the movie comes out eek I'd best hurry up and start itOh dear I'd totally blanked and forgotten that this was being made into a movie I saw in the paper today that it's being released in mid March While this is wonderful it means that I'd better hurry up and read it

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summary Tintenherz ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [Reading] ➸ Tintenherz By Cornelia Funke – Meggie loves books So does her father Mo a bookbinder although he has never read aloud to her since her mother mysteriously disappeared They live uietly until the night a stranger knocks at their door MYsteriously disappeared They live uietly until the night a stranger knocks at their door He has come with a warn. This book is everything I ever wanted It's a book about a book and lovers of books It's very self affirming for me Now I don't feel like a COMPLETE goober for 1 smelling books 2 learning Elvish or 3 bringing at least 5 books with me everywhere I goNote just because I don't FEEL like a complete goober does not mean I am not oneInkheart is the first in a trilogy Inkspell is already out and Inkdeath will be out in 2008You may not love Inkheart in and of itself; however if you are a lover of books I find you will at least appreciate the characters and the sentiments within the pages if not like the story as a whole