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Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores t Raymond Chandler and Philip Marlowe they are an iconic pair you cannot separate or wish to the master writer and the fictional character real than some bipeds The flavor of Los Angeles in the 1940's you could almost taste and bringing Hollywood into the mixture soaks the atmosphere in tinsel cheap it may be yet LA wouldn't be the same without the glamour and the vulgar Add a murder mystery and Chandler who knew the business that built the city he worked in the studio system as a screenwriter and disliked greatly A young apparently innocent looking girl from Manhattan Kansas Orfamay uest has a job for Mr Marlowe find her missing older brother Orrin involved in an illicit trade Miss uest is not what she appears to be pretending runs in the family and she is the best one of them Philip doesn't locate big brother in his seedy apartment but discovers dead bodies everywhere he looks and the Los Angeles police are not happy far from it Lieutenant Christy French and partner Fred Beifus they give the detective a rough reception at their downtown headuarters the Bay City boys also hate him and participate in the festivities Orrin works for a criminal doctor Lagardie after losing his legitimate work in Bay City Santa Monica The Hollywood actress and rising movie star Mavis Weld is the sister of both Orrin and Orfamay a very good friend of a gangster Steegrave trying to go strait but having difficulties she is being blackmailed Her studio has high hopes for her and will do anything to shield their investment She is ambitious has become corrupt in the system like many others and shows contempt for Marlowe which the gumshoe doesn't mind he likes the view Minor star Dolores Gonzales also is in the plot and likes Mr Marlowe a lot she wants to protect Marvis still the sleaze permeates all the artificial climate takes a toll Chandler gives this novel another jolt of entertainment with a hard boiled detective as only he could create the words flow cynically the killings abound yet this is his world which the writer knew intimately drugs prostitution failures of the discarded actors that the film industry wishes to hide however he lived in the muck and we benefit from his experiencesThe fans will enjoy this and mystery aficionados too there was only one Raymond Chandler and the public is grateful

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The Little SisterTher Along the way he uncovers a little blackmail a lot of drugs and than enough murd Dorothy You're Not in Kansas AnyThe Little Sister continues Chandler's Philip Marlowe franchise a private eye series that became the mold for so many private eyes that followed in the succeeding decades Chandler had the knack of combining the gritty realism and day to day language if the streets with a witty prose that sometimes had no match in the way he could turn a phrase Chandler used his alter ego Marlowe to poke fun at stereotypes of people And there's no better example of that than the client who waltzes into his office all innocent schoolgirl from small time Kansas all prim and proper and librarian like Marlowe pokes fun at her over and over not buying her wild eyed innocence Not buying her story about her Bible reading brother and why he's disappeared Chandler does this again and again through this series which is worth rereading than once He keeps poking at caricatures of people particularly his clients and their families And often when you scratch the surface there's to people than you'd assume In the end people are far complex than you'd think at first glance Once again Chandler gives us a complex headturning plot that doesn't make sense until the end But the end when it all comes together is fully satisfying

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FREE EBOOK ð EPUB The Little Sister ¶ 9780241954324 ´ ❤ The Little Sister pdf ⚣ Author Raymond Chandler – Raymond Chandler's fifth novel has Philip Marlowe going to Hollywood as he explores the underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing bHe underworld of the glitter capital trying to find a sweet young thing's missing bro Written in the late '40s when RC was sick of Hollywood and depressed about his wife's health she was 17 years olderRC was fretful and feeling insolent than usual So he used Movieland as his setting The titular sister from the midwest lands in SoCal looking for her missing brother as we later learn they both want to blackmail their Almost Famous Sis who's in Pix From real life RC borrows a scandal involving mobster Bugsy Siegel who was allowed out of prison for a few days to visit his dentistsee it's LA where anything goes Forget reel lifeAs Capote said there are typists and there are writers RC was most gloriously A Writer California the most of everything and the best of nothing I smelled Los Angeles before I got to it It smelled stale and old like a living room that had been closed too long More wind blown hair and sunglasses and attitudes and pseudo refined voices and water front morals Our man Marlowe goes to the movies and sees The Sister in a featured role If she had been ten times better half her scenes would have been yanked out to protect the star RC claims this is what happened to featured Martha Vickers to protect Bacall in The Big Sleep Oh yes show biz If these people didn't live intense and disordered lives they wouldn't be able to catch emotions in flight and imprint them on a few feet of celluloidReviewing for The Tatler 1949 Elizabeth Bowen wrote that no consideration of modern American literature ought to exclude Raymond Chandler