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The Feud That Sparked the RenaissanceJoining the bestsellers That Sparked PDF #180 Longitude and Galileo’s Daughter a lively and intriguing tale of two artists whose competitive spirit brought to life one of the world’s most magnificent structures and ignited The Feud MOBI #233 the RenaissanceThe dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore the great cathedral of Florence is among the most enduring symbols of the Renaissance an eual to the works of Leonardo and Feud That. This is a fun readable book about Brunelleschi and Ghiberti that doesn't assume the reader has any prior knowledge at all but assumes that the reader isn't an idiot It explains without talking down an excellent thing If you are interested in architecture and perspective or the lives of artists or what a golden age is read this I'd recommend this to anyone I read it in Florence which was perfect because I could keep going to look at things I utterly disagree with some of Walker's aesthetic judgements but that isn't the slightest bit a problem

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Sparked Kindle #211 Michelangelo Its designer was Filippo Brunelleschi a temperamental architect and inventor who rediscovered the techniues of mathematical perspective Yet the completion of the dome was not Brunelleschi’s glory alone He was forced to share the commission with his archrival the canny and gifted sculptor Lorenzo GhibertiIn this lush imaginative history a fascinating true story of artistic genius and personal tr. ‘Something happened in Florence six hundred years agosomething so uniue and miraculous that it changed our world forever We call it the Renaissance a rebirth of ancient art and learning’This story begins in the waning days of the 14th century and tells the story of the competition between Lorenzo Ghiberti and Filippo Brunelleschi to design and produce a new set of bronze doors for the Church of St John the Baptist The Baptistery in Florence Ghiberti won this particular competition but was largely eclipsed by Brunelleschi who went on to become the architect of the dome of Florence’s cathedral Santa Maria del FioreMr Walker describes the competition between the two as personal and hence as a feud I see it as a conflict of ideas rather than purely as a personal feud Brunelleschi is credited with inventing perspective and used this in his design of the dome It was this modern approach to engineering that enabled Santa Maria del Fiore to be crowned with a dome of such magnificence and beauty that it has become one of the most enduring symbols of the Renaissance It seems that Ghiberti by contrast created his beautiful work by drawing on the pastI’m not entirely comfortable with Mr Walker’s view of Brunelleschi and Ghiberti as sparking the Renaissance attractive as it is to think of an artist and an architect ushering in this new age I prefer to see the Bapistery doors and the Dome symbols of the Renaissance rather than the catalyst for it I enjoyed reading this book it added to my understanding of Florence during this periodJennifer Cameron Smith

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FREE READ The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è ❰Download❯ ➺ The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance Author Paul Robert Walker – Joining the bestsellers Longitude and Galileo’s Daughter a lively and intriguing tale of two arIumph Paul Robert Walker breathes life into these two talented passionate artists and the competitive drive that united and dived them As it illuminates fascinating individuals from Donatello and Masaccio to Cosimo de’Medici and Leon Battista Alberti The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance offers a glorious tour of th century Florence a bustling city on the verge of greatness in a time of flourishing creativity rivalry and geniu. I wanted to like this bookThe very premise that there was a 'feud' well he never wrote about it beyond the fact that one artist lost one commission Hardly a feudI did like learning the history from the early Renaissance a period I do know know much aboutAlso the story was very choppy didn't really follow just one artist it was vaguely chronological but just needed some editingI will look into this period of history though