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The Assyrian Book × 608 pages Download ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Assyrian By Nicholas Guild – An international bestseller The Assyrian is an epic of love and war set during the Seventh Century BC Two men born of different mothers but both sons of the king grow up as close friends and rivals fo An internatioE Berlin Warning The Linz Tattoo here switches genres to surpass himself in a stunning historical epic the life and loves of a young Assyrian prince that teems with violence sex and period detail Tiglath makes a splendid centerpiece for Guild’s rich rendering of Assyrian life All in all an exciting full blooded epic peopled with dozens of memorable characte A wonderful read the kind of story that you can't help but fully invest yourself in The author did his research into culture of that time and I loved the detail he used to describe it He has a way of leaving words of wisdom and insight into human nature to conclude stories that is rings with truth

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An international bestseller The Assyrian is an epic of love and war set during the Seventh Century BC Two men born of different mothers but both sons of the king grow up as close friends and rivals for the lordship of the world PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Guild The Berlin Warning masterfully describes court intrigues and the feverish panorama of the battlefield but the Super close to a five star experience really This is very much a big violent historical epic with lots of detail and kinky fucking of the same type as Aztec or Shogun I really don’t know why Guild doesn’t seem to be popular as it took me a good deal of digging around to find out about this book whereas the previous two I mentioned are almost impossible to avoid in a discussion about big bold historical fiction especially Shogun The dude deserves better This was a seriously wild ride and the Assyrians don’t get nearly any exposure when it comes to fiction whether it be books or movies I don’t know if this is because we know less about their culture and history than others but it shouldn’t be soThis book is about Tiglath Ashur the son of the famous Assyrian king Sennacherib and one of his wives an Ionian Greek This gives us westerners a little bit of a connection to the setting which in my opinion wasn’t entirely necessary but certainly didn’t hurt the book Tiglath grows up and as soon as he’s able becomes part of the formidable Assyrian army along with his douchebag brother Esarhaddon What follows is a sprawling brick of a novel with lots of details on Mesopotamian life and the cultures that inhabited and surrounded it intrigue by the bucketful and of course lots of war To say the Assyrians were a wrathful and warlike people is a grave understatement and we spend a lot of the book on multiple campaigns with Tiglath watching as he grows from a front rank foot soldier to a general in his own rightThe characters were adeuately vivid and memorable if not extraordinarily so Tiglath’s mom Merope is a sweetheart and has a very motherly likability His Greek slave Kephalos is a loyal dude and provides a lot of much needed comic relief Love interest Esharhamat hopefully I’m spelling that right some of these Mesopotamian names are kind of a mind fuck iswell a love interest and was at least relatable to if not easy to fall in love with on the reader’s part Tiglath himself is a bit of a Mary Sue but still easy to root for and maintained a sense of mercy and kindness despite all of the reaving and sacking The rest of the cast are pretty much either ignorable or despicable The characters are fine but they’re not really the book’s primary strengths which in my humble opinion were the scope details and actionThis one is really worth seeking out if you’re interested in the kind of historical fiction I’ve already mentioned a couple times although it’d probably be easier to get in some kind of e format as I’m pretty sure it’s been OOP for years The only caveats I can think of is if you’re sueamish in any way shape or form you’re probably gonna be uncomfortable for a good deal of this book There’s tons of war torture executions a brutal sack of Babylon and some very uestionable sexual practices including uite a bit of incest If you’re good with that kind of thing then give it a shot It really maintains a decent momentum throughout its epic length and you get to learn a lot of good stuff about the Mesopotamian pantheon and a couple of its kings

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The AssyrianBook’s abundant merit lies in its timelessness and universality This story of a passionately moral man torn among amorous longings the seductiveness of power fraternal emotion and cognizance of his nation’s welfare holds many contemporary implications KIRKUS REVIEWS Starred Review Guild previously a crafter of sturdy political thrillers Chain Reaction th Tiglath Ashur is the favorite son of King Sennacherib and molds him to become the next ruler in Nineveh after his death but the omens have decreed that his brother Esarhaddon who is less than capable and not as loved by the people will take the throne instead Tiglath bows to his brother but the price paid may very well bring destruction to their people Woven in to the story are a great cast of charactersNa'ia Esarhaddon mother; a conniving woman who would do anything to have her son on the throneEsharhamat the woman Tiglath loves but cannot haveKephalos his loyal and rich servantShaditu his sister and cunning seductress All of them play a part in the role Tiglath takes to find his destiny amidst all the political upheaval It was a journey through many lands battles and court intrigue that had me entertained all the way to the end I enjoyed this story very much especially reading about the culture of the Assyrians which I did not know much about I will definitely be reading its seuel The Blood Star