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characters The Old Devils ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à [Download] ✤ The Old Devils ➺ Kingsley Amis – Age has done everything except mellow the characters in Kingsley Amis’s The Old Devils which turns its humane and ironic gaze on a group of Welsh married couples who have been spending The Bible and Crown the local pub is changed irrevocably Considered by Martin Amis to be Kingsley Amis’s greatest achievement a book that “stands comparison with any English novel of the twentieth century” The Old Devils confronts the attrition of ageing with rare candor sympathy and moral intelligence. I tend to be sympathetic to characters who are aging fat and unlovely since I'm sure this is my destiny as well but this bunch is so tedious that I couldn't muster any interest I kept waiting for the humor to begin but it never did They're all just moldering away in Wales pickling their livers and feeling sorry for themselves I feel like David Lodge has written these characters and written them far better I'm astounded this won the Booker

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And above all drinking This or less orderly social world is thrown off kilter however when two old friends unexpectedly return from England Alun Weaver now a celebrated man of Welsh The Old ePUB #9734 letters and his entrancing wife Rhiannon Long dormant rivalries and romances are rudely awakened as life at. This is the most boring Booker I've read so far It may in fact be one of the most boring books I've ever read I can't even bother to put it on my list of most hated because at least with say Atonement McEwan had the decency to write a thoroughly despicable self absorbed horrorshow of a human being to act as narrator for that otherwise dull book Amis didn't even give us that I couldn't even get too upset with him for writing two dimensional female characters because his male characters were not much better Here none of the characters sparkled I was 200 pages in before I came to a laugh aloud line and the most poignant part of the book didn't register at all The characters are all stuck in high school dramas Seriously those were dull when we were IN high school and everyone I know cringes when thinking back about that grating nonsense when they are a couple of years out So the idea of 70 year olds never outgrowing them is both boring and depressing and it fails to ring true The Finkler uestion which I think most people really disliked was MUCH better at knocking humorously at the door of aging and regret and Staying On which won in the 70s did it extremely well at that too And if we are supposed to see the problems as deeper than that then all the worse because I was so disinterested in the characters that I actually couldn't believe them capable of that kind of depth Say what you will about the foibles of the Finkler uestion I could buy into the main character's neurosis and weirdness I felt none of that here And if it is supposed to be about Wales the culture real and imagined and the culture mongers then it failed there too There's this bit at the end where one of the characters gets dressed down for writing a pompous little bit of novel that purports to but fails to capture Wales Think it was an inside apology to us as readers I have never been so glad to finish a book as I was to finish this one I wasn't even this excited when I finished Atonement or Prep And that's saying something

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The Old DevilsAge has done everything except mellow the characters in Kingsley Amis’s The Old Devils which turns its humane and ironic gaze on a group of Welsh married couples who have been spending their golden years when “all of a sudden the evening starts starting after breakfast” nattering complaining reminiscing. Does anyone really want to read a book about a lot of boring old farts getting drunk and shagging each others' wives No wonder people were saying the British novel was dead at the time when this won the Booker prize