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As it turns out Jade dearly loved the color that was her name Suddenly Judith knows the reason she was forbidden by her uncle to bring anything green into the house She fears that by smuggling in a small green picture frame she has roused the sleeping ghost of Jade Green and assured the doom of all who sleep under her uncle's roof Jennifer Hubert Its a little scary but its really good

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Jade Green A Ghost StoryThen at the end of A Ghost ePUB #180 the street the house the large brown house with the two eyes made me suddenly clutch at the driver's arm as if to say Turn back Jade Green MOBI #233 Turn back At the first sight of her uncle's house her future home an inexplicable cloud of foreboding engulfs orphaned teen Judith Sparrow Unfortunately her fears Okay I’m sorry but I just wasn’t in love with this one To begin with it’s got that stick up the butt pseudo Victorian narrator voice that great children’s authors of the 1980s always seem to adopt when they’re writing about the 1800s think Cynthia Voigt in The Callender Papers I hate that voice Also the whole thing just seemedmuddled to me Age wise I mean not plot wise See the story’s about Judith this orphan who comes to live with her uncle after her mom dies in an INSANE ASYLUM wooooo and the only stipulation that her uncle has is that she CAN’T BRING THE COLOR GREEN INTO THE HOUSE But of course she does because GIRLS IN THESE BOOKS NEVER LISTEN and the house immediately becomes haunted Because it turns out that a girl named Jade Green seriously whut lived there before her and Jade Green totes offed herself By cutting off her hand and letting herself bleed out all over the attic stairsYeah TOTALLY NOT A MURDER Y’ALL Seriously Naylor who are you kidding NO ONE KILLS THEMSELVES WITH A MEAT CLEAVERAnyway on the one hand har this is obviously meant for younger children because the murderer is telegraphed from essentially the first time he runs his hands over Judith’s maidenly bosom buttons On the other hand again har Judith is always talking about how the neighborhood boy is giving her the tinglies in her drawers and how she would very much like to roll around with him naked and I’m thinking that’s just not going to appeal to an audience of eight year olds Naylor should have either cut out all the underpants tinglies or pitched this older because what we’re left with is a book that is a little too adult in content for readers who might appreciate its plot and waaaaaaaaaaaay too simplistic in its plot for readers who can related to their underpants tinglingRecommended for Eh eight year olds The sex stuff will be over their heads anyway I hope

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Jade Green A Ghost Story kindle · eBook 9780689820052 ↠ johnscyclingdiary ¶ [PDF] ✈ Jade Green A Ghost Story By Phyllis Reynolds Naylor – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Then at the end of the street the house the large brown house with the two eyes made me suddenly clutch at the driver'sAre confirmed when she hears a Green A Ghost Epub #219 mysterious scratching at the back of her closet and senses a ghostly presence hovering over her at night Even chilling Judith learns of the death of a girl named Jade Green from the town gossip a girl who lived in her uncle's house before Judith and died a horrible death on the attic stairs Recently orphaned Judith is sent to live with her kind uncle Geoffrey Uncle Geoffrey's only condition is that nothing green is allowed in his home Judith can't bear to part with a green picture frame holding a photo of her parents so she sneaks it into the house buried deep in her trunk Soon however she starts hearing strange noises coming from the closetThis was a compelling ghost story hard to put down Judith's lecherous cousin Charles was much disturbing than the ghostly Jade Green; he is one of the most creepy characters I've ever read Jade Green reminded me of The Secret Garden Jane Eyre and What Lies Beneath Don't read it alone