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Download Special Forces Ebook ☆ 704 pages ´ Johnscyclingdiary ↠ ➼ [Reading] ➾ Special Forces By Marquesate ➱ – Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early Special Forces is the story of a Scottish SAS soldier and a Soviet spetsnaz soldier Two enemies who meet in the line of duty during the early days of the Soviet Union's last war in Afghanistan This epic spans across over Review completed October 25 2012 LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE That which does not kill us makes us stronger by Friedrich Nietzsche 45 starsI've read the original version in August 2011 First read of the Director's Cut in October 2012It fing hurts when two men who love each other are drowning in reciprocal pain and don't know how to take their finger out of their asses and actcome ondo somethingjust talk alreadyjust do anything to stop hurting each other It's so incredibly frustrating and painful to no end to witness time and again that men are not able or not willing enough to communicate pulls hair screams Ugh Yeah what could you have expected from two majorly fed up individuals anyhow It does not matter what you did nor when you broke and neither why The things you wanted – the greed – that's been and gone Done and buried You're here You've paid the highest price Yourself DanMercs I is the second book in the Special Forces series which spans twenty five years in the lives of Scottish SAS soldier Dan and Soviet Spetsnaz soldier Vadim Soldiers just blew me away It was so incredibly rewarding as well as emotional to see how Dan and Vadim's relationship evolved and something evil turned into something soulful and beautifulWell I'd be lying if I'd say that I could relate to certain decisions or actions the characters took With that said this epic is fiction and writing engrossing characters as well as a compelling plot demand particular and somewhat unnerving ideas sometimes to the extreme One thing's for sure though Mercs I is an emotional roller coaster Emotions like anguish pain sadness frustration love and happiness washed over me like an avalanche I never bite my nails but Mercs I is a nail biter par excellence While reading this cycle you're going to want to scream pull your hair hit something hit something againand then there is pure bliss as well Some uotes the rooftop conversation and the Thailand part will soothe your tarnished soul In fact I closed this part of the SF epic with a smile on my face Knowing he didn't truly beg not on his knees not for his life not for his pride but whatever he'd say would only truly be 'I love you than I can say than I can even think and what you give me takes my breath away but breathing is overrated when I can kiss you' VadimVadimHoly cow The beginning of this cycle was all about pain painanguishview spoilertorture hide spoiler

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Twenty five years of their lives Special Forces Mercenaries is the second cycle of the Special Forces epic the first cycle is Soldiers and the third one is Veterans This print version is the original version of Special Fo REVIEW TO COMEJust a uick thought about the end view spoiler I like angsty endings happy ones when there are books in the series is not fun but I loved this sooooooo freaking much that I cannot give this book less than 5 stars hide spoiler

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Special ForcesRces st edition as it was edited by the authors of the time of first publication on Maruesate's website The Mercenaries cycle was published between May and November This is the only version that is authorised by Maruesate DNF at 76% with extreme prejudice and heartbreak Bear with me this might be a bumpy ride but I'll get to my pointImagine you're reading a cookbook and every recipe from appetizers to desserts contains salmonOr you're listening to an album and the chorus of every single song mentions wristsNow you might be approaching how I felt after reading ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX mentions of Dan's shades in this book Beneath the shades Dan's eyes were wide with surpriseDan grinned picked up his shades and slipped them onThe shades clattered onto the groundDan looked up readjusting his shadesHe slowly pushed the shades up baring his dark eyesDan even forgot his shades when he stormed offI won't include the other 160 You're welcomeThere's a reason I bring this up and it's not only to highlight the word repetition problem The first volume also had that issue though it was smirks not shades and I completely forgave it The reason I complain now is because the shades were about the extent of Dan's characterization in this volume and that I can't forgiveIn Soldiers Dan was nuanced He was a strong street smart resourceful badass Didn't spend his free time reading the classics but was never portrayed as even remotely unintelligent He could joke but he ultimately took things seriously He started as a homophobe slowly came to terms with his sexuality fell in love and moved mountains to demonstrate his commitmentIn Mercenaries he was painted as an aging bag of scars whose deepest thoughts were about dessert He had the maturity and presence of a 14 year old Oh and he wore shades The book didn't start out with him portrayed uite as bad as all this but it ramped up down and and by roughly 70% he had settled into that damn flat cartoon but goodBut then it got even worse I am not going to spoiler but the story took a turn which was ridiculously sideways completely out of character and effectively took the story I'd fallen in love with and ripped it to shreds right in front of my faceTeal has said to me that they felt like this volume read like bad fanfic of the first I'll go with a little different angle — to me it felt like a terrible spinoff Vadim was taken and dropped into a different story with different writing and different other characters Vadim was usually still Vadim and he even evolved and started to gain further depth He is up there among the best characters I've ever read view spoilerI was rooting for and wanting to bear hug this rapist on the regular y'all I would feel gutted when he fell back to his violent tendencies my whole body was tense and committed to his growth hide spoiler