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Download È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ½ Arthur Miller Blue riding on a smile and a shoeshine'Willy Loman has been a salesman for years At he is cast aside his usefulness now exhausted With no future to dream ab. The action below takes place in the GR cafeteria GR Do you mind is this seat takenSTEVEN No please do GR How are you todaySTEVEN FineGR Could you spare a few momentsSTEVEN SureGR So what did you think of Death of a Salesman STEVEN Great the venue may have been small but that just made the whole experience intimate I parked myself in a seat somewhere near the back and in the middle so had a good panoramic view of the stage the performances from all the cast were good with Willy Loman and wife Linda being the memorable ones The play itself with themes of anxiety and insecurity mainly takes place in the Lomans house and yard with capitalism and one mans struggle with work dominating the story it could be viewed as a social criticism a tragedy or simply just a psychological study of disintegration cleverly though Miller never takes sides with anyone leaving the viewer to reach their own conclusions regarding the actions that take place Written in 1949 and somehow winner of the Pulitzer it ties in strongly with miller's own family and their problems during the great depressionIt held my attention throughout and received a deserved round of applause at the end I then went for a few cocktails all in all a good nightGR ErI was actually referring to the written play the bookSTEVEN Oh that sorry Well once you have seen the play with your own eyes reading it was never going to be the same by act two I was starting to get fidgety that's not a good sign 255GR Thank you for your timeSTEVEN No problemGR Oh just one thingSTEVEN YesGR Could you see yourself reading any playsSTEVEN Miller probably not Any other playwrights probably yesGR Again thank youSTEVEN Any time goodbye

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Death of a Salesman Free download ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ ❰Read❯ ➫ Death of a Salesman Author Arthur Miller – 'For a salesman there is no rock bottom to life He don't put a bolt to a nut he don't tell you the law or give you medicine He's a man way out there i Out he must face the Death of PDFEPUB or crushing disappointments of his past He takes one final brave action but is he heroic at last or a self deluding fo. ME Good evening and welcome to part 3 of Newt Gingrich meets Arthur Miller As you may know Mr Gingrich has recently been encouraging Americans to read Miller's works Our third episode is devoted to Death of a Salesman which LAWYER Hold it right thereME I'm sorry Is there a problemLAWYER Oh go on and pretend you don't know what this is about The salesman you're referring to is my client President Donald Trump Death is too obvious to be worth commenting on Like so many liberals you're openly inciting violence as an alternative to reasoned political discourse We've seen it with Kathy Griffin we've seen it with that disgusting production of Julius Caesar and now you ME But I'm notLAWYER You're not advocating violence against Donald TrumpME No not at allLAWYER You fail to convince Dr Rayner I've read your pieces on Goodreads Tell me if you learned tomorrow that Trump had been shot how would you reactME Well I must admit that my first reaction would be delighted surpriseLAWYER Ha Out of your own mouthME but as soon as the initial buzz had worn off I think I'd be rather disappointedLAWYER Did I hear you say disappointedME Yes absolutelyLAWYER This is absurd May I remind you that you have posted nearly a hundred anti Trump pieces over the last couple of yearsME I'm almost there I just need five LAWYER You've made comments about his sexual assaults on women his open contempt for basic democratic principles his flirtation with white supremacist groups ME All trueLAWYER You've mentioned his decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Accord a policy which could cause incalculable damage to the Earth's fragile ecosystem and result in the deaths of billions of people He coughs Allegedly And you still don't want Trump dead Dr Rayner you're not being straightforward with us here Of course you want him dead Any sensible person wouldME You said it I didn'tLAWYER I naturally meant any sensible person with your misguided beliefsME Thank you for the clarificationLAWYER So you admit itME No I don't Much as I dislike Trump I think he's valuable to us aliveLAWYER You'll need to explain thatME Well Trump is such a vile universally despised excuse for a human being that everything he touches is automatically discredited in the eyes of a good two thirds of the world's population Many right wing politicians could do a better job of promoting those views So in fact I'd rather have him alive and destroying his own party from the insideLAWYER This is absurd How can you ME Wait a minute May I ask you a direct uestion Do you personally like Donald TrumpLAWYER I resent this uestion Needless to say I have the highest respect for ME I should add that one of my Goodreads friends goes to the same hairdresser as your wifeLAWYER I uh ME So I know what you really think of him PauseLAWYER Okay okay He's a sack of shit But he's paying me 1750 an hourME And if he died tomorrow he wouldn'tLAWYER Uh of course ME So you're in just the same position He's worth to you alive I rest my case PauseLAWYER You know maybe we've got in common than I thought Let's go get ourselves a drinkME And talk about Death of a Salesman We kind of forgot what this review was aboutLAWYER I always loved that play I could watch the scene where Biff steals the fountain pen a thousand timesME Do you think the Freudian interpretation is too facile Fade to black

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Death of a Salesman'For a salesman there is no rock bottom to life He don't put a bolt to a nut he don't tell you the law or give you medicine He's a man way out there in the. A Classic with a big C I can see why It's not a happy story A story about a troubled family About getting older and getting cast aside after years of hard work never having uite made it About big expectations never met Infidelity About the estranged relationship between father and son A father what's he doing Panicking because he is loosing his job loosing his grip on things on his boys hallucinating evenPresent and past events or even imagined flow in and out of the story A tragedy unfolding Already I think I need to reread it to really grasp the whole story I was impressed Although this was not a pleasant read In the format of a play and of course many famous actors played their part in Death of a SalesmanDeath of a Salesman was first presented in a London Theatre on 28 July 1949 Linda hearing Willy outside the bedroom calls with some trepidation WillyWilly It's allright I came backLinda Why What happened Slight pause Did something happen WillyWilly No nothing happened Linda You didn't smash the car did you Willy with casual irritation I said nothing happened Didn't you hear me Linda Don't you feel well Willy I'm tired to death The flute has faded away He sits on the bed beside her a little numb I couldn't make it I just couldn't make it Linda