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Described by Kenneth Clark as Illusion A MOBI #242 'one of the most brilliant books Art and MOBI #233 of art criticism that I have ever read' Art and Illusion is and Illusion A MOBI #240 a classic study of image making It seeks to answer a simple and Illusion A Study in eBook #10003 uestion why is there such a thing as style The uestion may be simple but there is no easy answer and Professor Gombrich's brilliant and wide ranging exploration of the history and psychology of pictorial representation leads him into countless crucial areas Gombrich examines uestions and re evaluates old and new ideas on such matters. This book attempts to answer the uestion if artists throughout time have attempted to portray the world 'realistically' why are there so many different styles Why for example did the Egyptians portray people as partially sideways and partially frontward Must we assume that they literally saw people like thatGombrich argues that the Greeks fundamentally changed the course of art Under them it became casual art for art's sake instead of magical images filled with power Over time with each new generation experiments with art allowed artists to discover new tricks to make us believe in the 'reality' of what they painted This does not mean that artists are painting what they literally see; instead they have a repertoire of conventions that we as viewers have learned to interpret as a real represenation of the thing painted Gombrich emphasizes both the role of the artist as the presenter of a painting and even the role of the beholder in interpreting what is paintedThis is primarily based on Western art though Gombrich does also investigate Asian art and it's differing philosophy Both add to his hypothesis that seeing is interpreting; that there is no way to portray exactly what is seen with no interpretation; and that art has developed the way it has to give us a possible interpretation that a paintin is realistic and it does so through a series of tricksAn excellent book for someone interested in the theory of visual images and it is pretty accessible though a knowledge of art history is certainly helpful

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Art and Illusion A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial RepresentationOlved in seeing the world and in making and seeing art With profound knowledge and Illusion A Study in eBook #10003 and his exceptional gift for clear exposition he advances each argument as an hypothesis to be tested The problems of representation are forever fundamental to the history of art Art and Illusion remains an essential text for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of art For the sixth edition Professor Gombrich has written an entirely new page preface in which he makes use of the distinction between an image and a sign so as to clarify his intentions in writing the book in the first pla. On every thinking person's bookshelf or should be

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Art and Illusion A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation characters ´ 104 ↠ ➼ [Reading] ➾ Art and Illusion A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation By E.H. Gombrich ➱ – Described by Kenneth Clark as 'one of the mosAs the imitation of nature the function of tradition the problem of abstraction the validity of perspective and the interpretation of expression all of which reveal that pictorial representation is far from being a straightforward matter First published than years ago Art and Illusion has lost none of its vitality and importance In applying the findings of experimental science to a nuanced understanding of art and in tackling complex ideas and theoretical issues Gombrich is rigorousYet he always retains a sense of wonder at the inexhaustible capacity of the human brain and at the subtlety of the relationships inv. PrefacePreface to the Second EditionPreface to the Third EditionPreface to the Fourth EditionPreface to the Fifth Edition Art and Illusion RetrospectNotesList of IllustrationsIndex