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Never Fall Down Free download Ò 5 æ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Never Fall Down Author Patricia McCormick – This National Book Award nominee from two time finalist Patricia McCormick is the unforgettable story of Arn Chorn Pond who defied the odds to survive the Cambodian genocide of 1975 1979 and the labor TAl novel about a child of war who becomes a man of peace It includes an author's note and acknowledgments from Arn Chorn Pond himselfWhen soldiers arrive in his hometown Arn is just a normal little boy But after the soldiers march the entire population into the countryside his life is changed foreverArn is separated from his family and assigned to a labor camp working in the rice paddies under a. As was true with her National Book Award finalist Sold Patricia McCormick uses her fiction writing skills and her journalistic writing ability to share a child victim's harrowing tale In this case it is Arn Chorn Pond survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia Never Fall Down named for one of the first things the captured boy learned to survive travels the full arc of his experience from the last days of normalcy before the Khmer Rouge takeover through the years of captivity forced labor and eventual conscription as a Khmer Rouge soldier when the Vietnamese invaded And as was the case with Sold this is a young adult book with some adult themes in this case violence death murder and other atrocities At times the descriptions get uite graphic Adding to the effect is McCormick's decision to tell it as Arn himself would after he has learned but not mastered all the nuances of English The contrast of this young naive voice in broken English and the brutality it witnesses is stark adding to the effect Example We walk three day One long line of kid all in black one black snake with five hundred eye Very tire my leg heavy like boulder my mind think only of the next step then one step just walking no thinking no caring Some kid die on the way They die walking Some kid cry for their parent or say they tire they hungry They get shot or maybe stab with the bayonet Now we don't even look We only walkIn its way Never Fall Down reminded me of Elie Wiesel's Night where we start with a healthy happy boy and end with a shadow physically and mentally It would make a perfect companion read in fact It is short easy to read and wise in its straightforward style of narration McCormick lets the horror speak for itself And as was the case with the young Wiesel in 1943 Hungary Arn faces choiceless choices in his bid to survive to someday reunite with his family He uses considerable guile around adults and learns how to make himself valuable through his musical ability Still Death is at his elbow most every page of the book and the motives of various Khmer Rouge soldiers are always suspect lending the book a sustained sense of horror and suspenseAs you might expect happy endings are hard to come by for people who go through such trauma Arn is no exception Author McCormick spent countless hours interviewing not only Chorn Pond but surviving family members his American adoptive family members and even former members of the Khmer Rouge he interacted with Many of these people now live in a northern enclave of Cambodia and McCormick and Chorn Pond flew together to meet the most important one for what must have been a memorable reunion and interview to make this book as accurate as possibleI asked Arn difficult probing uestions about his actions McCormick writes in the Author's Note the heroic and the horrific I verified as much as possible the truth of his story Then I wrote his story as a novel Like all survivors Arn can recall certain experiences in chilling detail; others he can tell only in vague generalities So I added to his recollections with my own research and my own imagination to fill in the missing pieces The truth I believe is right there between the linesIt's a sobering truth too one that once again reminds us there are no depths to which man is incapable of sinking

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Blazing sun he sees the other children dying before his eyes One day the soldiers ask if any of the kids can play an instrument Arn's never played a note in his life but he volunteersThis decision will save his life but it will pull him into the very center of what we know today as the Killing Fields And just as the country is about to be liberated Arn is handed a gun and forced to become a soldi. This story was heart breaking It is based on a true story of a little boy who managed to survive the 1970's genocide in Cambodia many members of his family were not so lucky He learned harsh life lessons and used that knowledge to get him through some horrific trials The author is a journalist I thought that telling this story from the POV of a child was brilliant even though it took me a bit of time to get used to the choppy pigeon English My thought is that maybe the pigeon English wasn't necessary This still could have been told through the eyes of a child without that The child POV was still brilliant though because it masked some of the horror he had to live Well maybe not 'masked' because it was plain to see that these events were truly horrific but maybe the word 'cushioned' might be accurate As painful as this was it was worth the read

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Never Fall DownThis National Book Award nominee from two time finalist Patricia McCormick is the unforgettable story of Arn Chorn Pond who defied the odds to survive the Cambodian genocide ofand the Never Fall PDFEPUBlabor camps of the Khmer RougeBased on the true story of Cambodian advocate Arn Chorn Pond and authentically told from his point of view as a young boy this is an achingly raw and powerful historic. Personally I think the Cambodian Genocide is an event that needs to be taught in schools in North America not to scare kids but to show them how some people survived beat the odds and lived to share their story of this frightening 1970's turmoil Never Fall Down is a fictional memoir based on true events and based on a real person a boy who lived through the horrific years of the Pol Pot Regime It's disturbing but well written and undeniably important