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READ Dear Blue Sky î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ ➻ Dear Blue Sky Download ➼ Author Mary Sullivan – A timely eye opening novel showing how war affects families on both sides Ever since her brother Sef left for Ira Cassie has felt like her life is falling apart Her parents are fighting over S messing up Her little brother who has Down syndrome is pretending he's a Marine And her best friend no longer has time for her In her loneliness Cassie turns to a surprising source of comfort Blue Sky an Irai girl she meets through her blog The girls begin a correspond. Dear Blue Sky by Mary Sullivan is a wonderful story about two different people who are not so different after allTwo gils one in Ira and one in America are both affected by war The American girl has a brother figting the war in Ira Meanwhile the girl in Ira is being attacked by the american soldiersThis is a great story about girls not that different from me and my classmates I would recommend this book to a friend because it is abgreat book to sit down and relax with

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A timely eye opening novel showing how war affects families on both sides Ever since her brother Sef left for Ira Cassie Dear Blue eBook #225 has felt like her life is falling apart Her parents are fighting over her brother having gone to war Her smart beautiful sister i. Amid the statistical haze that enshrouds civilian casualties no one is sure how many children have been killed or maimed in Ira But psychologists and aid organisations warn that while the physical scars of the conflict are all too visible in hospitals and mortuaries and on television screens the mental and emotional turmoil experienced by Ira's young is going largely unmonitored and untreated Michael Howard The Guardian As the US military fought their way into Baghdad 11 years ago the life of one Irai girl Marwa Shimari was changed forever when she was gravely injured in an air raidThe Middle East region has been home for this kiwi gal for the past 65 years When I tell people I live here it sometimes evokes mixed feelings and notions and is often associated with mysticism and conflict Many fail to understand its complexity and diversity its people religions resources and politics The region is a crossroads to three continents Asia Europe and Africa The fact that the Middle East is a tri continental junction has been a blessing and a curse On the one hand this geostrategic location promotes trade and exchange and thus benefits the region; on the other hand it means that different powers from within and outside the region compete for its control Conseuently the Middle East has been a center of conflict and a battlefield for centuries The latest conflict is in Ira Many readers will identify with the The Ira War which was an armed conflict in Ira that consisted of two phases The first was an invasion of Ira starting on 20 March 2003 by an invasion force led by the United States It was followed by a longer phase of fighting in which an insurgency emerged to oppose the occupying forces and the newly formed Irai government Roughly 965 percent of the casualties suffered by the US led coalition were suffered during the second phase rather than the initial invasion The US completed its withdrawal of military personnel in December 2011 during the ninth year of the war However the insurgency is ongoing and continues to cause thousands of fatalities Many of those fatalities are childrenFor two decades Irai children along with the rest of the population have been subjected to grave human rights violations caused by decades of war foreign occupation and international sanctions Ira has turned into one of the worst places for children in the Middle East with around 35 million living in poverty 15 million under the age of five undernourished and 100 infants dying every dayIn the Ira war children were still exposed to violence on a daily basis and there were no programmes designed to deal with the psychological problems this causes As one Irai man said They are so young and don't have the ability to comprehend what's really happening around them Their lives have become meaningless They don't know what they are doing Most of them have become aggressive even when they play Ira remains among the humanitarian emergencies in the world Children continue to suffer from the psychological trauma of war and conflict and access to education and development opportunities has been severely constrained Gun toting Irai boy Courtesy Daily MailGun toting children were paraded for the cameras in Ira only last month – on both sides of the bloody conflict A shocking video emerged showing armed boys watching the execution of a prisoner by masked jihadi fighters The children – some as young as eight – look on as

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Dear Blue SkyEnce and Cassie learns that when Blue Sky says I want my life back she means something profound as she can no longer venture out in her destroyed city Cassie takes strength from Blue Sky's courage and is inspired to stop running away from the pain and to reclaim her life. The book “Dear Blue Sky” is now one of my favorite books This book takes place during the Ira War Cassie’s brother Sef enlists in the military and is sent off to Ira to protect his country The other main character is Blue Sky who writes a blog about her life in Ira Both of these characters are facing tough times in their lives I thought during this book that the author made it captivating to learn She gave us a lot to think about wondering about Sef wondering about Blue Sky and wondering about the other characters lives She reminded us that their lives were still going on during the war Both characters were still going to school and talking with friends I would give this book a 1010 because the author gives you lots of information and intrigues you to read