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Spontaneous characters ë 7 Ä ❴KINDLE❵ ❀ Spontaneous Author Joe Harris – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Phenomenon conspiracy or delusion Kelvin Melvin Reyes was only three years old when Spontaneous Human Combustion took his father from him He's since devoted his life to exploring the mystery behind th Phenomenon conspiracy or delusVoted his life to exploring the mystery behind the phenomenon searching for a pattern and predictors that he might save others from that same fiery fat. Background Melvin was only three when his father died of a horrible combustion otherwise known to Melvin as Spontaneous Human Combustion Melvin is now older and trying to place the puzzle pieces together about why his father died and what is going on with the others that have had the same blistering deathReview This was an interesting read It is a graphic novel with beautiful artwork however the character close ups all look pretty similar so it can get confusing at times The story line was interesting Melvin’s character meets up with an aspiring journalist and together they try to solve the mystery of spontaneous human combustion Melvin is enthusiastic to search because he wants to explain away what happened to his father so the story jumps right into another person dying of a horrible accident The story seems like it would be an interesting one the main issue I had with it was its terseness the story doesn’t have time to develop the plot as much as I would have liked it to and the characters are underdeveloped because of it The overall idea behind the story is what kept me reading I think the spontaneous fiery death thing has a lot going for it however overall it fell a little shorter than I had hoped the ending was a bit of a cop out If it had been a little lengthier I think the ending would have fit nicer once we got to know the characters

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E But the closer he gets to his goal the further things lead down a well of secrets horrors and terrible truths Is SHC real And if so can it be stopped. Reason for Reading Once upon a time when I was a wacky teenager I was really into spontaneous human combustion and read lots of stuff about it Couldn't get over the creepy photographs I couldn't pass this one byThis novel didn't really do too much for me It was ok good ok But that is all The artwork is not a style that impresses me much Simple sketching and pages done in monotones with the colours changing to reflect the atmosphere emotion of the scene being played out What bothered me the most was that the story couldn't seem to decide whether it was going to be paranormal or not So it hovered between having a rational explanation and going off on a paranormal twist which just didn't work for me I would have liked the story much better if the old guy's powers had been omitted then it would have been a satisfactory combination of paranormal into the ordinary I'd pick this one up at the library for a uick read unless maybe you collect SHC stuff

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SpontaneousPhenomenon conspiracy or delusion Kelvin Melvin Reyes was only three years old when Spontaneous Human Combustion took his father from him He's since de. It was really the premise of Spontaneous that first prompted me to review this Spontaneous Human Combustion is something that we really don't stop to think about I was intrigued to see what path author Joe Harris would take So with an open mind I dove right inThe story flies by as the pages tell Melvin's story The problem with this brevity is that there is really no time to develop the characters Melvin is a tormented soul and that's him through the whole book Emily is that no holds barred reporter who is dead set on getting her story and again she doesn't change In fact most of the secondary characters don't even get enough face time for the reader to fully even notice them I liked that the book moved so uickly but I would have read for longer if it meant time to spend with the charactersWhat's good about the way that this story is written is that there isn't any down time at all From page one the reader is drawn into the mystery of the people who are suffering from this odd fate Melvin's story blossoms beautifully slowly letting the reader see just enough to keep them intrigued I think this is where Emily's character truly shined As you are doing your best to figure out what Melvin is going to do next Emily is uncovering the story behind it all At the end I honestly did a double take It was that interestingIn terms of illustrations Spontaneous is a lot different than other books I've seen The art style is a mixture of hard bold lines with soft watercolor providing some warmth The people in the story look like sketches than anything else More like caricatures than actual people It works for the story though and I'm honestly impressed by Brett Weldele's talent His illustrations allow the story to shine through without taking overFinal verdict Spontaneous is definitely something to check out if you are a fan of graphic novels The story is uniue and uick moving and I'm certain that you'll fall in love with the illustrations