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Hold Fast Till DawnJenny loved Larry's sun bleached hair his dazzling smile his love for the sea and his love for her and Hold Fast PDFEPUB or their children Their marriage of fifteen years was as solid as the rock hard mu. Reeder has an excellent review that covers all the plot points the racism the lack of grovel the utter lack of charm morals or self awareness of the hero I give it one star for all of those reasons but I will add one This story is boring with pointless descriptions of sailing trips dinner parties and the minutia of family meals and carpooling teenagers around Make me mad wring my heart peddle injustice but don't bore me

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Ents him with ancient guilt and sends him and Jenny spinning into a vortex of whirlwind emotions Suddenly the foundations that had felt so stable so sure are threatened with rumblings of doubt and discor. EDIT How could I forget their son Rick I only wish there had been a chance for Rick to direct that uestion about loving Ky to his dad I seriously think things with Ky would have ended MUCH soonerFreaking idiot TSTL for sureUmmwhat a powerful angsty uick read OMGoodness I felt the pain confusion and anger of the heroine and the hero Of course the hero was a big old poop head who let his guilt rule his 'nads but hey we wouldn't have a book otherwiseI will say that despite a practical score he did not consummate his affair but an affair he did have I can't say if it was worse or not because I couldn't live with either but the way the OW manipulated the hero and even one of his two children was just wrongI did believe the ending rushed It did not do justice to the rest of the book and did he grovel or did I just miss itI recommend this book to anyone wanting a nice full on angst wo consummation cheating book

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Hold Fast Till Dawn Free read â 7 ñ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Hold Fast Till Dawn ✍ Author Mary Haskell – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Jenny loved Larry's sun bleached hair his dazzling smile his love for the sea and his love for her and their children Their marriage of fifteen years was as solid as the rock hard muscles that envScles that enveloped her in the most intimate embrace each night Nothing could shake itNothing perhaps except the arrival of an Oriental beauty from Larry's past Ky tempts Larry with torrid memories torm. I couldn't put the book down and that is why the book gets 3 stars I hated Larry He was a pig not because he cheated on his wife phone sex is still sex taking someone's nipple in your mouth is still sex and touching someone's p is a sexual act even when half the people in our country say it is not but because of how he treated the poor dog his wife his friend He was a self centered asshole a dominant character in his life but with KY he was submissive to the core She knew how to play him Jenny was spineless for 99% of the story Only twice she showed a backbone; when she asked him to sleep in another bedroom after he came home from almost bedding his ex girlfriend and admitting it and when she finally told him off at the hotel room after their son's accidentI was floored to see how everyone was fine with Larry's behavior and expected it because Ky was a stunning exotic beauty He was like a clay in her hand She molded him as she wanted This was not a case of midlife crises in my opinion even though he was on the cusp of turning 40 He was just powerless when it came to this particular woman He forgot who he was what he believed and what he wanted He thought about having sex with her basically 247 The problem didn't start when she came back to his life it was always there He allowed her to dictate his life in high school who to see what sport to play what vacation to take etc She decided after seeing his picture and reading an article about his successful career that she wanted him back and she traveled from Dallas to Boston to hire his firm as her Tax accountant She cared less that he was happily married had children and he bowed right from the start he forgot who he was He was an asshole to his wife an asshole to the poor dog an asshole to their closest friend He started smoking a pack a day even though he hated cigarettes and used to lecture against it and was the reason few of his friends stopped the habit but hey Ky was smoking and he could feel closer to her by doing it He lied through his teeth he confessed to himself that majority of the crap coming out of his mouth were lies He embarrassed his wife during few gathering by his open display of love affection and lust for KY and completely ignoring Jenny He gave KY the power to undermine his wife because of how he talked about her when KY walked to his office knowing well he had avoided seeing her “And what about you Larry Tel me everything I’ve missed The rest of college what your work is like how your parents are doing your family”“Wow” He rubbed his hand across his forehead “Where to start Okay at the first of it I guess I graduated third in my class”“I know” He swiveled sharply toward her “How did you know that” “Did you think I could just forget you” “I thought you had You wouldn’t take my calls” “You didn’t try all that long did you” His jaw tightened Now was the time right now to ask the uestion but he couldn’t force it out so he plowed doggedly on “Well moving right along I joined this firm right out of school am now a partner and like it very much I have a house in Wellesley Hills a forty foot Bristol and by the way a wife and two children” Ky confessed when uestioned that she set him up by getting pregnant when she realized he wasn't calling as much and their relationship has