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CHARACTERS The Mosuito Coast 107 ✓ ➩ The Mosuito Coast Ebook ➯ Author Paul Theroux – In a breathtaking adventure story the paranoid and brilliant inventor Allie Fox takes his family to live in the Honduran jungle determined to build a civilization better than the one they've left Flee In a breathtaking adventurUild a civilization better than the one they've left Fleeing from an America he sees as mired in materialism and The Mosuito Kindle conformit. I am shocked that Paul Theroux has written such a book I am shocked that he wanted to have it published with him as its author I read it to the very end I thought there had to be something good here something I was missing but no it gets worse and worse as you go Don’t even consider reading this Phew I am so glad it is over The story is set in the late 70s early 80s The central protagonist is an American going by the name of Allie Fox He is married has a son of thirteen years a younger son of ten and twin girls five years of age He believes America is doomed He rails at consumerism all foreigners and foreign products fat people and fast foods and lots of other things too Basically he is critical of everything American but keep in mind that back in the 70s this was a common sentiment He is rude obnoxious abusive arrogant and always thinks he knows best about everything What comes out of this guy’s mouth gets on your nerves I searched very hard to find something to like about him I try to be fair All I can come up with is that he is not lazy and rather than only complaining he takes steps to change the situation he dislikes So he picks up his family and leaves America for Honduras There is no discussion In this family he is the boss He is off to the tropics to show it is possible to live in another wayAllie is an inventor; he is great at making mechanical gadgets He has created an ice making machine the genius of it being that it runs without electricity In the tropics such a machine is sure to be an immediate success and highly appreciated Ice is a preservative alleviates pain and reduces swelling He and his family are there for a little bit than one year The story is about what happens thereThe book looks at those individuals that go against the current This is theme number one Allie is such a man but his behavior is so excessive and so exaggerated that it loses credibility A second theme is the relationship between Allie and his two sons In this respect it is also a coming of age story about freeing one’s self from parental ties A corny teenage love attraction and family suabbles are thrown in for good measure Make no mistake this is an adventure story It is intended to excite to thrill and incite horror This is not my cup of tea It may be yoursThe story is too long and drawn out What occurs is so implausible it totally boggles the mindThe characters are black and white cutouts They are flat They represent typical kinds of people rather than being complicated and nuanced as people really are I grappled with what the book’s message was meant to be That traditional ways of doing things are to be valued That modern inventions can be taken too far That people often take comfort in the easy way out These are not groundbreaking ideas I do not think this book is intended to make you think It is intended to excite and scare you At best it could be said to be noisy and colorfulDavid Aaron Baker narrates the audiobook I have given his performance three stars He is performing not simply reading the text and I must admit this does fit the kind of book that it is It fits the book but I did not like the book so what does thi

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Y he hopes to rediscover a purer life But his utopian experiment takes a dark turn when his obsessions lead the family toward unimaginable dang. Paul Theroux understands fathers and sons like few authors I have read but I still struggle with Allie Fox's descent into madness Part of me feels that we are supposed to struggle with his descent to feel pity and empathy for him but part of me feels that I am expected to feel anger and hate towards him things I do not and can not Whether this is the failure of the author or the reader is beyond me but it is enough to drop this book out of my true favorites and it was one of my favourites before my most recent rereading making it a mere curiosity that I am compelled to return to once every decade Of course that in itself tells me that The Mosuito Coast is definitely worth the time I spend immersed in its world but I can't help wanting to apportion blame to myself or Theroux or both of us with a degree of certaintyThe I read Theroux's work however the I think that he and I are simply incompatible We are that high school couple that should fit perfectly but don't I want to love him but I can't and I think it is about time we break up C'est la lecture

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The Mosuito CoastIn a breathtaking adventure story the paranoid and brilliant inventor Allie Fox takes his family to live in the Honduran jungle determined to b. An overzealous father uproots his family in the middle of the night to leave America with only their clothes on their back to journey to the deep jungles of Honduras Here he has grandiose hopes to build a radical new civilization in which he is the leader of Although a brilliant inventor he is both paranoid and manic and the journey that transpires is both disastrous and dangerous putting his family at risk The story is taken from the perspective of his eldest son Charlie who throughout attempts reconcile the man whom he loves with the mad man whom he has become Themes of water fire religion rebound throughout the novel What started out as a slow burn became a raging inferno of a story 4