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Why Men Lie The Cape Breton Trilogy #3 Download è 4 Ä ❰EPUB❯ ✸ Why Men Lie The Cape Breton Trilogy #3 Author Linden MacIntyre – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk From the bestselling author of The Bishop’s Man winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize a brilliant deeply wise and challenging new novel  Why do menD looks like he like her has evolved into an assured and confident maturity That he seems to have outgrown the need for telling lies is irresistible and Effie gambles her emotional resources as she never has before Only to learn that men must lie and that the conseuences of an unexpected lie can be disastrous  From Men Lie The ePUB #8608 the Hardcover edition. Emotionally exhausting but that's the way with novels that are also compelling and engrossing human dramas This is a book full of multi faceted layers revealing its secrets with great subtlety and assuming the reader is than intelligent enough to read between many lines There is nothing I appreciate than a novel that appreciates an intelligent reader

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From the bestselling author of Lie The MOBI #9734 The Bishop’s Man winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize a brilliant deeply wise and challenging new novel  Why do men lie Effie MacAskill Gillis a self sufficient woman of her time is confident she knows She learned the hard way from a war damaged father and a troubled brother who became a priest through fail. The third novel in the loosely linked trilogy that includes The Long Stretch and The Bishop's Man this novel focuses on Duncan's sister Effie Duncan is of course The Bishop's Man I think it fails as both a character study of Effie in many ways the glue that holds together her generation's male triumvirate of Sextus John Gillis and Duncan which parallels the trio of males who are the focus of The Long Stretch Sextus John and Duncan Effie's fathers and as a novel Effie remains a somewhat shadowy and implausible character and this time the murkiness is just frustrating I suppose it's a good thing for discussion purposes that the reader is left unsure of precisely why and precisely how Effie's father used to terrorize her but I found myself annoyed by the obliueness obliuity of the 'evidence' provided MacIntyre is asking a lot of his readers in this one and I'm not sure it's fair to do soI also found JC's character shady and under developed and Effie's devotion to him given the mysteries of his life which he doesn't share with her until it's way too late hard to swallow There also seemed to be inconsistencies in Duncan's character although I confess it's been a couple of years since I've read The Bishop's Man Hard to believe he'd withhold 'material evidence' from his sister and keep JC's secrets when the 'evidence' he's withholding so profoundly affects Effie's life choicesStill MacIntyre writes beautifully and the novel's worth reading for that alone One caveat I think it's possible to understand Why Men Lie without having read The Bishop's Man but I'm not convinced it's possible to understand this novel without having read The Long Stretch though a lot of necessary background would be missing

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Why Men Lie The Cape Breton Trilogy #3Ed marriages and doomed relationships with weak and needy men Men lie to satisfy the needs they never can articulate for sex for love and reassurance    Now at middle Why Men Epubage she feels immunized against the damage men can do and enjoys a hard won independence But then a chance encounter with a man on a subway platform changes everything an old frien. Linden MacIntyre's previous novel The Bishop's Man won Canada's Giller Prize for the best novel of the year so this book which overlaps to some degree its protagonist is the sister of the priest who is the Bishop's man comes with high expectations And for the most part Why Men Lie manages to meet those considerable standards The central characters are vivid and interesting the plot is sharp edged and keeps you engaged and the writing is excellentThe Bishop's Man began in Cape Breton and shifted later to the Toronto where so many Atlantic Canadians migrate This novel begins in Toronto and captures well the texture of the downtown city streets then shifts back to Cape Breton and the same interwoven incestuous network of relatives and neighbours that came together in the previous book Effie a professor of Celtic languages is building a new relationship with an old friend JC Campbell while also continuing to come to terms with three previous sexual relationships that have shaped her life with her first husband John her second husband Sextus and her longtime partner Conor Effie is also navigating her changing ties with her daughter and sorting through her remembered tensions with her deceased father and his wartime friendsBut this is not just a novel about passions present and past It is a deep and probing rumination on violence and betrayal and the failures of men and women to be honest with each other I found that MacIntyre worked through these themes well with a caring sympathy yet a tough sharpness His characters are layered capable of tenderness yet also marked by harsh anger and hurtful deviousness in their unfolding lives there are no angels yet there is no unremitting evil either Men and women grope through mistakes and memories to form enduring connections but only sometimes succeed There are uestions I have about this book Does the author succeed in writing from a woman's point of view I'm not sure Effie's ties to her daughter seem to me less fierce than they should be to be convincing and I think a woman like Effie would have far too strong an arsenal of street smarts to fall into the trap with Paul that afflicts herAlso is there a bit too much insider commentary on Cape Breton and its mythology Perhaps There is a veiled reference for instance to Alistair Macleod's famous writing on Cape Breton that adds nothing to the story and can only be seen as a tribute to another author from the Island Cape Breton has been a dramatic source of inspiration to literature music and poetry in Canada but we don't need to have that taught to us in technicolour yet again Nevertheless this is a strong novel a well written follow up to The Bishop's Man and a book that will stay with me Effie with her Gaelic will stand out as a remarkable central character and JC will endure as a tormented tragic figure trying to come to terms with the execution of a US prisoner As for Duncan the Bishop's man this book also carries his story forward and perhaps previews a seuel to come