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Horse Play Read » PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Î ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Horse Play By Jo Carnegie ➺ – Churchminster village picturesue uaint sleepy OR NOTA place where women know exactly what they want and it's not cream tea with the vicarA place where anything can happen so be careful what you wishE where the men had better behave because the ladies won't take it lying down well not unless they want to. Having read all the other Churchminster books by Jo I was very excited to be reading Horse Play and I have to say it is just as good as all the others Whilst it contains the same characters and locations as the pervious books it would stand alone as a story on its own you wouldn’t have had to read the pervious books to understand it however you’d be mad not to read them allBrilliantly well written in a style that is very similar to Jilly Cooper 600 pages packed full of humour drama heated romance and village life with the rich and in some cases famous This is the sort of book you lose yourself in and believe in the characters that you are reading about despite them living in a very different type of world I doI’m a huge fan of this series and was delighted to hear that there will be at least a 6th book coming out in the future

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Churchminster village picturesue uaint sleepy OR NOTA place where women know exactly what they want and it. It's trashy it's predictable it's cheesy it's full of sex it's full of swearing it's full of posh people it's superficial it's corny it's cliched AND I loved itIt was a brilliant and funny read well actually I listened to it on audioSometimes you just want to shake your head at your book and shout 'roaringly super fun dahrrr linnng'

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Horse Play's not cream tea with the vicarA place where anything can happen so be careful what you wish forAnd a plac. Jo Carnegie has written a fantastic series of books set in Churchminster I have enjoyed them all but her last book Dirty Tricks was an absolute corker I was looking forward to the release of Horse Play At a meaty 608 pages I certainly had something to get my teeth in toAs usual with the Churchminster books you see the familiar faces that have appeared in the other books Although that is the case you certainly don't have top read the others and this could be read as a stand alone book Although that may be the case I just love the fact that with each book comes another part of Churchminster's life and we see members of the village and what is going on in their livesThis books main star of the show was a new face in the form of Kizzy She works for Angie and Fred who feature in other books and is trying to crack her burning ambition of becoming a successful female jockey Angie and Fred have a horse called Nobby that Kizzy rides along with Edward who comes onto the scene a little later onIn addition to Kizzy some of my favourite characters all make an appearance along with Caro and Benedict who have another part of the storyline along with Caro's despicable ex husband Sebastian There is also the appearance of other villagers such as Camilla and Jed and Granny Clem Along with those my absolutely favourite character of all is Calypso sisters to Caro and Camilla She has the best attitude ever and some of her sayings are absolutely hilarious She takes up a slice of the pie as she tries to work out whether or not to go back to London to try and make her events business even successfulThe story starts with uite a few hairy moments in the beginning and after a couple of chapters I realised that Jo Carnegie had set me up for another bumper read After a little while we see the sexy Javier a former Olympic dressage rider come into the story The story itself is heart warming funny and at times as steamy as hell It had me gripped from start to finish and I truly didn't want it to end One particular moment feasturing Caro and a trip to see her son's teacher had me laughing out loud and cringeing at the same timeThe characters draw you in until you love them or loathe them and the village life certainly hasn't got any uieter in the case of Churchminster Two other characters that made this book for me are Caro and Benedict's new neighbours Baz and Cheryl They were fantastic and had me giggling at every appearance The story has lots going on and I would love to live in a place like this where there is drama at every cornerI was truly sad to finish the book and thought it may well be the best yet in the series I can only hope that the next book comes along sooner than expected as I don't know if I can wait another year to catch up with what I now consider old friends