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Home is where you start from but where is a swallow's The Mara PDFEPUB or real home And what does 'native' mean if the English oak is an immigrant from SpainIn ninety richly varied poems and illuminating prose interludes Ruth Padel's original new book weaves science myth wild nature and human history to conjure a world created and sustained by migration'We're all from somewhere else' she begins tracing the millennia ol. Who loves migrants We spray them with rubber bullets sink them in the sea and if they still land on our coasts we beat them to death We spend on immigration control then on education Detention centres fortresses barking dogs electric fences; we keep them out But what happens when we dare to take a peek into the soul of migration Ruth Padel unfolds that view A migrating cell inside our body a dying wildebeest calf left behind by its migrating mother rural migrants under a half built Mumbai flyover evicted Palestinians being forced to pay for the demolition of their own houses this collection of prose and poems is not for bed time reading Everything began with migration and everyone hates migration; till you turn the table The earlier migrant has now cast of his label in front of the latest émigré Albanians who had once migrated to Greece now shout to keep the Somalis out of Greece; second generation Americans now join Border vigilante groups and Indian software engineers blog from the US why Bangladeshi economic migrants should be shot during their crossings to India The book goes into all corners of our hearts to bring out these oddities; the only criticism being the big jump it makes in an otherwise chronological account; largely skipping the forced migration through slavery; the significant migrations into South America and the modern day migrations within the poorest parts of the world Myanmar Bangladesh Thailand Eritrea to Ethiopia etc

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The Mara CrossingUman displacement the Flight into Egypt John James Audubon emigrating to America feeding migrant birds en route migrant workers in Mumbai and refugees labouring over a drastically changing planet to show how the purpose of migration for both humans and animals is survivalPoignant thought provoking and utterly compelling here is a magnificent tapestry of life on the move from the acclaimed author of Darwin A Life in Poe. It’s a nice fabrication of facts and poetry together discussing science history and a rich insight to human nature Themed around migration; of animals of humans historically and present ay and even of souls author manage to keep it lite yet touching I must say most of the time I found the factual writings beautiful than the poems Seems poems are overcrowded with facts while the rest of the writing is flowing like a song Said that I found the last poem “Time to Fly” a very strong one

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Download The Mara Crossing ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ [Download] ➾ The Mara Crossing ➹ Ruth Padel – Home is where you start from but where is a swallow's real home And what does 'native' mean if the English oak is an immigrant from SpainIn ninety richly varied poems D journeys of cells trees birds and beasts Geese battle raging winds over Mount Everest lemurs skim precipices in Madagascar and wildebeest at the climax of their epic trek from Tanzania brave a river filled with the largest hungriest crocodiles in AfricaHuman migration has shaped civilisation but today is one of the greatest challenges the world faces In a series of incisive portraits Padel turns to the struggles of h. This has to count as the most unusual and beautiful book I have read this yearThe book is in essence about migration The Mara Crossing references the famous wilder beast migration crossing over the Mara river every year And in and of itself that may not sound either unusual or beautifulBut what makes this book shine is not the subject fascinating to some but boring to others but how it is treated It’s not about the process of migration but rather the soul and spirit behind it It explores its forms its reasons its hardships its victories There is fact and essay and there are sentiments and poetry all thrown together one chapter after another Also what I loved was that Ruth Padel to write this had to draw from a wonderful mix of influences biology history evolution literature even the arts It made the content exceptionally interesting and wide ranging and never allowed for a dull momentI spent an afternoon in a coffee shop with this book and I literally was transported into another space It got me to wonder to feel to imagine and to learn – all in one sitting It’s a treasure of a read and something I would willingly dip into again in the future It doesn’t just deserve a read this – it deserves a place on your book shelf