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Last refuge was in an area controlled by the infamous Lord's Resistance Army one of the most vicious rebel groups in the world In the face of unmoving government bureaucracy Anthony made a perilous journey deep into the jungle to try to find and convince them to help save the rhi A brillant follow on book to Lawrence Anthony's best seller The Elephant WhispererIn this book Anthony continues to share stories about the happenings at his private game reserve Thula Thula If the reader has read his first book the continuation of the animal tales is an easy and enjoyable one He also talks about the plight of rhinos in South Africa who are being poached and pushed to the brink of extinction His mission was spurred after the loss of Heidi a rhino at Thula Thula who they had reared from young and whose death came as a devastating personal blow to himAnthony recounts his story of trying to coordinate a mission to DRC to save a handful of Northern White Rhinos left in the wild The rhinos lived in an area of the Congo controlled by the infamous Lord's Resistance Army LRA and were soon to be hunted into extinction The writers personal journey is one of adventure learning lessons fear happiness and diasappointment It was so interesting to read how he was not only a man of animals but also someone who some of the scariest and most wanted people in the world could turn to for advice He brings interesting insights into the Lord's Resistance Army and the book is well written in a very neutral fashion The Last Rhinos is peopled with unforgettable characters both human and animal and is a sometimes funny sometimes moving always exciting read

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The Last RhinosWhen Lawrence Anthony learned that the northern white rhino living in the war ravaged Congo was on the very brink of extinction he knew he had to act If the world lost the sub species it The Last eBook #10003 would be the largest land mammal since the woolly mammoth to go extinct As soon as I finished The Elephant Whisperer I began eagerly awaiting The Last Rhinos Then when Lawrence Anthony passed away in March my waiting became bittersweet I knew that this would be the last time I would get to enjoy a new book by one of my favorite conservationists I expected that The Last Rhinos would like Babylon's Ark and The Elephant Whisperer focus on Anthony's work with endangered species and the day to day life of his South African wildlife preserve Thula Thula Instead it was as much about the trials and tribulations he went through negotiating with the Lord's Resistance Army in order to get to the rhinos as it was about the animals themselves Also unlike Anthony's previous two books this one's ending is not entirely uplifting because his uest is largely unsuccessful though there ARE positives The book provides insight into the political culture of subsaharan Africa as well as the precarious situation of wild rhinos and several other endangered species It's also the last we will hear of Anthony's uniue and fearless voice The Last Rhinos probably isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's a must read for everyone who cheered for Lawrence Anthony and his extraordinary work during his lifetime

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FREE DOC á READER The Last Rhinos Ù JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY â [Epub] ➟ The Last Rhinos Author Lawrence Anthony – When Lawrence Anthony learned that the northern white rhino living in the war ravaged Congo was on the very brink of extinction he knew he had to act If the world lost the sIn The Last Rhinos Anthony recounts his attempts to save these animalsThe demand for rhino horns in the Far East has turned poaching into a dangerous black market that threatens the lives of not just these rare beasts but also the rangers who protect themThe northern white rhino's What happened should never have happened Conservationist Lawrence Anthony has written a memoir centered around his extraordinary efforts to save the last northern white rhinos in the wild from extinction Look at the website of the African Parks an NGO tasked with oversight of African wildlife parks in partnership with the parks' respective national agencies Take a look at the website of the Institute Congolaise pour la Conservation de la Nature or ICCN The ICCN is the governmental conservation arm of the Democratic Republic of the Congo Your perspective will go beyond the lofty sentiments and stunning photography of these agencies and their “partnership” after reading this book The northern white rhinos in uestion lived in the Gobisa National Park part of a conflict zone overrun by poachers and a northern Uganda rebel force that called themselves the Lord's Resistance Army LRA headed by Joseph Kony and were feared as ruthless terrorists Anthony describes a frantic logistical effort to rescue the rhinos before the flooded waters of the Dungu and Garamba rivers recede He demonstrates the importance of expertise and his vast network of local contactsMuch of the book describes Anthony's outreach to the LRA during the Juba Peace Talks 2006 2008 Anthony negotiates an agreement with the LRA to refrain from attacking the Gobisa National Park rangers and report on any rhino sightings That agreement is the fruit of reclusive meetings with suspicious delegates surrounded by armed escorts and a meeting with the top LRA leadership in a secret jungle encampment so frightening that even veteran journalist Frank Nyakairu bristles with concern over Anthony's safety I have to admit however that the most engaging parts of the book were Anthony's times spent on his Thula Thula Reserve The Reserve sustains itself through ecotourism while managing the safety of the wildlife and aiding a variety of orphaned animals who even when released back into the wild maintain an attachment to Anthony and his wife Some of the most moving incidents involve Anthony's sense of connection to Nana the matriarch elephant Anthony paints a disturbing picture of poaching What they covet is the rhinoceros horn a structure composed essentially of the same material as your fingernails – keratin The horn fetches astronomical prices is ground up and is sold as a traditional medicine in China The poachers are no longer locals struggling for subsistence Poaching has morphed into big business part of a global network It supplies its killers with a military grade arsenal of aircraft AK 47's and grenades It circumvents prosecution through widespread bribery that even infiltrates the ranks of rangers hired to protect the animals It colludes with government officials to insure an unbroken distribution chain of smugglers Anthony describes some heart breaking incidents of poaching that occur at Thula Thula incidents that persuade the reader to agree that poachers and their enablers are guilty of war crimes “Until the leaders of some Asian countries China Vietnam and Thailand in particular take responsibility for the terrible conseuences of illicit horn buying we will be in a fight to the death to save the last rhinos from extinction And if they do not take responsibility history will define these great nations not by their scientific achievements but by the destruction of entire species for a superstitious medicine” p316 His only means of protecting the rhinos at Thula Thula is to hire armed guards on duty 247 This book is written in the style of a memoir Readers will need to dig deeper to learn details about the on going conflict in Uganda with atrocities committed by both sides Yoweri Museveni remains president of the country There is no sense of closure However Anthony's brother in law Graham Spence provides a lovely and hopeful tribute to Lawrence Anthony's work and Anthony's lifelong creations the Earth Organization wwwearthorganizationorg and the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve continue to thrive