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S of TV Cream Toys comes the ultimate in s and s nostalgia acolorful witty and irreverant encyclopedia of all the sweets. Did you know that Jelly babies were once known as peace babies or that Fredo the Frog was almost a mouse Do you often wonder what happened to panda pops or a whole range of other sweets snacks and drinks from our child hood days well this book holds the answers It literally details and accounts for the origins and fates of scores of sweets and treats we once and in some cases still enjoy The book is written with witt and humour The way soda stream is talked about is exactly what my mum used to say when reasoning why we didn't have oneOne uestion though why are we all obsessed with Spangles

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The Great British Tuck ShopAnd crisps of your youth From Mojos to Rainbrow Drops Space Raiders to Trios Corona to Kia Ora and everything in betwee. Good enough to eat guide to the most and least missed sweets snacks and fizzy drinks of days gone by dazzling illustrated and told with a Double Dip mixture of fascinatingly mundane facts and figures and additive crazed flights of fancy If anyone knows where to find some in date Texan bars please let me know

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FREE READ The Great British Tuck Shop ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ ❴Download❵ ✤ The Great British Tuck Shop Author Steve Berry – The ultimate book of sweetie nostalgia From the creators of the TV Cream website and the authors of TV Cream Toys comes the ultimate in The ultimate British Tuck Kindle #208 book of sweetie nostalgia From the creators of the TV Cream website and the author. If you find yourself longing for the sweets of your childhood and particularly if you grew up in the 1970s and early 1980s this book is a must for youSteve Berry's previous book of nostalgia TV Cream Toys Presents You Pestered Your Parents for was wonderful although of a picture book than something you could read but this book has clearly been a labour of love Yes there are lots of pictures of sweets wrappers bags lollies cans old advertisements from magazines stills from TV ads and so on but the books is surprisingly thick almost 400 pages in total and there is a lot to read Divided into themed sections chocolate crisps snacks drinks sweets and so on each is then subdivided into shorter pieces so for example in the part devoted to chocolate there are segments on bagged chocolates Buttons Maltesers Minstrels sharing bars Dairy Milk Galaxy individual bars Mars Milky Way fingers Twix Drifter Time Out and so on As a book it is always interesting to read often very funny sometimes rather emotional and I loved it allNot everything is covered and you are bound to find some items aren't mentioned I was hoping to find a mention of a bar called One Two I remember kind of like a Twix but with each finger wrapped individually and separated by perforations so you could share them or eat one now and have the other later but it wasn't there or they are mentioned but not pictured but you'll find yourself grinning as you remember the brands you enjoyed so much and craving one taste It's a shame that there also isn't an index the periodic table idea inside the covers is fun but not that helpful reallyA wonderful piece of nostalgia for any child of the 70s or 80s