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Summary Ê The Art of the Visit Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ ❰Ebook❯ ➦ The Art of the Visit Author Kathy Bertone – The Art of the Visit is an invaluable resource for people who want to make visiting with family and friends the bestThe Art of the Visit is of the ePUB #8608 an invaluable resource for people who want to make visiting with family and friends th. God bless this woman

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Spending time with those Art of the Kindle #216 people who are most dear to us Full of anecdotes from the author’s experiences. From my Cannonball Read V review Another book I’m wrapping up – this one is only a month old and was another purchase at Anthropologie I cannot get out of there without buying a hard cover etiuette or lifestyle book with fancy font and great colors on it The clothing rarely fits but the books so often doAs the title suggests this book is about things to keep in mind when you have houseguest and when you are a houseguest I’ve actually not seen an etiuette book devoted solely to this topic – usually it’s covered in those giant Leticia Baldridge Emily Post tomes but not on its own And at over 250 pages it covers a lotThe book isn’t bad – there are a lot of sound tips Some are things you’d obviously think of but some are kind of fun and clever The next time we have people in town or the next time we visit family holiday travel is right around the corner I’m going to consult the book The first bit covers being a host the second bit covers being a guest and the other sections have suggestions about special considerations to take when your guests are kids especially good if you don’t have any and elderly folksThere’s not much I can say The writing is definitely coming from someone who has a different sense of humor than I do Some comments are condescending some are insulting some are obliviously outdated The only attempt at humor that actually landed and made me laugh out loud probably was accidental But if you like this type of book and you ever have houseguests or stay at other people’s homes I’d recommend it

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The Art of the VisitE The Art PDF or best it can be and stress free This practical and humorous guide establishes the ground rules for successfully. The good The first seventy pages or so are a highly useful tutorial on how to set up your house for guests I actually read this part a few years ago followed the advice and in that time have gotten many oh that's such a good idea Or it was so nice to have from guests One is We have a mini frame on a guest room bedside table with our address cell numbers wifi network and password everyone really appreciates having this in a clear permanent spot She points out several things I hadn't thought to provide for guests I encourage everyone to read the first part I agree with her basic philosophies I appreciated her words on caring for elders and children on staying in the moment and not stressing yourself out good communication including everyone smoothing things over when feathers are ruffled being gracious without overreacting or being a doormat The not good The writing of this book is amateurish Not that I expected a literary work but she makes the same exact points a half dozen times or Her metaphors and examples are often overwrought and extremely clunky occasionally straying into downright tasteless Example I entered the room with a sense of dread Cold half filled coffee cups and paper plates with unrecognizable matter clinging to them littered the family room like wounded soldiers Seriously The leftover breakfast dishes should be compared with wounded soldiers and fill you with dread You can tell from the way she writes that she is a bit blind to tinges of her own classismelitism she actually uses the phrase lowlifes at the mall Although she seems fond of children you can tell from the way she writes about them that she has not experienced firsthand the rigors of parenting kids through a travel experience Her experiences are her experiences but some of her priorities reflect this lack of understanding At least she is self conscious of the fact that she is a neat freak No I don't expect my guests to Windex the inside of their car windows after they arrive if they drive us somewhere for sightseeing Yes she brings this upAll in all I recommend reading the first 60 70 pages and skimming the rest Some worthwhile words not my cup of tea overall