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The Pretender Scandals of Sierra Malone #2Attachment to Sunny or her well kept secrets He can't shake the feeling she's hiding something big But she needs a protector a friend a lover to give her the passion she's been missingand he decides he's the only man for the job. The pretenderAnother excellent book Can't wait for Love Sage the half Indian and his love for animals There is also a murder mysteryG

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Than complicated Impersonating Sunny in the mountains of California just for a while is part of the plan Getting tangled up with sexy rancher Sage Rivera is notSage stands to lose it all The Pretender MOBI #233 He doesn't need an. Oh what a tangled web we weave Abby didn't feel right telling Sunny's family over the phone about her murder so she went to California But she went pretending to be Sunny expecting to be able to tell Sam right away but he wasn't there So she was stuck pretending to be Sunny while wishing that Sunny's family was her own I loved the way that she was so comfortable on the ranch and willing to try new things even when they made her nervous I really liked Sage Besides being a really good looking man he was flat out nice He took care of Abby teaching her things about the ranch helping with her cat He was also very attracted to her but refused to do anything about it until he could talk to Sam who was still hiding out When his mother dropped her bombshell on him he was afraid his love for Abby was doomed I really liked the ending and the way it all worked out I sure hope the next book comes out uicker than this one did

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The Pretender Scandals of Sierra Malone #2 Read & Download ↠ 104 ✓ ❰Reading❯ ➼ The Pretender Scandals of Sierra Malone #2 Author Kathleen Creighton – Struggling actress Abigail Lindgren feels it's her duty to notify her roommate's family of Sunny's murder ProblStruggling actress Abigail Lindgren feels Scandals of PDFEPUB #10003 it's her duty to notify her roommate's family of Sunny's murder Problem is a tangled web including lies a reclusive grandfather and an inheritance makes things. Just Great Omigosh I have this lovehate thing going with our heroine pretending to be someone else We probably all have a doppelganger somewhere on this planet but what's the likelihood that we could get away with swapping lives so easily Abby's story was almost as nerve wracking as Keira's in Julia London's The Year of Living Scandalously I may have developed a few new gray hairs from their misadventures I dunnoAbby's blossoming romance with Sage was so beautifully done and the twist in the plot with the family ties unraveling were the best parts of this story I kept wondering when the suspense was going to begin and when it did appear it was all worth itI am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series