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review Soldier's Pregnancy Protocol Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Å ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Soldier's Pregnancy Protocol Author Beth Cornelison – It's time for Alec Kincaid to disappearSurvival Danger Living on the edge It's what Alec is all about But crawling on his belly through the South D luck to get caught in the cross fire Safeguarding Erin Bauer and her baby is Alec's top priority Only now the Special Ops soldier is falling for this brave vulnerable woman with the melting mahogany eyes Alone with Alec in a remote Rocky Mountain hideawa. We start out in the South American jungle Alec Kincaid and Daniel LeCroix who are black op agents and have been friends for 10 years have waited 3 years to finally get the chance to get General Ramirez who is a murderous rebel leader When things go wrong Alec tells Daniel to abort the mission but he never sees him again Nine months later Alec who still shook up about his missing friend gets a call from Erin Bauer the woman that has just bought his house Seems a letter was delivered there and it looks like it from Daniel Alec rushes over thinking the letter may be a trap and possibly some kind of bomb After he leaves with the letter armed men break into Erin's house and take her hostage Alec had a feeling the whole thing was a setup and goes on uite a harrowing car chase jumping from a truck to a semi to a SUV It was uite the action scene Erin is a widow of 2 years She is also pregnant with her dead husband's baby How can this be Well he was an adrenaline junkie and before there wedding she made him give a sperm sample to put into storage When she was 3 her father had an accident that prevented him from having any children Erin didn't want to be in that position When Alec realizes the bad guys aren't going to stop coming after them he whisks Erin away to a secret hideout in a mountain Erin due to the way her husband died has to face a lot of fears to get there but she manages Once there Erin and Alec work on the clues Daniel left in the letter That ends up taking them to Daniel's home state of Louisiana Cajun country Here were learning a bit about Daniel and what's to be his story line in the next book that review will be coming after this one This was a pretty fast paced action adventure The romance between Alec and Erin was just right

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It's time for Alec Kincaid to disappearSurvival Danger Living on the edge It's what Alec is all about But crawling Soldier's Pregnancy PDFEPUB or on his belly through the South American jungle is child's play next to babysitting the mother to be with the ba. Good book I liked Erin's ability to think on her feet when things got rough She didn't get hysterical or anything like that I also enjoyed seeing her help Alec even though he kept trying to shut her out Erin had had a bad experience with a man who lived life on the edge he husband had been an adrenaline junkie and died that way She didn't really want to get involved with another man like that Alec had been doing black ops for years and felt that he could not offer a good life to any woman His past life had not exposed him to any kind of the gentler side of life but he found himself wanting to protect her and be with her I really enjoyed watching Alec open up to Erin I loved the way Daniel gave Alec a figurative slap upside the head at the end

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Soldier's Pregnancy ProtocolY Erin knows her life depends on the rugged enigmatic stranger Alec makes her feel protected Cherished Complete But he lives a life of risk and deadly danger How much is Erin willing to risk for a love that could give them both what they need and desire mos. loved it that's all I can say