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Summary Ë eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Allison Leigh He’d lost baby Anthony he was heartbroken And now he’s fallen for a woman intent on havin. 4 STARSEmily Fortune got trapped from tornado at an airport and after that she was changed from being a work hog to wanting a babyEmily is an advertisment manager for her fathers business She makes detail plans of what she is planningAlready looked into adoption but no one wants to give thier baby to just a single mother Now she is trying her second time ofgetting pregnant in doc officeEmily keeps coming to redrock to see her sisters and play with her new niece She ended up having come up with ideas to help Tanner her brother in law's flight school attract students and help with new web designMax Allen is now working for Tanner's flight school He loves to fly and worked part time thier for flight training He does a lot of different things thier Now he was supposed to do marketing tooWhen Emily meets Max to show him her ideas she realizes he is the one that helped pull her out of being trapped under stuff afterthe tornado last Dec After working all day they end up eating dinner where her sister is working They run into Max's sister at the restrauntMax comes from poor background amd does feel like he cant date Emily because her family comes from big money Even though issister married Emily's cousin Max did not even graduate from high school but later got his ged and is taking online collageclasses nowThier are a lot of love scenes in the book which I skipped over Just a nice simple romance novel that is a good escape into This is my first fortune novel I believe that thier are a bunch of them Would like to read them sometimeI was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley06052012 PUB Harleuin Harleuin Special Edition

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Fortunes Perfect Match Read ä eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ [Reading] ➶ Fortunes Perfect Match By Allison Leigh – Emily Fortune had given up on finding Mr Rightwhen she met airport manager Max Allen But after he’d lost baby Anthony he was heartbroken And now he’s fallen for a woman in G a baby Is Max headed for another heartbreak Or will Emily be the one to finally make him who. Emily Fortune comes from an affluent family; she is the VP of advertising for the family run telecomm company while Max Allen is a small town guy who now works as a manager for Emily’s brother in law TannerThere is instant attraction between Max and Emily when they meet but Max is hesitant as he doesn’t consider himself worthy of Emily Emily is at a point in her life where she is ready to have kids; the real conflict here is that having gone through the heartache of losing a child Max has no intentions being a dad again I really liked Emily and Max they are far from perfect individuals full of insecurities but absolutely perfect for each otherFortune’s Perfect Match is a well written addition to the series; a sweet and sexy romance My Blog HarleuinJunkie Romance Reviews

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Fortunes Perfect MatchEmily Fortune had given up on finding Mr Rightwhen she met airport manager Max Allen But after. I actually enjoy Emily and Max they are so cute together From the time they spent going over the advertising stuff for Tanner's school to the fun and sometimes disastrous little dates That meadow that Max flew Emily to sounded to picturesue and tranuil just what anyone needs to unwind and relax without any disturbances or worries Both are experiencing insecurities and challenges I like how they worked their way through it to become a better version of themselves and find happiness in the end I didn't like how Max got upset that Emily never told him about her journey to be a mother like it really wasn't his business it happened before she met and got to know him and it wasn't like they were mutually exclusive for that long for him to be all judgmental and territorial After all Max constantly felt like Emily outclasses him because she is a Fortune and she has all these fancy degrees and money Unfortunately there are way too many family members to remember and keep straight especially for such a short story Maybe it's time to dial back on ALL of the members of the Fortune family Like maybe it's not necessary to have them all come out in every single book