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Read The Devil's Love ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ [Reading] ➶ The Devil's Love By Julia London – Abigail Carrington parte rumbo a Inglaterra para casarse con Michael Ingram a uien ama desde su infancia Sin embargo el hombre ue la espera ante el altar es un desconocido ue se apresurVar el patrimonio familiar Pero por más ue se propone ignorarla su belleza lo tienta sus encantos lo envenenan y se esfuerza por apartarse de ella hasta ue está a punto de perderla Es entonces cuando decide recobrar su amor antes de ue sea demasiado tar. This is the author's first book as well as the first book of hers that I have read I certainly plan to read her later books as this book showed tremendous promise I thought that the first ⅔ of the book was a solid four stars pretty good for a debut but the book fell apart for me after that and I would give the final ⅓ one starI like arranged marriage plots especially where at least one party is hostile Michael the hero understandably resented Abby the heroine for her father's actions forcing him into the marriage She on the other hand adored him and was a charming engaging character It took him a little too long to accept that she had nothing to do with her father's machinations and see her for the loving delightful person she was While Michael's anger simmered a little too long his softening towards Abby was believably and well done and you could see him falling in love with her Then the charming heroine became obnoxious view spoiler Abby's cousin tries to steal Michael's fortune by misuse of the legal system Abby is unaware of her cousin's plot but she has been seeing her cousin in secret and doesn't tell Michael about it Also she doesn't disbelieve her cousin's version of the events So when Michael accuses her of being in collusion with her cousin it's not as though he's hurled unreasonable accusations at her And she becomes furious at him for not trusting her even though her hiding her meetings with her cousin from Michael was understandably suspicious to him Abby did have some good reasons for not telling Michael she was seeing her cousin but her mulish insistence that he should trust her without any evidence was just foolish And after she almost sacrifices her life to save Michael's she then decides she's had it with himMichael does realize that when they first got married his behavior to her was terrible But he had changed considerably during the first two thirds of the book and had been treating her with love and care And his uestioning of her involvement in her cousin's plot was understandable And Michael did spend the last third of the book groveling for her forgiveness While I'm a huge fan of an abusive hero groveling and the heroine really making him work for her forgiveness it was really over the top here I usually complain that there's not enough groveling and earning forgiveness and the heroine forgives too uickly It's not until the very end of the book that Abby decides she's been mean and petty her words and forgives him She was so mean and petty that she became totally unsympathetic and unlikeable At that point I just wanted to shake Michael and scream give it up walk away she's not worth it To me the author botched the last third of the book and that last third was one star at best hide spoiler

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O la pasión de los besos de Michael le hace albergar la esperanza de ue el suyo no sea un matrimonio de conveniencia Por su parte Michael apenas guarda un vago recuerdo de auella niña mimada y se lamenta de haber aceptado casarse con ella para poder sal. 3 12 to 4 starsI'm not a big fan of the big misunderstanding plotline or a cheating hero because of the big misunderstanding plotline However The Devil's Love is well written story with a likable heroine and a wonderfully groveling hero and because of that this book worked for me

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The Devil's LoveAbigail Carrington parte rumbo a Inglaterra para casarse con Michael Ingram a uien ama desde su infancia Sin embargo el hombre ue la espera ante el altar es un desconocido ue se apresura a The Devil's MOBI #233 casarse con ella y después la abandona Sól. I am a sucker for this kind of book I love the jerky hero strong sassy heroine jealousy other women lots of misunderstandings angst great grovels and this book had it all Beautifully written with a very touching story it grabbed me right away This time period for historical romance isn't always a favorite of mine because they tend to not have the strong alpha hero but high society rakes Well yes Michael was the high society rake but I just loved his arrogance and assholeness What was best was his willful passionate free spirit betrothed Abbey who was cast upon him against his will Although she was the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan he didn't want her She was vulnerable and naive and completely oblivious to the upper class etiuette of Michael's world but she was strong in confidence and wouldn't back down to his intimidations She didn't even mind throwing a punch or giving a kick to the crotch at the ball of the yearAbbey loved and idolized Michael as a child and Michael 10 yrs older detested her Twelve years later Abbey was all about fairytale and romance as she waited for her prince to be ready for her She fantasized about how he had loved her for 12 years since she was child of 9 yrs old on her father's ship and he couldn't wait to make her his wife Completely different story in Michael's mind he could hardly remember her He was clueless and angry when he found out that he had to marry the captain's daughter who annoyed and brutalized him She was a young hellion on the ship where he worked to cover his father's gambling debts and due to some legal mumble jumble found he could not get rid of her without losing everything he hadI can't say this book was some sweeping unforgettable epic that is going to stick with me forever or that I couldn't put it down but I loved the style and themes and enjoyed it from beginning to end A fabulous historical romance read