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Eden AUTHOR Stanisław Lem eBook â Hardcover Ë [PDF] ✍ Eden Author Stanisław Lem – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Co sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem? Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wizje planetarnej natury i kultury a zarazem umiejęt Co sprawia żCo sprawia że powieść czyta się z nie słabnącym zainteresowaniem? Z pewnością niezwykła wyobraźnia autora który tworzy zmysłowe bogate wizje planetarnej natury i kultury a zarazem umiejętnie dozuje napięcie pozwalając t I'm not sure how to rate this book Some books build their story like sculpting as you can see it slowly taking shape from two piece of rock to work of art Or painting where you can see whole picture slowly being formed Eden is like photography in small time span masterful pictures is created on what it was before just dull piece plastic and silicone does this metaphor make sense outside my head? I don't know but I'm rolling with it anyway Eden has masterful last chapters but before that it's dull but necessary piece plastic and silicone There is no character development no beautiful prose and Eden is strange and unrelatable place that doesn't make much sense This last one thing is actually deliberate and essential element What it builds up to in those last few chapters is than 5 stars before than it's between 2 and 3 They are necessary but still made uninteresting to read

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Ajemnicom Edenu odsłaniać się stopniowo z dramatycznym napięciemPolityczne porządki na planecie przypominają czytelnikom wizje Orwella ale najważniejszy jest tam sceptycyzm co do szans wzajemnego poznania jauż sama odmiennoś? Brilliant and disturbing Lem's theme with this book as with Solaris Fiasco His Master's Voice and others is the complete lack of understanding or commonality between human and alien intelligence Six astronauts crash on an alien planet about which very little is known They're forced to search for resources in order to survive and repair their ship and are uite naturally eager to explore the strange planet at first Every encounter with the remnants of the alien civilization and with the life forms themselves leads to further confusion There is speculation but it is idle and rife with contradictions The six men simply cannot explain anything that they have encountered in any sort of rational way A palpable sense of creepiness came over me while reading this book Something in me is repulsed by ideas an images that cannot be connected to anything else in my experience The creepiness was matched with a burning curiosity making it almost impossible to put the book down at the end of each chapter Lem is obviously uite familiar with this response He draws it out masterfully and plays with it during the course of the story forcing the reader to empathize with the six nameless save for one astronauts as they forage deeper and deeper into the alien world revealing wonder after terrifying wonder As with much of Lem's work this is a deeply philosophical book It's also a very engaging and enjoyable read Highly recommended

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Eden AUTHOR Stanisław L? stosowanych technologii sprawia że przybysze i miejscowi do końca nie potrafią naprawdę się porozumiećPozycja zawiera takżePo co ludziom fantastyka? Rozmowa z Borysem Strugackim Smutek Edenu Posłowie prof Jerzego Jarzębskie I love Lem but this was not one of my favorites 'Eden' attempts to tackle similar themes as 'Solaris' but it wasn't as effective as that masterpieceSix humans crash land in planet Eden All but one is identified throughout the book both by the narrator and in dialogue by their profession I'm not clear why Lem made this choice nor why he allowed one character to have a name but it adds a sense of reading a fable Though these characters are developed to an extent they still remain cyphers In the course of fixing their vehicle and exploring the terrain the explorers encounter mysterious and inexplicable phenomena bizarre flora and clear evidence of sentient even technologically advanced society Without a frame of reference and a simplistic even crude outlook on alien life they are confused and lost and unable to determine what any of it means They eventually make contact with two living sentient creatures and with this there's hope of a possible breakthroughTo be sure my main issue with the 'Eden' was not in the themes or in Lem's perspectives and conclusions but in the overall execution The first half was a bit tedious and repetitious with page after page of ultimately unnecessary background descriptions Perhaps Lem's intentwas to convey how incredibly strange and alien the planet is but it didn't work The story only really picks up in the second half and the principal matter is really mainly realized in the last uarterWhat is this matter? It's Lem's notions of the complexity perhaps impossibility of truly overcoming communication barriers with other cultures In this case the other culture is a sentient alien species with a society a history and a perspective so different from humanity as to be impenetrable Lem bypasses mechanicaltechnological limitations by assuming the protagonists have a translation device which approximates linguistic meaning though it's flawed and ambiguous and limited by its programmers' human frames of reference The explorers can only guess what the alien's motivations rationale and reasoning is This is the best part of the story The translation device relays jumbled indecipherable phrases and the explorers attempt to find meaning in them How right or wrong they were? Lem leaves that to the reader With time perhaps profound breakthrough would have been possible Lem deals with the same subject in a much nuanced way in 'Solaris' That work is also pessimistic about the possibility of a breakthrough It's clear that Lem's outlook was affected by his growing discontent and disheartening as the cold war intensified Lem would return to this theme in future books which I have not read In 'Eden' though there's still hope As the explorers leave 'Eden' they are reminded why they were attracted in the first place the planet is beautiful It's perhaps this attraction to the beautiful the mysterious that forms the basis of any hopeDespite my complaints 'Eden' is a good book for avid fans of Lem's work but not the place to start