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Summary My Heart Is My Own The Life of Mary ueen of Scots 108 º ❰Epub❯ ❧ My Heart Is My Own The Life of Mary ueen of Scots Author John Guy – A long overdue and dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary ueen of Scots by one of the leading historians at work todayShe was crowIller the Earl of Bothwell And astonishingly he solves through careful re examination of the Casket Letters the secret behind Darnley's spectacular assassination at Kirk o'Field With great pathos Guy illuminates how the imprisoned Mary's despair led to a reckless plot against Elizabeth – and thus to her own executionThe portrait that emerges is not of a political pawn or a manipulative siren but of a shrewd and charismatic young ruler who relished power and for a time managed to hold together a fatally unstable countryMY HEART IS MY OWN is a compelling work of historical scholarship that offers radical new interpretations of an ancient stor. In a word this book is brilliant The breadth of research and expertise in writing makes this the best book I have read in uite a while John Guy plumbed the depths of the archives to discover new evidence about Mary and constructed a great book His attention to detail and writing ability makes it a must read for anyone with an interest in history Mary's story at once allows the reader to understand the obstacles faced by female rulers Her dynastic parentage meant that she would be sought after by monarchies anxious to join forces to form powerful alliances in the rough and tumble politics of 16th Century Europe She was married to the Dauphin Henry and it looked as if she had a successful marriage and a successful future life in France but also in England where her dynastic rights awaited Sadly her marriage to the dauphin would be cut short by his very early death As a toddler she had been crowned ueen of Scotland and after being widowed traveled there to assume her crown What she could not have known was that she was monarch over a split and disorganized country Her lords including her half brother did not accept the idea of a woman ueen and decided that they would control her from the start When she proved to be her own woman the plots that would eventually bring about her downfall began She would be imprisoned for 18 years all the while hoping and pleading with ueen Elizabeth her cousin for an intervention that never came Elizabeth's right hand man Cecil a devout and maniacal Protestant planned the Catholic Mary's downfall from the moment she left France The rest I leave to other readers to learn

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Of her rival ueen from which only death would release herThe life of Mary Stuart is one of unparalleled drama and conflict From the labyrinthine plots Heart Is My Own The PDF or laid by the Scottish lords to wrest power for themselves to the efforts made by Elizabeth's ministers to invalidate Mary's legitimate claim to the English throne John Guy returns to the archives to explode the myths and correct the inaccuracies that surround this most fascinating monarch He also explains a central mystery why Mary would have consented to marry – only three months after the death of her second husband Lord Darnley – the man who was said to be his k. I enjoyed this book but found it difficult not to be furious with Mary's stupidity and short sightedness not to mention her vanity which allowed her to be easily led by similarly vain and ambitious men Guy perhaps is a little in love with Mary and the book lacks incisiveness and impartiality because of it but it's still one of the best biographies I've read

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My Heart Is My Own The Life of Mary ueen of ScotsA long overdue Is My PDF #206 and dramatic reinterpretation of the life of Mary ueen of Scots by one of the leading historians at My Heart ePUB #9734 work todayShe was crowned ueen of Scotland at nine months of age and ueen of France at sixteen years at eighteen she Heart Is My MOBI #183 ascended the throne that was her birthright and began ruling one of the most fractious courts in Europe riven by religious conflict Heart Is My Own The PDF or and personal lust for power She rode out at the head of an army in both victory and defeat saw her second husband assassinated and married his murderer At twenty five she entered captivity at the hands. I've given this book 5 full stars It took me an inordinate amount of time to finish it due to the humongous cast of characters and the tangled relationships that the Tudor and Stuart family trees exhibit Now that the reading is done I can say that I’m truly impressed by this luminous expertly researched biography of the gracious witty brave and ill fated Scottish ueen from whom every subseuent British ruler has been descendedMary Stuart was crowned ueen of Scotland when she was less than a year old As the only daughter of James V granddaughter of Margaret Tudor and great granddaughter of Henry VII of England she had a rightful claim to the English throne At the age of six under the auspices of Mary’s powerful maternal uncles at the French court the de Guises she was sent to France to be betrothed to the dauphin Francis They were married when Mary was fifteen in 1558 In 1559 Henry II of France died and the dauphin was crowned Francis II A year later Mary’s mother who was ruling Scotland as sole regent for the absent ueen died Six months thereafter Mary’s husband King Francis II also died The ambitious de Guises sent eighteen year old Mary back to Scotland envisioning a unified claim to the thrones of Scotland France and England It was there and then that her nightmare beganOn the one hand Mary was immediately plunged into a factional melee of violent Scottish tribal politics which were often tinged with religious sectarianism and always motivated by the nobles’ self interests On the other hand Elizabeth I of England did her best to clamp down on Mary one of her demands was so draconian as to dictate whom Mary could marry as she was fearful that Mary might usurp her throne her fear being constantly magnified by her secretary William Cecil In her home turf Mary found herself surrounded by treacherous vicious and depraved courtiers including her sly and duplicitous half brother James Stuart Earl of Moray Her de Guise relations used and abandoned her as situations warranted and were hardly a source of support Unfortunate for Mary her trusting and big hearted nature would often land her in a perilous position Her predicament was further exacerbated by constant threat of religious war all over Europe Catholicism vs Protestantism As witty and tenacious as she was the odds were always stacked against her Despite all Mary still strove to preserve her reign as the Scottish ueen and to claim her legitimate right to be Elizabeth’s successor The last third of the book unfolds like a thrillermystery novel as Mary tried to eke out some breathing space for herself by seeking political marriage She first wedded Lord Darnley an English royal whose maternal grandmother was Margaret Tudor and who would thus strengthen Mary’s claim to the English throne Then when self serving and deceitful Darnley was murdered she married Lord Bothwell a powerful and ruffian Scottish lord who also betrayed her trust in times of need The melodrama of her life culminated in 1568 when Mary naively tried to seek protection from Elizabeth but ended up being captured on English soil where she would be under house arrest for the following eighteen years In 1586 out of desperation she fell into the trap that William Cecil had set up and took part in a madcap assassination plot against Elizabeth She was tried in October 1586 and executed on February 8 1587It is impossible not to feel sympathy for this hapless but good hearted ueen whose only flaw was perhaps her deep emotional need to be loved