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Insanely Simple Read & download ↠ 6 Â ❮Download❯ ➺ Insanely Simple ✤ Author Ken Segall – To Steve Jobs Simplicity was a religion It was also a weaponSimplicity isn’t just a design principle at Apple—it’s a value that permeates every level of the organization The obsession with SR naming waves of i products to comeSegall has a uniue perspective given his years of experience creating campaigns for other iconic tech companies including IBM Intel and Dell It was the stark contrast of Apple’s ways that made Segall appreciate the power of Simplicity and inspired him to help others benefit from itIn Insanely Simple you’ll be a fly on the wall inside a conference room with Steve Jobs and on the receiving end of his midnight phone calls You’ll understand how his obsession with Simplicity helped Apple perform better and faster sometimes saving millions in the process You’ll also learn for example how to• Think Minimal Distilling choices to a minimum brings clarity to a company and its customers as Jobs proved when he replaced over twenty product models with a lineup of four• Think Small Swearing al. Honestly I feel like it's a book that you can benefit a lot from knowing how apple works but at the same time it was getting a bit boring for me how Apple is the perfect model and how the author was bashing on other brands

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To Steve Jobs Simplicity was a religion It was also a weaponSimplicity isn’t just a design principle at Apple it’s a value that permeates every level of the organization The obsession with Simplicity is what separates Apple from other technology companies It’s what helped Apple recover from near death in to become the most valuable company on Earth in Thanks to Steve Jobs’s uncompromising ways you can see Simplicity in everything Apple does the way it’s structured the way it innovates and the way it speaks to its customersIt’s by crushing the forces of Complexity that the company remains on its stellar trajectoryAs ad agency creative director Ken Segall played a key role in Apple’s resurrection helping to create such critical marketing campaigns as Think different By naming the iMac he also laid the foundation fo. Of all of the books jumping on the Steve Jobs bandwagon this is perhaps the one that’s most of valueThis is perhaps the one management book which has really resonated with me since Don Peppers and Martha Rogers’ The One To One Future Let’s face it that’s not great that was published in 1996I’m old enough to have worked for organisations both large and small – as an employee and as an outside supplier It can be frustrating to be working for an organisation that has a core of brilliance but somehow can’t get things done – this book explains the one simple reason why this is often the case they can’t do things in a simple wayThe book’s author Ken Segall worked as a marketing provider to Apple – and at the same time Intel Dell and other large IT companies It’s essentially the story of what makes Apple such a force to be reckoned with – but isn’t merely a sanctification of Steve JobsYes Steve is mentioned aplenty and is usually the centre of the many examples given But while it touches on many of the facets of Steve’s character which made him so successful it focuses on one thing which almost anyone can do to improve their business – yet will find an incredibly difficult and elusive concept to implement simplicitySteve was often regarded as ruthless Although there’s some truth in that it’s probably better to say that he was single minded He wanted to get things done – and he often wanted to get them done fast He didn’t like to hear the word ‘no’Well we’ve all worked with managers who think that’s the right way to move a company forward that without their aggression people simply wouldn’t do their best Steve’s single mindedness wasn’t like that He often knew that there was a better way and he provided a means to get there He demanded simplicitySteve himself said that simplicity is hard to achieve Segall’s book tells the journey of a marketing man working with Steve Jobs as he struggled to rebuild his massively broken former empireIn big company terms some of the stories are amazing – such as when Steve returned to Apple and decided that it needed a branding campaign After all the company’s brand was in the gutter Yet Apple had never run a campaign that was only about brand ever What was aired was one of the greatest campaigns of all time – the Apple ‘here’s to the crazy ones’ commercial which was the spearhead for the company’s ‘think different’ brand campaign “Here’s to the crazy ones The rebels The troublemakers The ones who see things differently While some may see them as the crazy ones we see genius Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”Anyone who’s ever tried to get a brand campaign running will tell you how hard it can be First the company has to understand its own values Then it has to work out the smartest way to communicate them Steve wanted needed his campaign to be done fast It took around a month – a simply astonishing amount of timeThe book contrasts this with Dell who after six months still hadn’t worked out what it stood for; it hadn’t even got off the starting blocks The book also contrasts Apple with Intel which stifles creativity and strong ideas with the overuse of focus groups which dilute ideas until they are not only inoffensive they are ineffective Or the excessive use of testing analytics to remove any element of risk – and most elements of impactApple never uses focus groups Ever It’s smart enough to know a good idea when it sees one and has the confidence to run with it When it makes a mistake such as the round ‘puck’ mouse it adm

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Insanely SimpleLegiance to the concept of “small groups of smart people” raises both morale and productivity• Think Motion Keeping project teams in constant motion focuses creative thinking on well defined goals and minimizes distractions• Think Iconic Using a simple powerful image to symbolize the benefit of a product or idea creates a deeper impression in the minds of customers• Think War Giving yourself an unfair advantage using every weapon at your disposal is the best way to ensure that your ideas survive unscathedSegall brings Apple’s uest for Simplicity to life using fascinating and previously untold stories from behind the scenes Through his insight and wit you’ll discover how companies that leverage this power can stand out from competitors and individuals who master it can become critical assets to their organizations. If you can look past the unprofessional way Segall rails on other companies his bizarre pseudo religious way of talking about simplicity and his overly enthusiastic love for Apple even in a book about how great Apple is Segall comes across as too much of a fanboy there are some good nuggets here It's primarily a book about marketing but there are some interesting stories about Steve Jobs and how Apple's best marketing campaigns came about