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read Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau reader ð Paperback ↠ johnscyclingdiary é ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau By Stefan Zweig ❄ – A rotina de um hotel na Riviera é abalada por umaA rotina de um hotel na Riviera é abalada por uma notícia escandalosa Uma mulher abandona o marido e as duas filhas em nome de uma paixão por um jovem ue havia acabado de conhecer Este episódio despo It's my first encounter with Steven Zweig and after reading a few pages a uery I posed to myself in contemplation that why I waited so long to read this author such was the impact of Zweig The author had precision of a sculptor to craft sentences with just enough verbosity but with deep observations to put forth the deep secrets of human beings which are buried well below the layers of bygone times I guess there are other people like me who easily gets bored from things if they stick for long P and always looks for something to read with which the bond could be disassembled just before it starts becoming a languor to you then this is for you it's roughly 90 odd pages with a short size however it's narrative a burst of deep emotions having tales within in a tale The prose is intoxicating wherein you feel that although it begins on a very innocuous note but as you move on you realize that it goes into deep abyss of human emotions and by the time you end the book the human emotions are totally exposed to naked eye to reiterate imperfect human existence The experience of reading of Zweig is truly amazing for it's like a short sojourn wherein reader initially starts to feel sympathizing towards the protagonist as if one is spellbound by someone whom you meet first time in your life but the persona of that person is so charismatic that you feel like pull along by some hidden force as you move along with book you really start feeling the emotions of the protagonist as your own as if the protagonist is someone who has been brought up by the author from the deep reminiscences of your past and you know her well but somehow it got stacked down by the pile of memories The book revolves around morality of our society towards women for there are two intriguing issues in the book Could a woman have really done this with a perfect stranger or was the situation a ruse? And should she be encountered again should she be treated with contempt as an outcast from society? As our society has traditionally been patriarch and always maintained a different eye at times disdainful for women the uestion here is whether a woman who has done an act perhaps on her will could be accepted in the society or she should be devoid of any sort of respect I won't say we should sympathize with anyone since I feel that refutes the very meaning of a authentic existence and be declared an outcast to our ' civilized' society The married couples furiously maintain that she should be treated with utter contempt The narrator finds himself pushed into a position of defence This accusation rather annoyed me and when the German lady added her mite by remarking instructively that there were real women on the one hand and 'natural born tarts' on the other and in her opinion Madame Henriette must have been one of the latter I lost patience entirely and became aggressive myself Such a denial of the obvious fact that at certain times in her life a woman is delivered up to mysterious powers beyond her own will and judgment I said merely concealed fear of our own instincts of the demonic element in our nature and many people seemed to take pleasure in feeling themselves stronger purer and moral than those who are 'easily led astray Zweig has brilliantly conveyed the swings in expressions of a man his control is like that of a river which flows with a poise to have no impetus no hesitation until it mingles with expanse of aua Once like a little waves rippling galvanically spread out from his lips once again his hands were clasped the boyish face disappeared behind greedy expectation until the spasmodic tension exploded and fell apart in disappointment the face that had just looked boyish turned faded wan and old light disappeared from the burnt out eyes and all this within the space of a second as the ball came to rest on the wrong number And as soon you finish the book you are innocently forced to ponder that how magical it's that the author has been able to do so much in so few pages I won't say he was a minimalist as Beckett was but he surely had deep understanding of human emotions like a psychologist and mastery over choosing them so as to make a portrait of man which has just those details that are necessary to make it alive to have a consciousness of its own and not than that that so much could happen in one's life over the span of just 24 hours as it's also reinforced by the author himself And now you will understand why I suddenly brought myself to tell you about my own experience When you defended Madame Henriette and said so passionately that twenty four hours could determine a woman's whole life I felt that you meant me; I was grateful to you since for the first time I felt myself as it were confirmed in my existence

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Vinte e uatro horas na vida de uma mulher é um relato apaixonante e intimista sobre a vida de uma mulher ue se liberta das correntes do pudor e do preconceito social em nome de uma paixão avassaladora How in so few pages in so few words can we convey so many emotions to the reader? Mr Zweig are you a magician? A wizard of words?I burned with curiosity when I read this novel I wanted to know the secret that was gnawing at this old lady The passion of one day and the disillusionment of so many years What pain But what a sublime pain It's somewhat ambiguous as a phenomenon But it must admit that Stefan Zweig is an outstanding storyteller and that he leads you uietly where he decided in the world of passion or passions and the urgent and senseless decisions that generate it thisZweig has the gift of entering into the intimacy of the feelings of his heroes profoundly and modestly at the same time of keeping his reader in suspense and it is simply sublime

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Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer FrauLeta uma acesa discussão entre os hóspedes do hotel e leva a Senhora C uma aristocrata inglesa de sessenta e sete anos a recordar um episódio secreto da sua vida ue a tortura há mais de duas décadas Beware Stefan Zweig is a beguiling seducer who is always one move ahead of you the reader the vulnerable object of his desiresZweig sets his short novella Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman in a Monte Carlo hotel and it only takes him six paragraphs to set the stage with an overture to the main plot a young wife inexplicably leaves her husband and children for a twenty year old she has known for a day or so The husband is mortally crushed and humiliated This is but the preludeThe wife's action becomes the obsessive conversation piece among a group of bourgeoise guests who take sides against the narrator offering possible explanations for the wife's inexplicable behavior Now that Zweig has deftly etched into glass his main characters he begins the main movement of his story which revolves around an elderly aristocratic guest who recognizes the narrator's compassionate objectivity and seeks him out to confess a regrettable story involving a younger man that took place in the course of a day and has haunted her for a lifetime There is an important twist the confessor was a wealthy young widow whose life at the time had become rather meaningless not an adulterous wife Her story also takes place in Monte Carlo years ago where she ended up trying to save a compulsive gambler from destroying himself bringing her into dangerous flirtation with the ruin of her respectable identity that has somehow survived what she considers to be her meaningless existenceOnce you finish Twenty Four Hours in the Life of a Woman and begin to shake away the cosmic dust Zweig has sprinkled across your mind with his effortless prose you realize this Viennese seducer has layered an unforgettable lesson in classic story telling into your psyche that you have seldom experienced before