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read doc í A Thousand Vessels ↠ Paperback ☆ johnscyclingdiary ß ❰Epub❯ ❤ A Thousand Vessels Author Tania Runyan – Taking up the personas of Eve Sarah Dinah Mary Martha and five other women from the Bible Tania Runyan offers a stunning collectPoet Jeanne Murray Walker says The two worlds are so wonderfully imagined and entwined that I found myself turning the pages of A Thousand Vessels as compulsively as if it were fictio I'm so glad I went into this book blindly The cover art looks like something I wouldn't conventionally pick up and as a stern atheist poems with biblical themes don't often peak my interest But Runyan's collection transcends category These poems offer new perspectives on well known biblical encounters adds depth to everyday modern concerns and presents a whole new view on human emotion

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Taking up the personas of Eve Sarah Dinah Mary Martha and five other women A Thousand PDFEPUBfrom the Bible Tania Runyan offers a stunning collection of poems in which the ancient and Tania Runyan groups her poems into sections named for women in the Bible Some poems are about her own life and some about people who aren't in the bible but they are bridged and held together by the names of Eve Sarah Ruth Ester Mary Mary Magdalene The poems were pretty unpretentious and not very dense They were easy to understand and I liked the biblical theme

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A Thousand VesselsModern worlds collide A Thousand Vessels reveals the common and complex experiences of women across the ages loneliness friendship fear hope violence love bitterness consolation Fellow My thoughts on the poems that struck a cordBamboo appreciate the metaphor of a plant being like a budding relationship between a coupleThe Dangerous Wife beautiful imagery of the rich verses the poor and how an adorer looks to at their loverKeeping my Daughter though I don't have a daughter this poem fits perfectly with my boyfriend's niece and her mother and what the mother must be thinking as she watches her daughter grow up and explore the world even at the young age of oneThe Rape of Dinah the tragedy of a man's mind after a rape and how he must posses the woman and make her love him thereafterDinah After the Revenge beautiful thoughts on the death of manwoman and how we return to the dust of the earthBeach Walk the importance we put on our appearance towards the opposite sex to attract them when they most likely look overthrough us and don't noticeEsther's Banuet the power one person can have over another acting as God at final judgementFor Such a Time as This a profound poem about the events which could have happened if you were there and had not been detainedMary at the Nativity the miracle of birth for a mother expecting glorious deeds to comeMary at Calvary a nice progression of Mary's thoughts through Jesus' passion death and resurrectionMartha and Mary the thankless job of preparing for a guest and all the little touches they put in to making a house a homeChildren of Near Death Runyan captured the feelings of the children in the three poems as their experience trauma in their life and liveMagdalene at the Crucifixion the wish of the living to breathe life back into their loved ones