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Daughters Who Walk This Path Free download î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ñ [Reading] ➸ Daughters Who Walk This Path Author Yejide Kilanko – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Spirited and intelligent Morayo grows up surrounded by school friends and family in busy modern day IbadaLy protect herself and her sister from a legacy of silence many women in Morayo's family share Only Aunty Morenike once shielded by her own mother provides Morayo with a safe home and a sense of female community that sustains her as she grows into a young woman in bustling politically charged often violent Nigeria. Although both plot and characters are written with very little embellishment Kilanko is a very effective storyteller However there are some puzzling gaps in her narrative She makes sure we know that it is a big deal that Morayo the main character must go far from home to a different state on the other side of the Niger River for the training for her National Youth Service Corps year The distance heightens the element of surprise when she meets Kachi her teenage beau at the training site After only a few pages though Morayo informs Kachi that she has been transformed to serve her year much closer to home As a plot device to remind her readers about Morayo's relationship with Kachi this is all well and good but as part of an actual narrative it leaves something to be desired For the most part omission of such details doesn't detract from the overall sense of the story but I found each omission distracting as I had to flip back through the pages to see if I actually had missed something Finding that I hadn't each time I could only wonder why Kilanko chose not to add the very few lines that would have provided the missing details

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Spirited and intelligent Morayo grows up Walk This PDFEPUB #192 surrounded by school friends and family in busy modern day Ibadan Nigeria An adoring little sister their traditional parents and a host of aunties and cousins make Morayo's home their own So there's nothing unusual about her charming but troubled Daug. this is an incredibly strong debut novel from a very talented writer i found kilanko's style beautiful and though she is dealing with some very difficult heartbreaking subjects i was left feeling hopeful at the end i even had my eyes well up with tears twice in the last part of the story something that is a fairly rare occurrence for me when i read kilanko is not sappy or sentimental thoughi think what is so powerful about this novel is the idea that while the events are specific to the characters kilanko has created the subjects are truly universal particularly in regard to rapehow kilanko portrayed the various reactions behaviours and emotions was i thought very well done there are some powerful supportive women in daughters who walk this path so the idea of an important network of female family and friends was something i truly enjoyed experiencing the novel is set during contemporary times in nigeria but there are still strong traditional values and tribal lines many things continue to be a struggle for women including their safety and society is portrayed as uite patriarchal still and yet there is hopenote to remember mentioned in the book is nadine gordimer's Burger's Daughter noted as one of auntie nike's favourite books have to read that now

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Daughters Who Walk This PathHters Who PDFEPUBcousin Bros T moving in with the family At first Morayo and her sister are delighted but in her innocence nothing prepares Morayo for the shameful secret Bros T forces upon her Thrust into a web of oppressive silence woven by the adults around her Morayo must Who Walk This PDF #186 learn to fierce. In her debut novel Daughters who walk this path Yejide Kilanko tells the story of Morayo a young woman with a burden to bear that when life seem to fall apart for her in her teens feels almost too heavy for her young body and too hurtful for her gentle soul Growing up in a busy extended family in Ibadan Nigeria she is surrounded by caring parents and loving aunties At the age of five her baby sister enters her life she is an afin an albino and as in many African traditional societies albinos are watched with suspicion and assumed to bring bad luck Morayo uickly accepts her role of protector for her young sister in ways than she can imagine Drawing on both her intimate knowledge of the realities in the country where she grew up and of experiences in her professional life in Canada Yejide Kilanko has created a deeply affecting and moving portrait of a young woman's struggle for survival and a life beyond pain and silence The author's storytelling is personal direct and lively Her sympathetic portrayal of Morayo's close and extended family the network of friends and neighbours gives the reader a realistic view and insight into complex community relationshipsMorayo and Eniayo live a childhood in relative comfort loved by their mother and adored by their father Both parents however have busy lives and the role of daily attention is handled by the aunties They come and go stay for a while and leave again The protection in the family also means that Morayo is trusting and cannot detect danger signs early enough Kilanko heads her chapters with relevant Nigerian proverbs such as The enemy lurks in the courtyard the evildoer lives in the home a thought provoking hint for the chapter that follows Despite the caring environment around her when Morayo is sexually assaulted by a family member a veil of silence descends on the family Secretive behaviour and lies are forced upon the young girl; guilt is one sided How can the voice of a young girl be weighed against family ties and traditions Brought up with deep reverence and respect towards her elders obedience to her parents she has nowhere to turn How can she break the wall of silence that surrounds her and at the same time protect her younger sister Fortunately one of her visiting aunties senses what might have been happening to her niece and opens her heart to her Later to help Morayo confront her demons aunty Morenike tells her own story; it has surprising parallels to Morayo's and both are heart breaking Through their growing friendships and closeness there is the hope for a path forward into a brighter future The young woman's inner struggle between following the rules set by her family and her fundamental need to be herself and stand up for who she has become is to say the least dramatic Kilanko conveys these emotions with great sensitivity understanding and writes with a confident handWhile DAUGHTERS is a deeply felt intimate story of Morayo and those around her the novel is also than that Kilanko adds just enough of the political and societal trends and tensions into the narrative to make us appreciate the challenges faced by young people especially women in modern day Nigeria Further underlying Morayo's story and reaching far beyond the specific settings of a place or country the author explores a range of fundamental moral uestions that apply everywhere where young children and teens can be exploited where traditions and norms restrict personal security and freedom especially for women How to stand up to domestic and sexual violence and ensure that the habits for secrets and lies in families and close knit communities are overcome so that they no longer destroy young people and their place in society Yejide Kilanko debut is an extraordinary achievement It is powerful and engaging and it makes me look for her next book already in production