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Vertigo AUTHOR Michael Mandrake kindle ☆ eBook ñ Michael Mandrake ñ ❴EPUB❵ ✺ Vertigo Author Michael Mandrake – After losing his lover to mental disorder Dr Hayden Curry throws himself into work silently wishing he could experience something extraorAfter losing his lover to mental disorder Dr Hayden Curry throws himself into work silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love He finds his match in Dav Dr Hayden Curry is alone He's had to institutionalize his lover and his work examining the natural and unnatural world is a lonely and hard world The London of 1916 is a very conservative place and his unnatural bent leave him hiding big parts of himselfWhen he is called in to examine a strange creature part man and part animal he is fascinated He brings the carcass home to examine and is stunned when it turns out to be alive still And when it turns human into a beautiful man named David he doesn't know what to thinkEspecially when David cannot remember his past and forms an immediate connection and attraction to HaydenHayden agrees to help David find out how he came to be where he came from and what he is And in the meanwhile the two fast become lovers CompanionsBut when David's secrets start to surface and the truth of his past come to light will the Hayden still want to be with him Or will it be too muchMichael Mandrake has written a very interesting dark and twisted tale of romantic obsession here It's very reminiscent of a Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker novel and that's a very good thing The very old fashioned feel to the prose makes the horror of the book so much sweeter and the whole atmosphere justworksThis is at heart a love story and some love stories turn dark Without giving away too much there are hard choices to be made here and horrible things have been done This is not a light or sweet tale but a heavy and philosophically dark tale Mr Mandrake nailed this story It has the feel of foggy moors and creatures hiding in the shadows Creepy and romantic and shiveryCurl up under the blankets and read And enjoyTom

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Nses secrets in David Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have or will the secrets that come forward tear them apar loved it but then again i'm not surprised in the least i love all michael's stuff this is one worth checking out if you like mm andor if you like your books with a paranormal character

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Vertigo AUTHOR Michael MandraId a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab Upon awakening David asks Dr Hayden’s help in discovering about himself Hayden agrees but se Interesting story about a fallen angel David who has watched over Hayden since birth David wants to be in Hayden's life to be his everything Hayden does not always agree with David's wants David crosses the line for Hayden when he confesses the lengths he would go to be in Hayden's life Trying to repair the damage causes David to become Satan's minion I liked Hayden David was harder to like because something wasn't uite right I knew David was withholding information I did like the ending though it was dark