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FREE DOC ↠ READER Integration Bonfire Academy #2 ↠ IMOGEN ROSE ¸ ➮ [Read] ➪ Integration Bonfire Academy #2 By Imogen Rose ➺ – Second haiku warningA boyfriend missingA lover must pay in bloodA princess must dieWelcome back to Bonfire Academy Second haikUst dieWelcome back to Bonfire Academy Great book but I have been busy so the I have room a couple days to finishThe book still has me in suspense I have no idea who the vilant is I carried when a certain female close to Faustine's died I was upset and confuse as why no one saved her Wasn't Ryker there to wander her away even after being fatally wounded then I am upset that she diedTwice now Faustine's has bitten a chunk out of something other than food Oh well at least she didn't digest itI knew it was fishy how can he be missing for almost a year and y'all just accept him back like he hadn't disappeared

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Second haiku warningA boyfriend missin This one was jut as good as first uinn really shocked me and the biggest uestion I'm left with is was he always a player for the other side or do he find out about Cordelia and Jagger and joined for revenge? That was some cliffhanger there at the end I'm sad Cordelia and everyone's finished at the academy So much happens in this book and I know we didn't get to know Martha really but man i feel bad about her I did for uinn too until the end Im liking Jagger and after very page even though he does my head in being so protective all the time It's like are you a teen or an old fogy This book gets so complicated sometimes with all it's twists and revelations you have to really pay attention or you'll miss something It's so packed there's no room for boredom I love the anticiipation of it all but I'm impatient and can't find a release date for book 3 is there one yet??? Anyone know? D Anyway yeah real good seuel guys

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Integration Bonfire Academy #2GA lover must pay in bloodA princess m Integration the second book in Imogen Rose's Bonfire Academy series takes place a few months after Initiation And in true Imogen Rose fashion I fall in love with these characters as the series goes on I'm still convinced that Cordelia is my favorite character of Ms Rose's ever She is so multi faceted and believable One moment she is watching over Faustine taking care of her almost mothering her The next she's a badass demon who is terrifying Then there's Faustine Who I first met when I read Faustine the first book in Ms Rose's Bonfire Chronicles series As much as I loved her in Faustine I loved getting a peak into what she was like in this preuel as a young teenager She's uirky loveable and in the process of discovering herselfWith these two characters plus a slew of others I was left with an unforgettable story A story with a couple of fantastic romantic situations that barely just skim the surface as to what's possible for these couples Integration has the intrigue and suspense of all Ms Rose's other novels with a fantastically superb paranormal setting The rule of the academy is Trust No One By the end of this story I realized that I had done exactly what I shouldn't have I'd trusted characters and was completely blindside by those that I thought were in fact pretty trustworthy This story was brilliant captivating and I can absolutely not wait until the next installment Christy Captivated Reading