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A Man Like Daintree Review ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub õ ❰Download❯ ➺ A Man Like Daintree Author Margaret Way – Johns-cycling-diary.co.uk Steven Daintree had saved Andrea Swan son's life and on learning that she was alone in the world her memory gone he had taken her back to his vast ueensland estate MOminating and self assured taking what he wanted and why should he want Andrea when there was Gillian Courtney to be consideredAnd how could Andrea think about the future with or without Steven until she had regained her memory of the pa. One of the most vicious villainous characters in HPlandia is strangely enough not the pathetic OW of this story but the hero's aunt who makes Cersei Lannister look like Pippi LongstockingsCertifiably insane obsessed raging homicidal full of nasty incestual feelings ranging from her father to her brother to her nephew she has already ruined three lives destroying the relationship between her brother and her sister in law and then the one between her sister in law and her nephewShe actively conspires with the OW against the h and then almost bashes in the h's face with a silver coffee pot when all her scheming doesn't come to fruitionHer comeuppance for this She has to move out of the hero's house but he will continue supporting her fully as he feels that she had loyalty and care for himin her own wayRUN HEROINE RUN

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Steven Daintree had saved Andrea Swan son's life and on learning that she was alone in the world her memory A Man Epubgone he had taken her back to his vast ueensland estate Mokhana until she recoveredSo Andrea owed him a lot All the sa. Another one for my uest to read the first 100 HPs This one is numbered 78 and was first published in 1972 It's the 43rd one I've read so farOkay so this book was strange The writing style was extremely overwrought It was all uite dramatic and flowery Here's an example from the first of the book She was lying outstretched against a flat boulder her arms gently floated open one hand clutching a clump of white lilies her long silvery hair trailing like sea silk in the stream A ghostly light enshrouded her a kind of deathly trance Her beauty was eerie heartbreaking She looked like a beaten child bleeding hands and feet lacerated by the tearing thorns and clinging vines that had put him through a living hell and him with a machete Her face was miraculously untouched a gleaming alabaster like the lilies that grew in profusion along the reed flatsand later The sunlight shafted across her bare head gleaming like a silvery cap; her hat hung by its strap down her back Her face was glowing impregnated with colour whipped up under the skin her eyes enormous There was something different about her he saw some lack of restraint like spring water effervescing from sandstone into the sunlight pure and tingling Whatever it was it fanned his angerNobody's character was pinned down very well Everything was sort of seen through a vaseline coated lens The most clear cut character was the evil aunt of the hero I really uite enjoyed her Still even with her you never uite knew exactly what she had done in the past to the hero's mother or was going to do in the future to keep the heroine away from the hero Details were lacking throughout the book This book was a whole lot of telling and relatively little showingSo the heroine was so tragic and wonderful that everyone loves her except the evil aunt of course The hero blows hot and cold and never says what he means There is a lovelorn other man amnesia and a great cattle station complete with aboriginal ceremonies It wasn't the worst I've read for stereotyping native cultures but it did have that going on a bit I liked the aboriginal maid though She seemed to have a fairly well developed character and came across as a real woman who was living within her culture but who managed to be fairly modern anywayThe book ended pretty much with a whimper There was no crisis or climax to be resolved She's like I think I'm well enough to get a job and he's all how dare you You will obviously marry me instead I mean it wasn't awful There were words of love exchanged but they did sort of come out of nowhere

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A Man Like DaintreeMe did that give him the right to turn her life upside down There was no denying this wild attraction that had sprung up between them but although Andrea knew it was love on her side what about Steven Daintree He was a law unto himself d. Nice gentle read Originally published in 1972 Heroine has lost her memory although her identity is not lost Is found in the Australian rainforest by the hero She has to have brain surgery and survives The hero is dominant but not nasty or violent The heroine does remember her past in the end and they live HEA