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READ & DOWNLOAD Kings Warrior The Minstrels Song #1 100 ↠ [Reading] ➶ Kings Warrior The Minstrels Song #1 By Jenelle Leanne Schmidt – Six hundred years ago the land of Aom igh was threatened with invasion by the Dark Country across the Stained Sea; in their danger King Llian sought the help of thCompanions encounter than they ever bargained for A beautiful gatekeeper a sword fashioned by dragons enemies who pursue them relentlessly and hound them at every turn and an underground world full of mythical creatures are just the beginning of their adventures As they search for the answers to mystifying riddles and seek a way to save everything they hold dear the comrades will learn a little about courage a lot about truth and about themselves than they ever imagined But if they can succeed in their uest they may join worlds togethe. I love indie publishing and indie published authors I love the support of the community and I love supporting and helping fellow indie authors Unfortunately when I read poorly edited indie novels I really want to go to the author and say “This was good but it could be better” and help them polish it and I usually can’t This is one of those poorly edited novelsThe potential is all there The characters are good the plot is interesting there are a lot of connections between things Unfortunately I wasn’t emotionally invested and there are a few reasons for this First of all we’re never in one character’s POV for than three paragraphs at a time and that’s the high end of the spectrum It’s really hard to form an emotional connection with a character you don’t get than five second meetings with It also removes the emotional oomph of character relationships–and particularly conflicts–when you don’t get to share in a character’s frustration or confusion or whatever the case may be because you’re immediately seeing both sides of an issue I want to experience things with the character and that doesn’t get to happen when you’re seeing everyone’s POV in a given scene and each one only lasts one or two paragraphsIn a similar vein there was too much information shared and it wasn’t done so in an artistic way We’re told almost everything Emotions backstory worldbuilding whether it’s through character dialogue or narration we’re always told things and never shown Done well backstory and worldbuilding can really add to a story and give it depth Done poorly it only detracts from the story and draws the reader out of the action And you want to be intentional about what you include or when otherwise the reader feels like they know everything and there’s no mystery or intrigue anyOne way we were given too much information goes back to POV choice or lack thereof Almost every character has a POV at some point Even a random Dark Warrior in a battle who’s there for all of three paragraphs to almost make you pull for him before he dies There’s no information given in those three paragraphs that’s useful to the rest of the story it doesn’t create any emotional depth because it doesn’t affect the good guy on the other side in the least and the character has no importance anywhere else in the story But that guy aside we see into the POV of the antagonist at least one of the antagonist’s lackeys if not two who give away different aspects of the plot so it’s not a mystery any every meaningful protagonist and several less meaningful protagonists It removes any sense of mystery if we’re seeing every single angle of the story we don’t get to wonder about any one character’s backstory as much as we’d like coughBrantcough and overall there’s just a lot less tension and interestAs a result of the lack of showing anything and the POV choice the characters ended up less engaging than they could have been Their basic personalities managed to shine through but were suandered by the lack of emotional depth to the writing I also thought their dialogue all sounded the same which was disappointing And almost none of them spoke in contractions; I think even the 12 year old often spoke without contractionsThe characters’ emotional reactions to things particularly when it came to knowing or not knowing or realizing things was often over dramatized Dylanna’s surprise anytime Brant revealed some part of his backstory she hadn’t been aware of how did she not know about him if she’s ancient and has been around the castle for ages he was spoilers anyway Oraeyn’s surprise at the sword dude that was obvious from the very beginning because we knew everything about the sword’s history from the get go if he didn’t why did we and if he did how did he not put two and two together etc And are we really supposed to believe that those four sisters never kept in touch given their abilities and thus were totally lost as far as who they were familiar with Again BRANTThe book also needed a proofreaderline editor for the grammatical issues particularly surrounding dialogue which seems to be pretty common even with indie books that are well written otherwise Which kind of makes me sad and sad that I can't help them make their books even prettierI mostly enjoyed the ending the very final scene painted a beautiful picture and I thought that things were wrapped up nicely for the most part Although King Arnaud didn’t really know Oraeyn so that particular choice seems a bit odd to me considering he’s also pretty young It had the same problems with emotional depth as the rest of the book except for that final scene which clearly stands out to meOverall this book has a lot of potential but it needs a clearer focus and less excessive information

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D isolated from its enemies The dragons slowly disappeared and faded into legend and myth and people forgot magic had ever existed When her kingdom is threatened by the Dark Country once again the headstrong Princess Kamarie sets off on a uest to find the man who may be able to save them all the former King’s Warrior Traveling with her are two companions her eccentric maid and a suire who resents his charge to travel with and protect the princess However finding the legendary hero proves to be the least of their worries Together the. Maybe try again later

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Kings Warrior The Minstrels Song #1Six hundred years ago The Minstrels MOBI #238 the land of Aom igh was threatened with invasion by the Dark Country across the Stained Sea in Kings Warrior MOBI #233 their danger King Llian sought the help of the dragons and the myth folk Graldon King of the Dragons granted the human king Warrior The Minstrels Kindle #208 with a gift that would help him defeat his enemies Graldon also promised King Llian that the dragons would come to the humans’ aid should Aom igh ever be in such danger again Years passed and Aom igh remained safe an. Honestly this is the hardest review I have written all this year and it is going to be brief I have read blog posts and such by this author and I really like her on a personal level I also am a firm believer that book reviews need to be honest but not harsh However sometimes it is hard not to come across as sounding harsh This story was well written and had compelling characters and a great setting I think many people will really enjoy this book That is why I am giving it three stars because the uality cannot help stand out among a lot of fantasy stories that only parrot other fantasy storiesI cannot recommend this book because it violates biblical ethics when it comes to sorcery God clearly states the magic and wizardry are sins and are hated by Him Galatians 519 21 Deuteronomy 1810 11 Leviticus 206 At least three character whom you cannot help but love cast spells and use magic for ‘good’I thought long and hard before writing this review and even decided a couple of times not to write it However I felt that some people out there might want to know before picking up the story