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Protector is now available as a FREE eBook from most major booksellers Get it now Duty versus love is the one battle warrior Kae does not know how to fightKae has trained his entire life to become an elite Protector of the Realm When he finally achieves this honor he finds himself protecting something far greater the Veil separating two worlds On one side of the Ve Grate potential but unfulfilled waiting for the rest of the series The usage of the life force as a form of cognitive magic is interesting and worth exploring However the supportive characters are poorly filled out and largely exist simply to move the plot along as it focuses on the key people leaving the reader with a desire to skip forward but hesitating to do so because they do serve a purpose Still the dialogue is decent and the romantic element while bordering on teenage absurdity is in line with the characters involved and serves well to effect others connected to them

DOC Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1

Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1Years and powers on both sides will stop at nothing to keep it intact Strangers from the other side have kidnapped Issa to take her across the Veil and sacrifice her to strengthen it Kae is the only one who can find her Going to her rescue means forsaking his oaths and duty and leaving behind the future he always wanted But if he chooses duty over love Issa will d Indie books are often hit or miss but judging by author Vanna Smythe's solid writing you would never know that Protector falls in this category This first installment in the Anniversary of the Veil series does a great job transporting us into its world and introducing us to the key players It has great world building action love magic what could you want?Almost a thousand years ago the world of Protector was split in two by a magical barrier called the Veil On the Venerated side of the Veil people with the Life Force thrive; on the other side anyone who displays magical inclinations is enslaved by the Priests descendants of the Righteous Now as the Anniversary of the Veil approaches a sacrifice needs to be made to keep the barrier in place The descendants of the Venerated are already preparing for the event by gathering the people needed On the other side of the Veil most of this knowledge has been lost or kept hidden by the PriestsMeanwhile on the Righteous side Princess Issiyanna is seemingly contacted by her mother who has been dead for years Her Protector Kiyarran a young man showing lots of promise both with weapons and with the Life Force is struggling to find a balance between his duties and the feelings he has for his charge When Issa is kidnapped by a group sent from the other side of the Veil Kae will find out just how far he is willing to go to get her backThe story is skilfully written and the characters believable They all have distinct voices and most of them avoid being one dimensional Some fantasy writers have trouble finding balance in their descriptions some get lost in the details while others don't tell us enough This is not a problem for Vanna Smythe who gives us all the information we need to see the picture she is painting for us without overdoing it I can think of one particular scene toward the end of the book where Kae faces the Pure Ones that felt particularly vividWhat I enjoyed immensely about the book is the world that Vanna Smythe built It wasn't easy to figure everything out just based on the Prologue which was a little overwhelming but everything came together beautifully by the end The history of the world is hinted at with promises of to come in the rest of the series The dichotomy between the two sides of the Veil was realistic and fascinating to read about The Priests made believable power hungry leaders but they were balanced out by similar figures on the other side of the Veil I liked how neither side is completely good this makes for uality storytelling My favorite addition to the world though was the group of assassins known as the Pure Ones; if they're not scary then I don't know what is I hope there's of them in the futureNow I only gave this book 810 on my blog I decided to go with 5 stars on and Goodreads because I am a harsh critic and my complaints were very subjective Some of that was because there are a few typos which isn't uncommon for an independent book and is easily ignored in favor of the story What I enjoyed less however and I think I'll be in the minority here is the love story between Issa and Kae They're both teenagers and so they have excuses for acting as such plus it gives them room to grow in the coming books Think Sansa in A Song of Ice and Fire or Egwene in Wheel of Time But for now I wasn't patient enough to deal with their angst This is my failing not the story's but it detracted a little from my enjoyment of the book as a wholeOverall Protector is a great first book in a new fantasy series It is well written and could have easily been published professionally Currently priced at 299 in the store it is a must read of you love a good story

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DOC ✓ READER Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1 9781477408391 È JOHNSCYCLINGDIARY Û ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Protector Anniversary of the Veil Book 1 Author Vanna Smythe – Protector is now available as a FREE eBook from most major bookIl lie unlimited stores of magic On the Realm's side magic is all but obliterated and Kae is one of the few who can use it The priests who secretly rule the Realm will do everything they can to control his growing magical abilities Kae's willing to pay the price even though it separates him from Issa the girl he lovesBut the Veil has weakened over the last thousand I gave up on this book I just now looked at the description of the book and it doesn't match what I've read so far 52% I thought the main character was Issa or whatever the princesses name was It seemed like we heard about her either from her perspective or from her aunt and the others who came to kidnap her Kae has his parts but not enough to be the main character Nothing was fleshed out enough to keep me interested The book is fine but not all that exciting to read and the main conflictplot whatever just wasn't clear