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Ed loose women with envy dreaming of what glamorous lives they must have And that's before Clark walks into her life Clark embodies the world that Edith wishes she could be a part of He's slick and dangerous and sexy in a way Edith has never e Pearl is a fast paced interesting and sexy read from the first page to the last word I was intrigued by the main characters in this book and loved the sizzling chemistry between them Pearl is set in the 1920’s During this time many women were repressed and the heroine Edith is a prime example of this Edith longs for excitement in her life She’s a young woman who has followed the strict rules that society and the expectations from her family have given her But lately Edith has become very restless She desires adventure and has her own dreams she wants to be fulfilledWhen the sexy young man Clark comes to visit her next door neighbor Edith is immediately intrigued and attracted to the pretty man As soon as Edith finds out the attraction she has for Clark is mutual she is thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time with the young man But as Edith continues to hang around her potential beau she begins to suspect there is to Clark than meets the eye When Edith discovers the truth about Clark will she have the courage to follow her heart and take a chance on finding the love of a lifetime?I LOVED this short story My only gripe about this book is I truly wish it has been longer I loved both characters and uickly rallied behind them somehow finding their happy ending together I liked the mystery and captivation that Edith had for Clark because I found myself becoming just as intrigued about him as well I thought the story had a smooth lyrical flow to it and I would love to read about these characters in the futureI admit I haven’t read a lot of transgendered romances but I thought Pearl was beautifully written and now I’m anxious to read of this genre I’ll also be looking out for books written by Ms Rand while I’ll be rereading this book over and over again when I’m craving a sweet sexy and well written transgendered romancehttptop2bottomreviewswordpresscom

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Pearl Author Kelly RaXperienced So when Clark offers her a window into his world she dives through without thinking On the other side though her black and white world explodes into shades of gray challenging Edith in ways she never imaginedLength 9600 words 24 pag This story gives exactly what it promises And in this case that's not a failure of vision or ambition—it's a testament to a tightly constructed wonderful little short story The atmosphere is gorgeous and it drew out the beauty of a setting I never would have imagined as beautiful And the cover Wow So perfectly matched to the story It makes me think how great this would be as a photorealistic graphic novelI'm definitely looking forward to by this author

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Download Pearl Author Kelly Rand Reader ✓ 24 pages ✓ Kelly rand ´ ➹ [Reading] ➻ Pearl By Kelly Rand ➮ – Edith sleepwalks through a life so normal as to be boring She lives with her mother works a mundane job to support them and makes no waveEdith sleepwalks through a life so normal as to be boring She lives with her mother works a mundane job to support them and makes no waves among the ladies of her sleepy 1920's Canadian town Secretly though she watches the flappers and so call OverallThis short story is a charming look at Edith a sexually repressed woman and Clark a transman and Edith's eyes being opened not just to her own sexuality but to the world at large Everything was tastefully handled and the language is reminiscent of a much older time period as if it were written in that time not just taking place then It is an almost simple story dealing with complex issues and while some may challenge the somewhat insta love ualities I felt it was fitting for the characters Considering Edith's limited emotional engagement and her sudden awakening plus Clark's state finding one another would lead them to do considerably rash things and I felt it was appropriate for the charactersThe writing the style the feel of the story and the characters all fell into place to form a superb short story While there is a lot we are never told due to its length we are not left wanting eitherA sweet thoughtful story that lets the reader finish the story Received this book for reviewBe sure to check out my other reviews on my blog