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Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene which permits her to “jump” faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush but the star roads have to wait Her final mission takes her to La’heng. Note Ann Aguirre provided the galley for this book I LOVE herI love this series It's been awesome since GRIMSPACE and has only gotten better with each installment I love the world building the characters the overall plot the individual novel plots the evolution of Jax and just about everything to do with this series I have been heavily emotionally invested in Sirantha Jax and her life for a few years now I was enthralled and saddened with the announcement that ENDGAME would bring the series to an end It's so hard to let go of such a great character and an amazing world but I'd rather a series go out on a high note then peter out with a whimperI'm keeping this short for now I may expand it once the book hits the shelves and I've read the series again WHAT I LIKED THE MAIN CHARACTERWe have been living in the mind of Sirantha Jax since the first book She wasn't always the most likable character at the beginning She was a wounded person and behaved in ways that really pissed me off than once That being said over the course of the books she grows evolves and becomes a much stronger person In ENDGAME it is clear she has learned to listen to others to step back and obey orders to allow other people to do what they need to do and to embrace her own feelings fully and without regrets She owns up to her mistakes but stands her ground when she knows she's right She's still a kick ass woman but she has learned to be a much wiser womanThis especially came into play with March who I almost liked this time around and I wanted to cheer when she told him how it is in no uncertain terms I loved that she took control called him on his shit and then waited to see if he'd step upI also loved how she interacts with Vel throughout the book These two have the healthiest and strongest relationship in the entire series It's been pretty obvious that they are both in the relationship for the long haul Sirantha Jax will outlive all the people around her except Vel They are merely at the beginning of a very long life spent together and it was cool to see that acknowledged Of course they also struggle with the reality that either one of them could die a violent death and this is played out in the course of the novel There is one particular moment whenTEARS I also loved how Jax steps back and acknowledges Loras's new role as the leader of the resistance on his planet She is finally over her impetuousness She realizes that in war her tendency to spring into action without thought will not help She doesn't override Loras but becomes a very good soldier under his commandThough some characters are not in this book their lingering presence and impact in Jax's life is acknowledged and cherished I appreciated that as wellTHE PLOTEver since the first book this last story was germinating throughout the series We finally see the aftermath of Jax's promise to Loras to help him and his people And it is very messy business One thing I have always loved about Jax is how she doesn't back down from a promise made Because of this she ends up in the heat of battle for a very long time and suffers through some very sad lossesThis book has some great action seuences but it's also damn bloody at times So well doneTHE SUPPORTING CASTI'm a Vel girl I love him He's such a great character His personality has been very well defined from the first book He is always there for Jax and never falters I love that about his character There are some really great moments with him in this book Every Vel fan should be than satisfiedMarch is a bitter pill for me I don't like him If Jax was my girlfriend he'd know by my stink eye that I was watching her back I have always had an issue with March putting everyone else ahead of Jax He has abandoned her than once in the past He's not there for her when she needs him while she has put herself out for him over and over again This is finally acknowledged by March himself which lessened my stink eye just a little Jax holds March accountable and stands her ground Basically March has to finally own up and decide if he's willing to accept Jax on her terms Of course he also has to survive a war he never wanted to be a part of Zeeka is adorable and I love how this sorta adopted kid of Jax teaches her a lesson or two about life Sasha March's adopted sonnephew shows personality and spunk in this book We see the full strength of his abilities It was impressive THE ENDThe ending was perfection It made me smile It made me cry just a little bit I was happy for Jax as she flies off to her next adventure The series ends at just the right moment and in such a way that we know what the future holds for her It was the ending I was hoping for WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE Saying goodbye Oh wow This series ending hurts I'm so going to miss all the characters not Marchhehehehe and all the excitement My only consolation is that we can visit this universe again in the Dread ueen series IN CLOSING ENDGAME finishes the series on a highest of notes On a perfect note It honestly could end any other way The ending is AWESOME in its perfectionENDGAME brings everything full circle from the tale's beginning in GRIMSPACE All that was set in motion in that first book has a resolution in ENDGAMEIt's the perfect ending point of this cycle of Jax's long life I am so glad we shared it with her I'm going to miss her PS I tried not to devour this book but failed I read the last half in a major reading marathon Yep It's THAT good

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Endgame by Ann AguirA planet subjugated during first contact Since then the La’hengrin homeworld has been occupied by foreign conuerors All that’s about to change Now as part of a grassroots resistance Jax means to liberate the La’hengri. I’m so glad that I picked up this series – it has been a diverse and turbulent road for Sirantha but a most enjoyable and intriguing one for meEndgame is the final book in the series and it wraps up the series uite nicely with a satisfying conclusion This series is about Sirantha Jax’s life journey set in a science fiction world where Sirantha is determined to live life to the fullest and explore new planets and species This is not a love story It is my life and as such there is love loss war death and sacrifice It’s about things that needed to be done and choices made I regret nothing Endgame was a great read but I did miss the other crew members which are not in this book – Hit Constance Dina co though I suppose it replicates real life where people do come and go in our lives Sirantha becomes part of a resistance group in order to free the inhabitants of La’heng who have been enslaved by foreign conuerors Sirantha March Vel put their lives on the line in order to outsmart and outmanoeuvre the enemy The risks are high and they realise that freedom will come at a high costHer friendship will Vel is strong as ever as they go undercover to ferret out the enemy plans He’s my dearest friend He’s always supported me believing the best of me even when I screw up even when I don’t deserve it He’s my true north my compass for what’s right And her love for March is still intense and unwavering and though they have not had the easiest of paths she is determined to make it work I’m not one who gives up because things aren’t perfect You fight for what you love You commit to making the relationship better I don’t believe in the perfect match There’s the one you love enough to stay with; there’s the one who puts up with your shit When all the columns are tallied emotional profit and loss reckoned I will always always love him I love how Sirantha stays true to herself and gives 200% to right past mistakes and try to make the world a better place The war is not glorified and shows the harsh brutality and ruthlessness of both sides War is never clean It never comes down to heroes and villains Everyone does terrible things and the scars stay with you always even if they don’t show on your skin What stands out to me in this series is the deep real relationships between the characters and fascinating world that Ms Aguirre has created Though I am going to miss Sirantha March and Vel and their adventures this is certainly a series that I will cherish and re read again and again And I will certainly be reading of Ms Aguirre’s books – I love her writing style and the originality of her characters and plots So in summary Endgame is a fitting conclusion to a great series and I highly recommend this series to all

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characters Endgame by Ann Aguirre ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB » [Download] ➾ Endgame By Ann Aguirre – Regret nothing Sirantha Jax has the J gene which permits her to “jump” faster than light ships through grimspace She loves nothing than that rush but the star roads have to wN But political intrigue and guerrilla warfare are new to her and this will be the most dangerous game she’s ever played spies and conspiracies a war of weapons and hearts and not everyone is guaranteed to make it out ali. I'm a little unsure about uite a bit of the content of this one But I mostly liked the ending More to come when I won't be spoiling it for my maniac mates Shelly and Sarah