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Read Whirlwind Cowboy ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ê [Reading] ➿ Whirlwind Cowboy Author Debra Cowan – When the woman he loved vanished without so much as a farewell cowboy Bram Ross vowed to harden his heart He doesn't want to trust beautiful Deborah Blue again—and she's now suspected of beingEeds but also her passionate past with Bram As the murky truth about Deborah's disappearance unravels Bram must protect her by keeping her very close. Bram is such a fantastic hero He appeals to all your senses and makes your heart beat a bit faster He was dealt uite a blow when Deborah disappeared I know all of us would love to comfort him but he has eyes only for Deborah even if he refuses to acknowledge his feelings are still there Deborah had legitimately lost her memory something not recognized during that time She was drawn to Bram and yet she did not feel she knew him Feeling her pain and confusion was easy as the story unfolded You cannot help but feel for her At the same time the danger is not far away Debra Cowan has penned a story guaranteed to touch the reader’s heart and soul The action was fast paced and kept us on the edge of our seats The love was tender and loving The ending was perfect Fantastic romance tending loving action packed and a cowboy Whirlwind Cowboy as it all Debra Cowan does it again

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When the woman he loved vanished without so much as a farewell cowboy Bram Ross vowed to harden his heart He doesn't want to trust beautiful Deborah. An exciting Western romance Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomBram Ross lost his father when he was younger Unable to take it his mother had left him and his brother promising to return When eleven years later she still had not returned he searched for her and finally found her However she still refused to return home something he did not tell his brother Her actions have stayed with him That is why after proposing to Deborah the day before and hearing her tell him she was taking a temporary teaching job in another town and promising to return he felt as if he was being betrayed again After a shootout at the Eight Hearts Ranch against a group of outlaws and their boss Bram’s face had been grazed by a bullet from the fleeing outlaw All of the outlaws had been shot except one Cosgrove As the sheriff and his men gathered the bodies Bram took off after Cosgrove Not only had he wounded Bram but due to all of the cattle he has stolen from Bram and his family they had come close to losing their ranch The outlaw was interested in one of the local girls Deborah and he was headed towards her family’s home But when Bram arrived there all he found was a note written by Deborah stating she had left for Abilene regarding a job at a schoolthe same job they had argued about the night before However the timing was not right School did not start until September There was no reason for her to leave yetDeborah Blue was in love with Bram but she had been engaged before and after she and her fiancé Sean had fought over the job he had left her She decided then that it would never happen again So she had decided to take the temporary teaching job although it was in another city After all it was only for two terms and she would be back They could marry then But the very next day she woke up in a strange yard with blood on her temple and blood nearby She knew something bad had happened there but didn’t know what Hearing a man muttering and coming closer she managed to get on the horse that was close by and escape as he yelled at her Nothing looked familiar but not wanting to get caught in the impending dust storm she found a small cottage and made her way inside She was terrified and did not even know her own nameAlthough Bram was upset over what he figured was Deborah’s betrayal he continued to follow Cosgrove After just missing Cosgrove he was on his way back home when he picked up the outlaw’s trail again headed towards Whirlwind but he had to get out of an approaching dust storm So he stopped at a nearby cottage and was surprised to see Cosgrove’s horse But when he entered the cottage he came face to face with someone but it was not Cosgrove Instead it was a womanDeborah He was dubious when she acted like she did not know him and still upset that she had gone off with the outlaw Even seeing her bruises does not convince him that she did not go willingly Discovering that one of the saddlebags on her horse contains the money stolen from a bank makes him wonder if she was a part of the robbery Taking her home he makes sure she is guarded twenty fourseven using her for bait After all he is certain that Cosgrove will come back for the money But as he spends time with her trying to help her regain her memories their feelings for each other cannot be denied Can he keep Deborah safe from the outlaw How did she end up lying unconscious in the strange yard Will she regain her memories and take the job or will she give their relationship a chance An intriguing tale WHIRLWIND COWBOY the eighth and final book in talented author Debra Cowan’s WHIRLWIND TX series is a fast paced passionate historical romance that will touch your heart Bram felt he was being deserted by a woman he loves just as had happened to him in the past when his mom left so he tries to fight his feelings for her when he finds her in the cottage But seeing her so vulnerable and isolated unable to remember even her own family or him he cannot turn away from her Besides if what he suspects is true the outlaw has already made off with her once so he is determined to protect her this time I enjoyed watching the interaction between Bram and Deborah and could not help rooting for them Ms Cowan takes the reader right into the story bringing it to life right before your eyes Combining danger suspense multifaceted characters kidnapping amnesia bank robbery the West and romance Ms Cowan has penned a winning novel I enjoyed reading it and look forward to reading of Ms Cowan’s works Do not miss this delightful story This book can be read as a standalone but for additional enjoyment be sure to check out the rest of the stories in this seriesDottie RomanceJunkiescom

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Whirlwind CowboyBlue again and she's now suspected of being an accomplice to a treacherous outlawYet trauma has erased Deborah's memory of not just her supposed misd. Very good book When Deborah left without even saying goodbye Bram tried to just put their relationship behind him When he found her injured and without any memory of her past he knew he had to protect her He wasn't sure if she was involved in the bank robbery that she had the money from or if she was a victim but he had to be sure As he kept her close to protect her and set a trap for the robber he found that his feelings for her were as strong as ever I liked Deborah very much She was a strong woman who knew what she wanted Before her departure she had told Bram yes to his proposal but that she still wanted to teach the two terms she had been contracted for They fought about that and when she left that note he was sure he'd never see her again Deborah's memory loss was terrifying for her but her rescue by Bram helped her Even with her memory loss she was still attracted to him though she didn't know why I loved the way that she worked so hard to try to recover her memories I also liked the way she was able to reevaluate what she wanted from life I also liked the way that she stood up to Bram at the end to make him see how she felt Bram was a good character too He loved Deborah but because of his mother's desertion when he was young he didn't trust her to stick around Though he didn't see this as his motivation that is why he was so set on her not taking the teaching job in Abilene When he found her again in the dust storm and discovered her memory loss he didn't believe her at first As he stayed close to protect her his feelings only grew stronger And as her memories returned he found that she had no problem confronting him about what he was doing and why It took his brother to explain some things to him and his realization of what he was doing for him to be able to get past those issues so they could have the future they wanted I loved the ending when they took down the bank robber