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FREE READER ↠ DOC Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry Å ➽ [Reading] ➿ Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry By Amanda Hughes ➲ – For readers who like historical fiction with a bit of a love storyIt seduces her like a lover It bewitches her like a spell It is something mysterious and powerful that DEir survivalAs he stepped out into the pouring rain Jean Michel had to regain his composure He was not sure he liked the feelings that were churning inside him This McBride woman had the ability to reach into his soul and open doors he thought were closed forever She ignited a desire in him that was beyond anything he had ever imagined Confused and overwhelmed he blamed it on long months without carnal pleasures and pushing it from his mind; he started down the path for the McDermott homestea Beyond the Cliffs of Kerry takes us to the 1750's after the Hunger in Ireland but now dealing with the occupation by the British Crown The locals are smuggling Irish wool out and trading for food and Brandy They aren't even able to enjoy the freedom of religion and smuggled in a Catholic priest from France The smugglers get caught and the penalty for treason is death by hanging One of the smugglers is a woman Darcy McBride Her friends to save her from hanging tell the British she is pregnant therefore they can't hand her She is sold as an indentured servant and sent to the British Colonies where her contract is purchased by a British officer who is married but keeps Darcy on the side The story follows their relationship and others she develops to save herself and those she cares about

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Servitude Shattered by war and bloodshed Darcy finds the colonists on a feeding frenzy of survival She refuses to be devoured and meets them with determination and fire stopping them in their tracks When she confronts the brash and attractive Jean Michel Lupe' a surveyor for the Crown sparks fly and Darcy meets her match His blend of refinement and frontier masculinity unsettles and entices her Together they are swept into a whirlwind of violence and intrigue that threatens their love and th Set in the mid 18th century the story follows the misfortunes of a young Irish woman named Darcy McBride who is transported to the American Colonies as an indentured servant after being arrested for smuggling The premise sounds interesting enough but historical inaccuracies and on occasion truly godawful dialogue in combination with a story that got off the ground at an agonisingly slow pace and dragged on and on through one misery after the next without ever actually getting any real emotions across thanks to being all telling and no showing made this a pain to slog through In addition the oh so beautiful and desirable protagonist is to me anyway deeply unlikable arrogant and bitchy one moment a meek little doormat the next and I just didn't care about all her many struggles The fact that the rest of the characters are little than cardboard cutouts didnt help

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Beyond the Cliffs of KerryFor readers who like historical fiction with a bit of a love storyIt seduces her like a lover It bewitches her like a spell It is something mysterious and powerful that Darcy McBride must follow beyond the cliffs of Kerry Ireland in 1755 is a terrible place ravaged by famine and the brutal occupation by the British There seems to be no escape Darcy joins a group of smugglers who trade illegally with the French and when the operation is discovered she is transported to the English Colonies for Absorbing tale from old Ireland and the American Frontier an Irish Heroine to Admire and a Frontiersman to LoveThis was Hughes' debut novel and it is clear to me she has a great writing career ahead of her Set in Ireland and America beginning in 1755 this is a captivating tale of a beautiful young Irish girl Darcy McBride who has a thirst for knowledge and a spirit of adventure She survived The Hunger in Ireland that claimed most of her family and when the story opens she is keeping house for her embittered brother To pay taxes and put food on the table Darcy and the young men of County Kerry become smugglers illegally trading their wool with the French for brandy In one shipment they also smuggle in a Jesuit priest who befriends Darcy and teaches her to read and write When British soldiers discover the smuggling Darcy is transported to the English Colonies for 7 years of indentured service which for a beautiful young woman meant sexual servitude to her owner One day at Fort Lawrence Darcy meets Jean Michel Lupe a surveyor for the Crown and an educated man who will change her lifeThis is a romance to be sure but uite unusual in that the hero isn't introduced until half way through the book Much of what would be back story in other historical romances becomes an intense well told tale that at times is heart rending We experience the brutality of cruel English soldiers and savage Indians on the American frontier But there are many warm charming moments and we see how times of great hardship affect people for both good and bad There are some truly desperately sad moments that will tear at your heart since both life in Ireland and on the frontier was hard Darcy is a wonderful heroine with a strong heart a giving nature and great courage Hughes brings to life a cast of wonderful characters including the wise and kind hearted Father Etienne a kind of hero Darcy's story has great realism I highly recommend it