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Anna and the French Kiss review Ø 103 µ ❰Reading❯ ➸ Anna and the French Kiss Author Stephanie Perkins – Sedmnáctiletá Anna se cítí podvedená Její rodiče ji totiž posílají na roční studium do Francie přes půlku planety do neznámého prostředí aniž by navíc uměla slůvko frSedmnáctiletá Anna se cítí podvedená Její rodiče ji the French PDFEPUB #230 totiž posílají na roční studium do Francie přes půlku planety do neznámého prostředí aniž by navíc uměl. When I was four I fell off a tree I hit the ground face first What I didn't know was that there was a very small sharp root sticking out of the ground at the base of the tree It went through my cheek I went to the ER but had to wait until 2am because it was a busy night I sat there for hours in that ER with a hole in my cheek When the doctor finally saw me he thought that since it was a busy night and there were so many people in the ER that he would just sew up my cheek without having to wait for an anesthetic And he did He sewed my cheek back together with no pain relief I have never experienced pain like that again in my life Until now Anna and the French Kiss was painful than that night in hospital It is a lifeless desolate lump of a novel Its only purpose in this world is as a gauge by which we measure bad novels This is the bottom of the gauge and Twilight is at the top Anna is the stupidest person I've ever come across in fiction She is a self confessed film buff and hopes to one day become America's leading film critic She obviously must know A LOT about film then eh sigh She's a supposed film buff but yet knows nothing of Paris PARIS The home of fucking film At one point in the novel she is genuinely SURPRISED that Paris has cinemas FUCKING CINEMAS How can she be so incredibly ignorant of the place where film was fucking invented and know literally nothing of French cinema BUT YET call herself a fan of film Ridiculous She eventually actually goes to the cinema a couple of times but lo and behold what does she watch American films She in the home of film and she watches American films I can't deal with this girl Oh but let us for one second talk about the love interest Mr My Name Is So French It's Borderline Racist Étienne St Clair He is literally every male love interest YA cliche rolled into one festering tumour of a character He's American BUT has a British accent he has messy hair BUT his room is meticulously clean he's book smart smells nice and is probably the Second Coming of Christ He is UNBEARABLE He's like Augustus Water but this guy doesn't have the common courtesy to die at the end How rudeI hated everything about this novel It felt unresearched rushed and in places dumbed down It is written in a style that I can only describe as unemployed Sex and the City screen writer I wish this novel came with a warning Keep out of reach of children and teenagers and adults dogs garden gnomes your grandmother school janitors priests gibbons and especially anybody who lives in Paris because this novel is an insult to their cityI'll finish with a uote from one of my favourite film critics Roger Ebert who gets a mention in this novel and I'm pretty sure he's turning in his grave because of it I'll manipulate the uote a bit but the sentiment still prevails This book doesn't scrape the bottom of the barrel This book isn't the bottom of the barrel This book isn't below the bottom of the barrel This book doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels

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Vrhá do nových vztahů i Anna and PDFEPUBzkušeností a odhaluje v sobě skryté vlastnosti A také je tu jeden spolužák Étienne St Clair který se liší od všech chlapců které kdy Anna potka. have you ever reread an old favorite because you needed a comfort read and then hated it it is a fate i would not wish upon my worst enemy my worst enemy is currently stephanie perkinsupdated review to come 2 stars o i used to love this book because i thought the love interest was a dreamboat but now i know that if i want a short guy who cheats on his girlfriend i can just go outside have decided to retire from reading new books will only be rereading old favorites with lily the book i thought i would never reviewwhenever people comment on my one star reviews and are like i know this book is trash but i love it anyway my internal response is usuallybutthis book is trash and i still love itthere's a lil bit of emotional cheating in this which i literally always hate there are a couple girl villains which also terrible it's cheesy and it's all drama all the time and the main character should annoy me and it's lowkey that weird cliché of bad writing everywhere wherein friendships fall instantaneously into placeBUT LITERALLY NONE OF IT GETS ON MY NERVES THIS BOOK MAKES ME HAPPY EVERY TIME I READ ITfor starters this is my number one book boyfriend of all time who will never be usurped he is the light of my life and the joy of my universe this is my checklist for people who are allowed to flirt with me french also british wears boots funny devastatingly attractive obviously named something amazing like oh i don't know ETIENNE ST CLAIR please do not consider any sort of non platonic interaction with me if you do not check all of the previously listed boxesliterally the only thing that prevents étienne st clair from utterly perfect status is the fact that he is not tall but the amazing thing about works of fiction is that i can pretend his alarmingly short stature is neverever mentioned memory repression woohoothis book also has movie talk which i like even though i am far from a real life cinephile france WHICH I LIKE A LOT specifically paris EVEN BETTER I DON'T CARE IF IT'S A CLICHE I'LL ALWAYS FEEL SUPERIOR BECAUSE I'VE TAKEN FRENCH CLASSES FOR SEVEN YEARS AND BEEN THERE boarding school incredible drama which i lOVE i am always such a sucker for a will theywon't they even if the answer is clearly they will europe descriptions and touristy places and texting and groups of friends and french food and just alarmingly great stuffi need to reread this soon to clear its horrendous seuels from my weary mindbottom line this book is so stupid and also my favorite everthis is part of a project i'm doing in which i review books i read a while back i'm doing just as badly at it as expected

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Anna and the French KissA slůvko francouzsky Musí tak opustit své přátele potenciální lásku i veškerá pohodlí amerického života a začít úplně nanovo V romantické Paříži ve městě které nikdy nespí se. No thanksWatch my full review here