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In a world where the undead outnumber the living Moses Todd roams the post apocalyptic plains of America His reprobate brother Abraham his only companion has known little else Together they journey because they have to; because they have nowhere to g my god i loved thisi loved every single moment of itceridwen has written a great review for this naturally and she was amazing enough to send me her copy i am sad she didn't love it as much as i did but she's got zombie standards and for me i was just so grateful to get this book I can only echo her plea America why you no publish Exit Kingdom?this book is another zombie but not zombie book this is like a survival story or a uest story in a world in which there happen to also be zombies the zombies are not the focus not by a long shot these zombies are like background noise; most of them are too slow to be a real threat and the story takes place in the foreground of a ruined world where it is a struggle to trust to protect to existit takes the shape of a traditional literary western; a man nearly alone in a ruined land short on words but long on contemplation it is no accident that bell references cormac mccarthy william faulkner daniel woodrell and tom franklin in his author exit interview There is not a person in sight living or dead Sometimes it can be this way just uiet and still The sound of a breeze through the high grasses the creak of an unoiled barn door the sandy brush of dust blown across an abandoned macadam road Sometimes there is nothing for miles and miles around to remind you of the way things used to be The world is so big the amount of empty space is deafening Who could of learned to live on this vast and poisonous air? What kind of man? To end up at this place Moses has gone wrong somewheremoses is his brother abraham's keeper fifteen years separate them and only one parent connects them abraham was so young when the zombies happenedhe doesn't remember what the world was like before he had a rough childhood shuttled between foster homes and he has developed into someone with bad habits and inclinations and moses looks out for him while he protects others from himon their travels they meet a woman who is impervious to zombies not impervious exactly but someone the zombies do not approach to them she might as well not be there at all she has escaped from carnies to live among the ultra religious who now want to send her away to a safe place to figure her out where her former captors cannot find her so now moses has two purposesthe vestal as she is known at the beginning of the book is a very changeable person she is slippery with her past and with her beliefs both fragile and tough and moses has to help her travel safely and protect her from his brotherthis scene and the scenes which connect to it are probably my favorite in the book just after the vestal discovers a snow buried pond They can see the place where the Vestal slipped the snow has been dusted away from the surface of the ice leaving a clear patch Look she says and points Slug under glass They gather around the cleared patch and look down The ice is clear and caught under it like some kind of horrible fish in an auarium is the face of a dead man gazing up at them His body has gone soft and bloated from being underwater for so long his eyes milky his flesh gone pale nibbled at by fishes his skin peeled off and floating around him like a nest of seaweed They could have thought him just straight dead if it weren't for the fact that his eyes are blinking up at them sluggishly As they watch the dead man raises a hand to them his movements slow made almost ghostly by the freezing water in which he is entombed He places his palm against the undersurface of the ice Moses knows it to be a grasp of hunger but because the dead man doesn't seem to be able to bend his stiffened fingers the outspread palm looks like a gesture of greeting or welcome The eyes continue to blink slowly It is pathetic and awful the slug trapped underwater and undrownable like a man staring up at them from the very mouth of the void waving his goodbyes as he descends floating down peaceful into the great black There is a darkness to nature the unhurried ways of birth and deaththis zombie in the ice becomes symbolic to moses and a pivotal title generating conversation occurs over him on the following night as he gapes blankly up at moses and the vestal and of course in this world nothing goes as we plan or expect do yourself a favor and don't click on this spoiler uote unless you have already read this or have no intention to ever read this because your eyes have just fallen out which is really the only reason why i could see you not wanting to read this book because i doubt an audio version is forthcoming or if you have the memory of a babyfishview spoilerhe raises the axe over his head and brings it down on the ice to the left of the dead man A crack extends through the surface of the pond and water splashes out Then he hefts the axe twice once on the other side of the dead man and once beyond where the head is Then he sets the axe down and slides the loosened sheet of ice away leaving a rectangular patch of water where the dead man is Moses kneels in the water at the edge of the pond before the floating slug The ripples in the water diminish until the surface is flat and unmoving Then the dead man begins to rise But he has been underwater for too long The face as it rises out of the water melts away the loosened flesh slipping off bone the mush of his features splashing into the water scalp and ear floating mildly on the surface like lily pads The jaw seems to open too but it does so by gravity rather than hunger because the muscles are rotted away as well The man cannot hold himself above water and as soon as his shoulders clear the surface he falls back again Moses doesn't know what he expected to happen Perhaps he thought the man would rise like the body of a saint held aloft on columns of light lifted to cloudy heaven Maybe he thought the man would emerge dripping cleansed baptized and steal away into the wilderness to encounter fully his final communion with the earth What Moses had wanted was to free the man But this horror does not look anything like freedom He bows his head and sighs as the slug rises again and falls back the wrinkled flesh of his fingers sloughing off as he reaches for purchase at the edges of the ice Then Moses stands and picks up the axe again He turns it over and uses one hand only to bring the pick end down and bury it in the dead man's skull The pick slips out as easily as it went in and then the body sinks again for the last time Moses looks to the sky again but nothing has changed The stars are the same ones he saw before They are the same hoot owls that once again commence their haunted calls He is still thigh deep in the pond but he cannot feel the cold hide spoiler

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Exit Kingdom Reapers #2O and no one to answer to other than themselves Traveling the bloody wastelands of this ruined world Moses is looking for a kernel of truth and a reason to keep going And a chance encounter presents him with the Vestal Amata a beguiling and mysterious wo What some mysteries reveal are truths so mundane they blast wide our own ludicrous vanities Moses Todd is many things In Reapers I had him pegged as warrior with a code seeking balance in a way he knew Here he is that but too from on and off violent man to accidental philosopher a man of few words deeper thoughts and rigid code Then him as brother watching out for brother and watching as he did was not at all blind to the younger’s faults because there are many faults in that one in both of the actually He reads a lot like Tom Imura only better as he’s less preachy instead uestioning then resigned to what needs be doingIt’s not so complicated if we look on things as he Moses does people have roles His just happens to watcher for his brother Beyond being my brother he says I don’t give a damn what you are and while not blind to the faults of his brother Moses tempers things somehow and it’s this that a bit depressing in a resigned way he’s just waiting for a reckoning And seeing things as he does he also recognizes the roles all have both good and bad I don’t got the answers for everything he says Sometimes you do things just cause they need to be done by someone and there ain’t nobody else around So were they all just waiting for a reckoning? Or was it as the whore felt the reckoning had passed and now’s all a matter of surviving And all the while I’m feeling ‘Deep thoughts these people secreted philosophers disguised as prostitutes and crazy men’ because the lot of them say the craziest yet truest things Now everything’s backwards You plant life in the earth – call it death if you like – but it gets spit back up Maybe we’ve fed he earth too much Maybe it’s lost a taste for usIt’s harder to die than you think The world it conspires to keep you aliveYou see now? Moses Todd asks You see? It ain’t about what you think it’s about All the wandering and the mad pursuit all the spinnin cycles of life and death and death and life over and over until you ain’t but a dizzy headed creature roamin the plains It ain’t about anything but one thing Drollery You fights and you create life and you fight and you destroy – and some times in the middle somewhere you happen to love But it all comes down to ridiculousness

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FREE MOBI â DOC Exit Kingdom Reapers #2 9780230766747 Ù ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Exit Kingdom Reapers #2 By Alden Bell ✸ – In a world where the undead outnumber the living Moses Todd roams the post apocalyptic plains of America His reprobate brother Abraham — his only companion —Man who may hold the key to salvation But he is not the only one seeking the Vestal For the Vestal has a gift a gift that might help save what is left of humanity And it may take everything he has to free her from the clutches of those who most desire he 25 SEPT 2015 I got to 18% but I'm having a hard time getting into this one I don't think I'm in the mood for a book like this I'm going to try again laterBuddy read with the MacHalo groupThe first one The Reapers are the Angels was so good My review on that one if you're interested This is the preuel