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Read & download ✓ Laskar Pelangi ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ó [EPUB] ✵ Laskar Pelangi By Andrea Hirata – Begitu banyak hal menakjubkan yang terjadi dalam masa kecil para anggota Laskar Pelangi Sebelas orang anak Melayu Belitong yang luar biasa ini tak menyerah walau keadaanH cita cita Selami ironisnya kehidupan mereka kejujuran pemikiran mereka indahnya petualangan mereka dan temukan diri Anda tertawa menangis dan tersentuh saat membaca setiap lembarnya Buku ini dipersembahkan buat mereka yang meyakini the magic of childhood memories dan khususnya juga buat siapa saja yang masih meyakini adanya pintu keajaiban lain untuk mengubah dunia pendidik. 38 starsGoodness Heartbreaking Beautifully written poignant I liked learning about a different countryculture An important book in terms of educating others about situations around the world It also took me a few days to read bc it was emotionally draining in a good way I only read a little bit each day I wanted all the children to succeed in life but the odds aren’t in their favorI don’t think college is for everyone but I’d like to hope that at least everyone is able to get a basic education This book shows you that’s not the case It helped me feel grateful I was able to attend school It inspired me to look into how I might help others What's all the sadder is that included in Indonesia's constitution is the phrase that basically says everyone has the right to an educationThe negative for me is that it doesn’t follow a typical storyplotted format The narrative is slightly disjointed When I looked it up it said that this book has been a best seller in Indonesia and is now being translated into many languages I hope it finds success in the States et al now that it’s in EnglishThe basic theme is children in poverty working to overcome obstacles in order to obtain a better education similar to “Educated” and “Hillbilly Elegy”also he wrote several seuels so hopefully those will also be printed in other languagesIt’s great that the writer was able to work hard earn enough money and study to achieve a higher education bc otherwise this important story would have been lost

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Begitu banyak hal menakjubkan yang terjadi dalam masa kecil para anggota Laskar Pelangi Sebelas orang anak Melayu Belitong yang luar biasa ini tak menyerah walau keadaan tak bersimpati pada mereka Tengoklah Lintang seorang kuli kopra cilik yang genius dan dengan senang hati bersepeda kilometer pulang pergi untuk memuaskan dahaganya akan ilmu bahkan terkadang hanya untuk menya. I don't know why but I am not as satisfied as others experienced Andrea Hirata the author wrote it in a good descriptive way Unfortunately I get bored It talks about the education of students in remote area An education for the poor but the teachers teach that they don't have to feel shame due to their lack of financial status To be confident To stand up To express To actualizeIt is a good topic but I somehow get distracted with the way the author use the Latin names of plants I feel it isn't a smoothly moving How he associated a lot of things with certain figure which of course well known worlwide but not the common ones which makes me start to guess whether it is really a story of the people in remote areaI have been to remote area though only three districts Currently they can use television decoder to watch national and international television stations But of course the people in villages don't watch the international ones due to the language barrier And it is happening now how about or less two decades ago which is somehow be the current time of the story Thus I can't feel satisfied with this book

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Laskar PelangiNyikan Padamu Negeri di akhir jam sekolah Atau Mahar seorang pesuruh tukang parut kelapa sekaligus seniman dadakan yang imajinatif tak logis kreatif dan sering diremehkan sahabat sahabatnya namun berhasil mengangkat derajat sekolah kampung mereka dalam karnaval Agustus Dan juga sembilan orang Laskar Pelangi lain yang begitu bersemangat dalam menjalani hidup dan berjuang merai. One evening after a full day of heavy rains a perfect rainbow stretched across the sky to the west a half circle shining brilliantly with seven rows of colorThe right end of the rainbow departed from the Genting Delta like a sparkling carpet The left end was planted in the dense pine forest at the slopes of Selumar Mountain The rainbow curved resembling millions of maidens wearing colorful kebayas jumping down into a remote lake hiding bashfully because of their beautyWe soon invaded the filicium tree climbing up and claiming our own separate branches After every rain we climbed up the tree to watch the rainbows Because of this habit Bu Mus nicknamed us Laskar Pelangi Laskar means warriors pelangi means rainbow so literally Rainbow Troops