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Ed and released in the United States in by Comicsone Currently it is out of printA different version of Volume was published by Dark Horse Comics as Museum of Terror vol This book will continue to terrify an. Plot ★★★☆☆Art ★★★★★Characters ★★☆☆☆Average 33I saw some of Ito's work before reading this and actually thought that it seemed uite nice This one however was definitely a bad start for someone who is trying to get into his work From the stories to the art everything felt somewhat dull and not as mesmerizing as the little snippets I had seen around the internet The ideas for the stories were uite interesting but it didn't actually tap into the horror aspect much or at least not as much as I had anticipated Hopefully the next one gives me some of that shine I've been expecting

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Flesh Colored Horror 肉色の怪 Niku Iro no KaiD titillate those who have developed a taste for Ito's macabre mix of girls gore and social seriesCollected StoriesThe Long Hair in the AtticApprovalBeehiveDying YoungHeadless Flesh Colored PDF or Sculptures. WOW another book that made my day

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review Flesh Colored Horror 肉色の怪 Niku Iro no Kai ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Å ❮Download❯ ➵ Flesh Colored Horror 肉色の怪 Niku Iro no Kai Author Junji Ito – Flesh Colored Horror 肉色の怪 nikuiro no kai Flesh Colored Mystery is Flesh Colored Horror 肉色の怪 Kindle #210 Horror 肉色の怪 nikuiro no kai Flesh Colored Mystery is the third volume in the Horror World of Junji Ito series It was released in Japan in and was translat. Junji ito is one of my favourite manga artists of all time and I especially love his short stories but I didn't particularly enjoy the ones contained in this volume apart for two That's why I will add ratings for the single stories as wellThe Long Hair in the Attic ⭐⭐A girl with a broken heart dies in mysterious circumstancesApproval ⭐⭐A man is on an endless uest to get his girlfriend's father's permission to marry herBeehive ⭐⭐⭐A scary and original story about two boys competing on a weird beehive collectionDying Young ⭐⭐A strange disease spreads into a school making girls prettier first and dead secondHeadless Sculptures ⭐⭐An artist has the weird habit of sculpting only headless bodiesFlesh Colored Horror ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐My favourite story of the volume a creepy story about a violent boy who looks like a villain but turns out to be a victim of unspeakable abuse and terror A true Junji Ito horror shot