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Missing WitnessIn this electrifying debut thriller a brilliant defense lawyer takes on a murder case with ingenious twistsPhoenix Arizona A beautiful woman armed with a gun and accompanied by her twelve year old daughter enters a house Shots are fired The woman and her daughter leave the house Inside her husband lies deadThe case seems open and shut The cops the attorney ge. PROTAGONIST First year attorney Doug MCKenzieSETTING PhoenixRATING 45WHY Doug McKenzie is a first year associate who turns down a job with a prestigious San Francisco law firm in order to work with esteemed defense attorney Don Morgan in Phoenix They partner in a case where a witness has seen a mother and daughter enter the husband's home hears a shot and then sees them both come out One or the other had to murder the man Morgan does a brilliant job in representing the mother The tables turn when the victim's father then asks them to represent the daughter in a second trial As you can imagine the legal aspects of all of this were uite perplexing Campbell did a fine job in presenting a uniue legal mystery My only problem was the inconsistent actions of the judge in the second trial which colored the conclusion

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Neral's office and the media are certain the woman is guilty The only witness to the shooting is in a catatonic state and cannot testify But the murdered man's wealthy father believes he owes the woman something and hires Dan Morgan the best lawyer in Phoenix to defend herWhen the legendary criminal attorney takes on a case it's to win no matter what the odds. So many courtroom mysteries begin in comparison with Presumed Innocent that it is easy for the reader to look for something freshMissing Witness by Gordon Campbell offers that freshnessDoug McKenzie turned down an offer from a well known law firm in California in order to work with Dan MorganThen while playing in the state amature golf championship and having Dan caddy for him Dan gets word that Ferris Eddington's daughter in law Rita has been arrested for killing Ferris' only son and Ferris wants Dan to defend herDan accepts and Doug is assigned to work with him It is a good mixture of Dan's savy and Doug's knowledge of the people involved since he had practically grown up on the ranchThey learn that Rita and her twelve year old daughter Miranda go into a shack on the ranch where her husband Travis was living Shots were fired and Rita is seen leaving the house with the gun in her handThe trial begins The prosecution is led by a rather pompus sterertypical bumbler Maximillian HauserDanny is a wonderful character charasmitic and if the story were to be filmed think Clint EastwoodThe writing style is precise and in tune with the characters who are well drawn and likable The author also provides us with some excellent plot twists and his courtroom drama is well doneRecommended

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READ & DOWNLOAD ☆ Missing Witness ¶ [Reading] ➹ Missing Witness By Gordon Campbell – In this electrifying debut thriller a brilliant defense lawyer takes on a murder case with ingenious twistsPhoenix Arizona 1973 A beautiful woman armed with a gun and accompanied by her twelve year ol In this electrifying But for Morgan and his young protégé Doug McKenzie there are no easy answers only mysteries and the uestion of innocence and guilt take on profound new meaningCombining the riveting suspense of Presumed Innocent with the raw ambition and power of All the King's Men this full bodied novel introduces a writer of great skill and insight into the human charact. What a terrific legal thriller this is The author is an attorney and writes convincingly of the legal process and strategies Make no mistake this is NOT a detective story It's all lawyers If you're after gunfights car chases and the like don't look here But if you're like me and enjoy the battle of wits in the courtroom and outside sometimes too this is your sirloin steakThe outcome of the trials is never really in doubt but the road there is full of so many twists and turns your head will spin The writing is learned and intelligent Lawyers write so much better than writers surprisingly although usually they don't tell stories that are as good Here the author does both well but I will admit that I probably enjoyed it than most people because I am or at least used to be a lawyerDespite my legal training I must say I've never bought the insert epithet here about truth and justice being found through the adversary system or for that matter by a jury of one's peers My sympathies are entirely with those who ask criminal defense lawyers how they can look themselves in the mirror every morning In a perfect world everyone in the justice system would be trying to bring out all facts and evidence relevant to a criminal trial rather than hiding the ones that are harmful to their client A lawyer with a guilty client should be helping society by working toward conviction and appropriate punishment rather than acuittal but we all know that's not how the system works This is not a perfect world It's America Lawyers knowing what is in their own financial self interest work toward is in the best interest of their client even if that means making him or her able to resume criminal activities sooner and with greater success They're like fences associates who are part of the service industry making crime pay Then they convince themselves it's unethical to do anything else But I digress The narrator in this case is an idealistic young trial lawyer sitting second chair in a spectacular murder trial his first trial under the tutelage of Dan Morgan a legendary defense advocate Morgan is one of those all too familiar antiheroes we see in novels the hard drinking chain smoking philandering play by his own set of rules kind of guy Our neophyte gets some hard lessons in ethics or the lack thereofI don't want to spoil anything so I'll leave it there Have fun with this one